Blue Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

In the Universe where we belong, and in whatever part of it you look at, you will notice some similarities; and you will see how people have a similar symbolism on certain objects or subjects.

In that sense, it is not hard to conclude that we can find out numerous truths about our world, cause in the Universe, the symbolical language is very important.

And here we come to one of the most loved symbols in the world, the one subject that carries almost complete positive symbolical value, and in whatever aspect you look at it, you will have a positive feeling about it.

We are talking about the Butterfly, the universal symbol of a change, and if you are able to look at life as a constant and necessary change, you understand life itself.

Today we are going to speak of the Blue Butterfly, as one specific kind of Butterfly that because of its color carries so much different symbolical value than some other type of Butterfly. In the sections below, read all about this symbol.

Meaning of Blue Butterfly

Often when we look at them, we can see their carefree and joyful flight, and maybe this is an idea that all of us should take into their lives – just a glimpse at this cheerful bug is enough to explain the framework of this connectivity.

The Butterfly flight from one plant to another, in the field or in the forest is a clear illustration of the associations that people regularly perform with their surroundings.

But, this story is not complete if we do not look at the one more description that adds one more dimension to this symbolical story – its blue color.

Such a trait changes things drastically in the observance of this insect, and we know that blue color is connected to the aspects of communication, acceptance, expression of truth, peace, inspiration, secret knowledge, connection with spirits, spiritual protection and psychic consciousness.

When all of this is applied to the one and only Butterfly, you can see how much strength such tender beings are carrying, and how it can be a symbol and why not, an inspiration for making your life better, and more spiritual.

Maybe, in some way, a blue butterfly can give you that spiritual shield that you desire more and more every day, as your life becomes rapidly hard or chaotic in some way.

The Symbolism of Blue Butterfly

Not many people are able to comprehend their story deeply, and the youthful symbolism that they are carrying with them, but they can teach us some valuable lesson – we only truly belong to the Heart of the Universe, and this is the reason why we should always be calm a peaceful, cause we now that our heart and soul in the end only belong to the Universe.

They also teach us that we should not feel great disappointment and too much sadness, because when the Blue Butterfly is near you, then you know that a peaceful change is close to you and that it is up to you to accept it before anything erratic you do.

According to some old legends, Blue Butterflies often visit graveyards, and it is believed that they are lost souls of people who die young or by some accident.

According to one legend from a Middle East, a Blue butterfly burst out of the grave, and immediately the girl turned Butterfly. Together they flew to meet the rainbow that appeared in the sky, and have since been inseparable in their free flight.

In this sense, the Blue Butterfly is the representation of soul mates, of Lovers that share one invisible bond that (if true love) must exist between two people. This is the bond that describes soul mates in the best way possible – two human souls that never die, and are always connected in different lives, as they are two parts of the same being.

To say it simply it is the symbol of the romantic souls – two butterflies are what most often bow to couples who are just getting into a romantic relationship.

Again, the emphasis is on youthful love, on romantic relationships with a lot of fun, on intense contacts, socializing, getting to know each other. Some would call these relationships optional, frivolous, and transient relationships, but we would rather call them relationships that relate to the period before family formation.

Good or Bad sign

First of all, we must say that in the majority of the world, butterflies of any kind or color (almost 99, 9 per cent) are connected to the traits such as attraction and fragile object, and in some parts of the globe they are connected to the emotional world.

Also, traits that associate us to these wonderful and tender beings is youthfulness, innocence and change – when you are close to them, such feelings will become the part of your world also.

Its symbolism is connected to the young and fresh “blood, to the youthful, innocent and uninhibited beings that are changing from day to day and its metamorphosis is the aspect that describes it to the core.

In some deeper introspection, many say that the Blue Butterfly is a representation of the hidden personal purpose that shows one more idea. And that idea is this -stay perpetually youthful, at least in your soul, cause the Butterfly is an insect that is all about the change (from larva to the most beautiful insect that ever existed).

