Chiron in Capricorn

Since its discovery in the 1970’s, the heavenly body of Chiron has been of some interest to astrology.

Although he does not find the same attention as the “classics” Mars, Jupiter and Co., but who wants to deal more closely with his own horoscope, can gain amazing insight with his help.

What significance does Chiron have in astrology? And what does he say about our character? The celestial body was discovered on 18 October 1977 by the astronomer Charles T. Kowal.

At that time, Chiron would have liked to be welcomed as the “tenth planet” in the solar system, but in fact it is a large asteroid or comet of the centaur group, located far out between Saturn and Uranus.

Chiron is the first object in his class to be known, but he is not the biggest. With a diameter of about 218 kilometers, he has to defeat Chariklo, who measures 248.

Chiron in Capricorn Man

The Capricorn Chiron man brings us to moments of much nostalgia and longing. It is such poetry that makes us cry. These people ruled by this Chiron in childhood must have heard harsh words from some family member, in most cases from their father.

These words discredited them from their future and ruined them into a life of decay and failure.

All this failure, reflected in adulthood, also comes from the school environment, where it has never had the support for the development of good studies and career goals.

Thus, this person ends up very badly in adulthood, feeling defeated and with no one around him. But something very beautiful can be observed. These people are usually very caring and concerned for others, even though they have suffered greatly at an early age.

So always encourage those around you to do what she could not do. Thus, the past life that has been stolen from you is relayed to other people.

But all of this needs a relearning process so that the Capricorn Chiron does not feel lonely and sad until the end of life.

He needs to understand that it is not because a person wanted to take away the joy of living that this joy was really stolen from him. In fact, he has hidden her for so long that he himself believes she no longer exists.

But, he can see her in his own way. The moment he encourages his neighbors to follow their dreams, it is because of this joy that he heals this great wound of life.

As a main advice, always keep in mind that everything can be relearned. This joy and taste for life can be held back by self-reflection about your own life. Positive results in other people’s lives may also be possible in yours.

You are not alone and thousands of people love you and want your best. Do not be afraid and never stop fighting. Your happiness will knock at the door!

Chiron in Capricorn Woman

In this constellation, Chiron’s rules of behavior and societal Values for women, ​​that affect human coexistence. You feel that legal Law does not always have to be justice.

Also see through quickly, though Public officials or authority figures sometimes act differently than they represent themselves to the outside. They recognize especially human weaknesses, which can show through a defective conscience.

As much as you feel what goes wrong in your environment and know how it would actually be right, so But you are also very afraid of being an authority and a public official To take responsibility.

Through this Chiron position try as possible to behave correctly. Lowest errors, unperformed or unresolved Duties become painfully noticeable through self-doubt and fear of failure.

You can either choose to accept all forms of responsibility Avoid and thus dodge the pressure to perform – or else – you go to Chiron to and take responsible posts where you are with special discipline and to bring in endurance. The trust you get from this variant of your environment getting your Chiron wound is like a cure.

That does you good, even if in yours deepest inside the fear of failure persist. But they are just trying therefore, all the more, your assumed tasks to the best of my knowledge and belief to do. Chiron gives you an organizational talent in this connection.

They are able to guide others, integrate social standards and to bring structure and order into your life. You can be a role model for others here.

Good Traits

Chiron in Capricorn may indicate some difficulty in achieving life goals. Capricorn wants to climb, always climbing toward the top. It is an energy with realization potential, largely because of its determination, resilience and efficiency.

Understands that a person needs to have a life goal and pursue it until it becomes reality. Chiron in Capricorn can show wounds in one’s sense of ambition, or many obstacles during one’s life, making it difficult to achieve your goals.

It can also show the difficulties that the individual may have to fulfill their greatest desires. From an early age he may have been braked in his ambition, or had many complicated obstacles to overcome.

Perhaps you have lacked encouragement from family or friends, or have to deal with inflexible bosses. Whatever the problem is, it is or is something that is impeding the climb to success.

