Dreaming of Sea – Meaning and Symbolism

Let us speak of a general symbolism that is connected to the one thing that almost all people have a positive association – the Sea. This is the symbol that depicts the spacious expanse that at the same time separates and connects continents and people, it shows beauty, and hides many things from all of us, and could be responsible for “taking lives”.

The beauty and the amazing blue color that could be seen from the space come from the majority of the space that is covered with the Sea; its beauty and mystery are equally big.

The Sea is the representation of the desire that is in all people – the need to continuous journey and investigation of the unknown and uncertain, as well as something that at the same time scares and attracts people with its depths, beauty, and secrets that it hides deep inside.

Some of us fear it, others enjoy it with the naivety and joy, but all of us have some relation to it and, as psychologist claim, the primary association connected to the Sea is Life itself. We all know the story that our Life was “born” or “came out” from the Sea.

There is virtually no one that is not fascinated by the Sea, and for some, it is a source of Life and the abundance of food it offers, while for others it is the embodiment of some deep and dark things that in the unexplored depths.

If we follow the same symbolism, what can we tell if the Sea appears as a dream motive in your Life? Does the real-life relation to this dream reflect in the dream life?

Read all about this theme and question your personal connection to the Sea.

Meaning of Dreaming of Sea

It is said that the Sea as the motive in a dream appears in the lives of the people who are either afraid of the Sea, and in this way, this is the cause of their biggest fear, or they are in love with the Sea, and they enjoy every bit of this salty vastness and want to explore it as much as they possibly can.

In some general meaning, such a dream shows a subconscious desire or need to “indulge” or enter into uncertainty and “feel” the depth of Life and to indulge in discovering their own secrets or desires which in themselves suppress and unknowingly hide from others.

If the Sea in your dream is very calm and peaceful, in that case, it case, it means that your life is blessed and that you will never have to deal with some bad people, not in a sense those who will harm you, but people who will never use you in any way.

But if in a dream that you have, you see that the Sea in front of you is pulling back from you, such a dream does not have a good meaning. It signifies that some of the family members are unexpectedly misbehaving and causing quarrels. Such a dream shows your negative attitude and a drawback when it comes to facing problems with the people who are close to you.

If the Sea in your dream is wild, and if you see a storm on the Sea, along with the black clouds and heavy rain; in that case, such a dream indicates that you will have great efforts in love.

You will probably need to put a lot of effort into making your relationship a success, and it may seem to you that everything that is in your life is working against you and your love that you want, so badly, to work out.

If in a dream you see yourself floating on the Sea that kind of a dream means that very soon you will have such a good time; and it is possible that you will go on a trip with your fellowship or a longer trip that will remain in your memory for a long time. This is one of the most positive meanings regarded in the Sea.

The Symbolism of Dreaming of Sea

If we want to speak of the symbolism that is connected to the dream of the Sea, it truly depends on how you dream the Sea, but also on other details in the dream.

The calm Sea generally has a positive symbolism, while the calm Sea indicates a number of difficulties that you will have to face. Such a symbolical value comes to you in some general sense, but, there cannot be any common meaning for all of us.

If in your dream you see a dark blue, but not clear Sea and there are people in it, such a dream indicates that you will have to deal with various problems, especially with health problems that you have been neglecting from some time. In dream symbolism, any murky water is not very good, and in this sense, you should pay attention to your health and problems that come.

But, if in your dream, the Sea is bright and the water is clear, in that case, it is a good sign – know that great happiness and prosperity await you in the coming period.

In the case where you are dreaming of the calm but dark and very deep Sea, and you get with the feeling that makes you calm and peaceful, it means that in the coming period you will find prosperity and peace both in family relationships and in an emotional and business sense.

But, if the Sea is stormy, turbulent, and deep Sea, it is a symbol that you will encounter different obstacles and temptations, but after great effort and struggle, you will reach the desired destination. In addition, this dream can also indicate some discussions and quarrels that you will have with the people around you.

