Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Fun fact -did you know that in ancient times there was no way of distinguishing between the astrology and astronomy, they were one the same -looking at stars was the basis for both of them, and they are even till this in some part connected.

They both deal with the solar system, and they both find that all planets affect people in so many ways.

But now things are drastically different, there is no doubt about it, and we are enjoying the fruits that we collect from both sciences.

Astrology begins at the moment when you find out your sign, or the position of the Sun at the moment of our birth (this is why we speak so much about the location of the Sun in the natal chart), and this knowledge is expanded when you learn where is the location of the Moon in your natal chart. And even more, the knowledge of Astrology cannot stop (and should not stop here).

Because there are so many elements that you can learn, just by listening to what stars have to say, knowing their position and their mutual influence.

Today we are looking into the life of the person who has Sun located in Libra sign and the Moon positioned in Sagittarius sign; and just by knowing that both Zodiac signs, Sagittarius and Libra are compatible, you know that this connection is good.

Good Traits

The life of this person is in most cases in balance, and it has the aspirations for the social ideal, the desire for progress – this person is not just focused on his personal growth, but on things that will benefit the entire society, at least his close environment.

He is one very sociable person with the awareness of belonging to the group, the lucid analysis of the opposition movements and the search for a style among people. He is the one that is very much interested in the problems of his time and is eager to assist them in getting rid of as many of them as possible. This is a virtue that many of his friends and people, in general, see as one of his greatest qualities.

What distinguishes this person from all others is their ability to have such viewpoints, and resourcefulness in the most difficult situations and the proliferation of interests, thanks to the true involvement of both the spirit and the heart. He is easy to open, honest and warm person who has a few personal problems (he does not let anything distract him from his path) and is busy playing an active role in society.

He often believes that the defense of private things goes through defense joint – he is the fighter for freedom, love and respect among all people, where he also could be happy. There are all values that he believes in also, and lives by – what he says, is what he believes in.

The Moon in Sagittarius gives this person dynamism, trust and security – the dynamism in social relations, trusts in his abilities and the security that others feel when they are with him.

Bad Traits

When it comes to his flaws, this person is probably less tactful than the other Libra people, since the Moon in Sagittarius makes this person too brutal at times in communication. And all of this comes because of the fact that this person who has Sun and Moon located in Libra and Sagittarius sign feels that he needs to say what he thinks – when he speaks he always cuts to the core and is very, very brutal. If he is in such mood, he can even be the person who can insult others directing his comments to the place where it hurts the most.

And for this fact, he can be hated by some people, and it is ok for him, he does not obsess a lot because of this, and he justifies his actions by his good intentions.

In spite of this, this person knows how to draw sympathies and invest a lot in relationships and friendships- they represent an important role in his life. And this is his weakness if these people start hating him then he feels bad.

This is also the person who hates when others judge him, even if he’s in the temptation to judge others; and the other thing that he does is that he likes to command others, but the good thing is that he rarely rejects people before he studies the mater in question well.

The Sun in Libra sign gives this person too much emotion and a changeable mood, but nothing too alarming or disturbing, all in some reasonable measure.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love

This is the person whose personality is rich and sociable; he is in constant contact with others which satisfies his understanding of universal harmony that could be achieved only by love.

These people are mostly tireless in an association with people, even when their faith in love suffers from the occurrence of circumstances and events. And then they remain faithful to their ideal of finding a true love that will last forever. This may sound as an utopistic idea, and it may be, but his practical nature will never allow him not to have a lover.

This person who has luminaries located in Libra and Sagittarius is the person who opens to others and is full of warmth; he is the partner that when in a loving relationship that gives people confidence. He is gentle and courageous, talkative, easy to arouse, laughing in a way that pays attention, so he is a person rarely can happen to remain unnoticed in the crowd.

The Moon in Sagittarius gives him good, healthy humor and non-shameful behavior; and in most cases when in love, he is the one that will take the initiative and feel comfortable in almost all areas.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon in a Relationship

Their dynamism and inventive humanism sometimes allow this human being to restore social relationships, to compensate for disadvantages, to resolve contradictions, so he can be a good match with a large number of people, who are an all different one from another.

He may be involved with the multiple people at the same, without any guild, he just loves to be with people, and he is one of those people who are rarely alone, he always has someone by his side. It could be just a person for “spending time”, but it is there.

The main thing is that this person wants to be in love and to feel loved, in some sense, he is the one that gives his best when he is in harmony, and love is one of the most important aspects of this harmony.

The negative thing in this sense is that sometimes this person can be too selective, even elites because sometimes he can choose lovers based on criteria that do not always have to do with real life.

Best Match for Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon

He has a strong identity, but because of its sign, it is certain that every compliment and support that comes from people who love and accept it can only help it go beyond the limits of the impossible.

Very kind, humane, convinces especially good in transferring knowledge to others. Honor, dignity and acceptance are very important for this person, and as long as she acts as a free and adventurous spirit, she will also respect certain rules through friendship, emotion and respect for family traditional norms.

Who can be that love that is a perfect match for him? Maybe the member of the Leo sign – passionate and the one that can deal with this honest and direct person. Both lovers, in this case, are eager adventures and that’s what connects them.

They are passionate and require a lot of attention, so these two needs will be pleasing. What make this connection special are great mutual love, respect and loyalty. They will always devote themselves to each other, and they will do everything to make this connection successful.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon as a Friend

This person is the one that has so many friends that is not normal for other people but for him it; and his dynamism and inventive humanism sometimes allow him to restore their social relationships, to compensate for disadvantages, to resolve contradictions, to alleviate the violence of his interlocutors, and to impose his own harmony label on which all actions are based.

There is not enough space where we can speak of his friendship – there is everything, the good and the bad; both loyal friends and temporary companions.


This luminary combination agrees very well with and this unique combination shows the ability in this person to permeate the world of thought and reality.

The Moon that is located in Sagittarius, with all his turmoil, philosophical, religious and intellectual aspirations and the Libra that works exclusively in the field of kindness, practicality and humanity.

This human being without a doubt has a strong energy that is most often seen as a bold, and he is a spiritually broad person who can do a lot. It does not indicate that he does not know what the problem is, or maybe pain, but he has one saying that he lives by – “tomorrow is a new day.”

In the end, we must say that this human being is a great advisor, organiser; a person who can always offer advanced solutions to the everyday life, a person who strives for a more peaceful way of life, but personally wants to try, see, feel, and then calm down.


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