To overcome such problems, they must once again believe in themselves. From there, they will have more energy to pursue their ambitions. Helping others to overcome their obstacles and structure their lives can be an incentive to restructure themselves. For this, it is necessary to channel the maximum of Capricorn potential.

They must deal prudently and privately with power, materialism, and public life. It may be that, for example, they want to be powerful, or achieve more status.

But they need to know what they really want or need. Either way, it is through common sense and caution that you will find the way to cure your problems.

Bad Traits

Individuals with Chiron in Capricorn can work harder than normal to prove their worth. Eventually they may have been rejected in some way during childhood and in adulthood may feel ignored or unrecognized.

To try to compensate, they usually spend their time organizing and trying to control everything, or completely resist the organization. Such themes are always a focus of attention.

They may often feel that they are working harder than everyone else in vain. They tend to need so much respect and recognition that they can become workaholics, not even stopping to enjoy their accomplishments.

To achieve balance, they need to know how to recognize their own value. If you relax a little and look at your accomplishments, you will find that you already have the status you are after.

Chiron in Capricorn – General Info

With Chiron here it is common for the native to have difficulties to set goals and meet them, and to find their place in society. You may have to be patient in your desire to find a vocation that allows you to make your contribution to the world, as it may take time to find it.

On the other hand, you may find it difficult to enjoy the prestige that others attribute to you, and you are beset by feelings of failure, regardless of the success you seem to have achieved.

We may be setting goals that are impossible to achieve, overwhelmed by the expectations that our parents may have instilled in us. With this location it may seem that the native lacks a sense of responsibility, but a closer look will reveal a different image: he may be taking responsibility for things that actually escape his control.

He needs to give up his useless struggle with difficulties and burdens that don’t really belong to him. Whoever carries other people’s charges, waiting in return for some retribution or recognition, may end up being disappointed and bitter, when this reward never comes.

One of the gifts of this location is a success that stems from a healthy feeling of self-respect, and awareness of one’s own value, and that never comes as compensation for not having achieved it before. Here the wound may be in the domain of the relationship with his father.

The native may not have known him, or seen him as someone weak and incapable, or rigid and authoritarian.

The decision that they never want to become like their father is common in these people (whether they are men or women), and they are determined to fight against this model, with no other result than to discover, much later, that they have repeated exactly although in another way, those characteristics that they had so disliked in their own father.

Sometimes the wound in House 10 reflects problems with the mother. It may have been her who hurt, and women with this location often strive not to repeat the models inherited from their mother.

It is a common place for people working in the health field, and sometimes professional choice is a direct attempt to counteract the harmful effects of the relationship they had with their mother in childhood.

Later, it is common for those who have this location to devote themselves to jobs that mean a great responsibility and are able to keep in balance, despite the pressure.

However, they probably cannot accept that life nourishes them.

On the other hand, a gift of this location is the ability to favor the growth of other people, assuming for them the role of “new parents” that give them the love and guidance that they may have lacked before.

People with this location often take their duties seriously for themselves and others, and they are not afraid to struggle with difficulties and carry weights that others would throw back.


What makes you sick is disappointment, a pain of separation, a failed marriage or bankruptcy, failure at work – dramas for which you will always blame yourself? They just feel it, even if it is not. These setbacks make you depressed. Deep psychological suffering threatens.

You are fixated on your work, on the fulfillment of your duty and on the pressure to perform, which blinds you to the weaknesses, the dark side of unreliable people that attracts you. You can rely on, you are honest, but on your partner, your boss?

Dishonesty, lack of confidence takes away your safety and makes you sick. You need absolute stability that promotes your self-healing powers.

You need a man/woman who holds you iron, who supports you, encourages you and supports you. You can rely on the hundred percent. That does not have to be your partner. But can be a friend who is like a big brother you are looking for a lifetime.

Even if you find it hard to open yourself to a human being, you need a person who becomes your soul mate and is your soul doctor.


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