We must admit that for some this transformation does not have so many happy feelings, and it is connected to the sad feelings that everything passes and that the most beautiful things in the world do not last long.

In this sense, there are numerous legends that speak of this, especial in ancient China. In such stories, the Blue Butterfly is the symbol of a young woman who is very smart and talented but unable to come into the big city and get an education that she wants.

The story goes in a direction that this woman covered as a man and goes to study and sadly she falls in love in a man, but this is the story that does not have a happy ending.

This story has its sad, but the meaningful ending – all things that so beautiful, are so rare and they do not know the last forever, and often they are connected to the youth, when such events often occur and make their mark on those young people who, maybe cannot comprehend the bigger message.

But the Blue aspect in this story carries a new hope and new birth, or even new energy that could be spiritually bigger than the previous one.


Advice is to always have some symbol, a figurine of a blue Butterfly near you, possibly in your bedroom so you can make mush stronger your interpersonal connections. It is believes that they can encourage some new connections and strengthen existing ones.

Butterflies with the wings colored in blue color have the ability to fulfill our dreams, bring joy and harmony, but also to enhance our sensuality life.

In the symbol of the Blue Butterfly, you can easily see inner or emotional nature, so it is quite logical that it is directly related to the Spiritual principle. In other words, it is the butterflies that have the ability to emit energy and thus remind us that love, just like in the legend, does not care about the difficulties, but eventually finds its way, and finally – wins.

But metamorphosis and the developmental path is not the only similarity between man and Butterfly that I have recognized.

In this sense, it is said that the life of one human being there are phases just like in the life of a butterfly.

There are stages – childhood, youth, mature stage and old age, and in the same way, Butterfly is the symbol of both worlds that we exist as human beings – it can be material and immaterial.

So we get the phase where there is a preoccupation with appearance. Then comes the struggle to win the material, to compare with others, to conquer confirmation phase-shifting focus to purpose, to giving instead of taking and spirituality phase – understanding your true self and life values.

So, as you could see, butterflies have so many parallels to the human life that it is no wonder why they are admired and loved and respected in some way, as they appear as the symbolical sign.

The blue Butterfly is not the one kind that could use its colors to camouflage and mimicry to evade the enemy; this is one insect that symbolizes peace and completely non-invasive tendencies in life; he is the one that is able to live in complete symbiosis with other species.

Even when he is attacked by others, he does not abandon his vision of happiness, peace and joy, and in some sense, he is a bit naive, also one of the human traits that are neglected in the modern times.

The same message is given to the human beings – you do not have to give up your own mission in life, and your way of life, just because others do not approve and want from you to become like them, or to defend yourself in some aggressive way.

Some butterflies are pests, and some are pollinators.

In culture, butterflies are a popular motif of the visual and literary arts and are a major symbol in the human world, often loved, and rarely are something to be scared.

At times, they are a symbol of waiting and why not a symbol of long and fruitful patience that brings such results that will blow your mind away.

They can teach us, in a symbolical way, so much of the beauty, as we can see how and in what form these beautiful caterpillars become such beautiful Butterfly that symbolizes freedom and ease of movement.

If you know what is that they are talking about, then the blue Butterfly can become for you slow, but spiritual development, as it is the symbol of a spiritual path to last as long as it takes you.

It is doing his own thing, and the fact is that you should do the same, regardless of what others say or think of your deeds.

You know the best, and just as the Blue Butterfly follows its path, in the same way, you should be inspired to do the same; because just as we have said, they teach us that it is so important to change, it is the part of the life.

The Blue Butterfly speaks of major progress, it’s important to be a better version of yourself than you were before, and it’s important to know that it’s a process. Just as he is becoming the beautiful Butterfly from something that is for many repulsive, in the same way, you can become something great, even when you yourself, do not believe that such progress and development is even possible.

In the end, when we sum up all that we know and love about the Blue Butterfly, it takes the message dedicated to all human beings – stop blaming you if it lasts, don’t give up when it hurts or acts in vain. In those moments, remember the butterflies and know that it’s worth it and everything will come at a time when it’s best for you.


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