Libra Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Zodiac system of signs is based on the motionless circle of the signs, and it represents the framework for all the dynamic, moving energies of the planets (and among them Sun and Moon as the maybe most important). And if know this, all Astrology knowledge is based and everything that we can find out all that we want to know about our lives and our future.

When the station of the planets in the signs, as well as the status of the ascendant and the other corners in the horoscope, is arranged, what follows is interpretation and analysis, and today we are dedicating our attention to look at two aspects – the position of the Sun and Moon that are located in the Libra and Scorpio combination.

What does this combination mean when we look at the life of this person? Find the answers in the text below.

Good Traits

We must say, before everything else, that is not easy to get to know this person who has luminaries located in Libra and Scorpio sign, and the reason is that there is so much hidden under the surface.

All people who have any planet, and in this case it is the Moon, located in the Scorpio, you already know that there are going to be a lot of passion and a lot of mystery. And in this case, this theory is proven to be truthful.

This is the person, who often acts as a very quiet and simple person, and in essence, he is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he shows – and we are not saying this in some negative way, but positive.

He has a strong will, a little reserved, but without a doubt, he is respectful to others and inclined to look at things in their entirety, to the very bottom of them, and he will never neglect the darkness that needs to be also accepted.

In some deeper introspection, this person is far more intense and mysterious than the other Libra people, since the Moon in Scorpio sign makes this difference.

His powerful charm will help him gain confidence in himself over the years and “ripen” the personality – this means that as the years pass, this person will be able to show many more good traits, and those that are “bad” will be reduced to the minimum.

Bad Traits

This is the person who can survive many painful internal storms that come as a consequence of his incredible passion.

He may be the one that likes to be involved in the forbidden things, and his life sometimes emerges into the immense chaos of beings, and the main problem is that he is so far from harmony. And the Sun in Libra wants to have that harmony by all means, and it cannot because the Moon in the Scorpio makes a mess.

He has a self-sustaining urge that can be lost and searched, and clarity and logic are disturbed by the restless sensitivity and sexual impulses; he is the one that is continually asking himself in an attempt to learn and progress seriously.

But this is a problem cause this path is not easy; even more, because he has a tendency to hesitate and to struggle in the decision-making process.

He then remains to adapt to his way of life and, in an extravagant effort, leads him to the perfection he strives for in pursuit of complete harmony. It is a challenge that throws itself on if it wants to come out of a spiritual mess that hinders its development.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

On the one hand, this is the person who lacks strength and aggressiveness, but on the other, he can become very wild, and this discrepancy can be seen the best in his love life. He can be very passionate and can fall in love so much that he can lose his “head”.

In everyday life (work, family, everyday obligations), as well as in feelings, there can be great disharmony, and this means that many problems will occur in this sense.

He expresses passion in a way that he can craft an awkward fate and greatly alter the life circumstances.

However, the conflict between these two forces can lead to the realisation of other aspirations, because such persons carry and develop in themselves the enormous abilities that direct as much to practice as to the spiritual goals.

He is always divided between being wild and passionate and gives everything for love, and also to have that special person with who he will be spiritually connected. He, as every person who has Sun located in a Libra sign, wants to have and maintain balance in everything and in love also.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

This is a very passionate person who has to suffer so that he is able to show his strength and his ability to love- eventually, he will learn how to love as a mature person.

He has a magnetic look, and many things to offer to his lover, but he is in a constant defensive attitude, and he creates the impression of reserved, closed, although he possesses exceptional sincerity and reliability at first glance.

This is a person who can be amazing as a partner, but he never should be offended, because he can be very angry, even very cynical in extreme cases and vengeful – so in this way, he is not a perfect lover, rather complex one.

Only if he ultimately gives in to the impulses of his subconscious and if he manages to master his phobias, this person is able to achieve self-knowledge and enjoy a kind of lucid happiness with someone in a relationship.

Maybe this is something that is rather naive, but we must admit that he tends to develop a philosophy of life that will bring him an active elasticity of character in conflict with disabilities – he may overcome his obstacles he may be a solid partner. Only if he manages to overcome his psychological problems, his lovers may expect to get great things from the person who has Sun and Moon in Libra and Scorpio sign.

Best Match for Libra Sun Scorpio Moon

So, as you can clearly see for yourself, this person in itself has a lot of self-criticisms, he is a rebel that is prone to emotional destruction. However, the member of this Astrological combination will capture lovers with an extraordinary attraction at first glance, although he is the one that is considered extremely unreliable, difficult (sometimes for himself) because he is prone to exceptional self-contradiction and frequent non-acceptance of suggestions and advice.

So, who can be the perfect lover for this human being that is passionate and complex at the same time? Who can deal with this being that demands to be loved in the way that he sees as the best, and nothing less?

We believe that this place belongs to the Virgo sign, or to be more specific to the person who is born in Virgo sign.

These two are very compatible and perfectly agree with one another, and this is the basis for this is that the Virgo lover likes to be persistent and the one that has Sun and Moon located in Libra and Scorpio combination will wake it up. This relationship is primarily friendly, and then love -may be the best possible combination.

The only problem is that the Virgo lover does not want any compromise, and this is what Libra Scorpio person brings to madness.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

As far as comes to friendships, this is the person who is not easy to accept in life, because he closes the walls at first glance, but when he is introduced and after a while, this person becomes a loyal and sacrificial friend that will cherish friends very much.

Even if he is seen as the person who has a strong will, he can deal with dangers, high-risk risks and come out of everything as a “winner”. Although he does not show, this is a very proud but persistent person who is heading towards his goals, and he needs to have friends that will follow him.

He always comes to the truth intuitively, although he knows it is very and very painful, and his friends must be aware that the one that has Sun and Moon located in Libra and Scorpio signs will tell them the truth in the face without any hesitation.

But this person must, however, continually guard his sarcastic language, which can distract other people from him – he needs to take into account his own masochistic behavior in love or seek to self-destruct if he encounters unresolved conflicts.


To sum up, all that we learned about the person who has Sun and Moon in Libra and Scorpio sign, we must admit that many will say that this a very contradictory combination – here is a nature that is in an eternal conflict with itself.

On the one hand, it is driven by the Moon in Scorpio and his power and research unrest, on the other; it is always ready to sacrifice itself with the wishes for peace and balance, which is characteristic of the Sun that is located in Libra.

He can see himself as the victim of the world, but he is at the same time a stubborn and tough person. He is primarily turned to the dark depths of life, likes to analyse, is critical, driven by strong passions, but in the best case scenario, he is open, bright, directed towards positive emotions.


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