If you are the swimmer in the Sea in your dream, then such a dream carries the great importance for you – such a dream means that it is of great importance whether the Sea is clear and calm or turbid and turbulent. If you swim in a clear and calm sea, this means that you will easily overcome all obstacles and will be able to get out of a difficult situation.

However, if the Sea you are swimming in is murky and restless, it indicates a number of difficulties that you will be exposed to in real life. You will need to put a lot of effort and effort into solving all the problems.

The worst possible scenario of your dream of the Sea is the one in which you are drowning in it – this is the cause of numerous nightmares for all of us, it is a sign that you are afraid of something and do not feel safe enough. This kind of dream is maybe the most common of all dreams of the Sea, and the cause of all of our fears, so it is reflected in our real life.

If someone else is drowning in your dream, then it symbolizes that you will soon have the opportunity to help someone solve their problems and get out of a difficult situation. This dream can mean that the person you dreamed of will find you in a difficult situation and will need your help.

Do I have to be worried?

Depending on as we said your personal connection to the Sea – in some cases such a dream speaks of the Life that you will lead without a care in your life, and bad people, while in others, such a dream means that you will have complete others work and solve their problems.

In some cases, like in the one where you are floating on the Sea, you are about to have a good time, and your journey with friends will be marked by numerous adventures and experiences that will make you smile during exam periods, work engagements and other stressful situations that await you.

But, even in this case, look at this as a warning that you should not do this too much, be moderate, and you will never have to worry.

If you see yourself exploring the Sea, then you are the person who desires to find all those parts of your world that are skillfully hidden from the greatest and most persistent people, but you are one of them, for sure.

In this sense, we must say that the Sea is the symbol of the vast expanses of the water (as it shows the Life itself, or the perception of the Life for you, so it can be something that scares you, but it also could be something that you want to explore in your time).

So, we think that you should not be afraid of Life as it is, the good and the bad at the same time, and therefore if you stop doing so, you do not have to anything to worry you when it comes to the Sea, as it is the representation of the reflection of your need to embark on the unknown and the uncertain, and fulfill their desires for adventure by flooding the vast expanses or discovering what “beasts”, while for others it is an inexhaustible inspiration for the dreams, hopes, beauties and blessings it offers in relaxing and enjoying with the sound of the waves and the glint of the sun in a calm and unending open sea.

What to do if I had this dream?

Your motto in life is and should stay to immerse the quiet water on the bank, so make the important decisions to spend the night so you can be sure of their correctness.

You often consult with people you trust and who help you act in your own and others’ best interests, and this is the best possible way, so keep on going with doing so.

This is all true when your dream is connected to the dream regarded with calm Sea, and with the Sea that is clear and that gives you calmness and peace.

But in the version of this dream, where the Sea that you are seeing is stormy, in that case, it speaks of your love life, it speaks of the deepest parts of your soul, and all challenges that you are about to have, very soon.

And it means that you have been clinging to the smallest straw of salvation for some time, but it seems like it is getting out of hand. You will often want to quit because it may seem that the other party does not want to accept that there is a problem that you need to resolve as soon as possible.

We know that the process of solving these issues is very problematic and that it can take so long, but still, you should try.

If your relation to the Sea is such that you dream a lot of it and you are “riding” it, in whatever way possible, with the sense of joy and comfort, then this is, as we have said the best possible sign.

Such a dream brings a good time, adventure or an interesting trip with your friends – it speaks of the time that you need so that you continue with the everyday obligations that are stressing you out; you just need a break, and it is well-deserved.

For example, if in your dream you see the vision of the Sea that has a lot of “life” in it, the different kinds of fish – such a dream points to the many concerns that plague you in your daily life, and in this case you should be very careful what you are doing and who you let in your life, on the daily basis.

Be careful and assess the situation well so that you could move one in the right direction, and make the right move – these problems may seem naive, but they are very bad for you.

The good news could come to you in the case of a dream when you see a sea that is clear and calm, and it is a good sign because in this case, you will easily overcome all the worries and problems.

However, if the Sea with the fish in it is cloudy, it is a sign that you will need a lot of strength and effort to get rid of your worries and get out of a difficult situation.

All in all, the dreaming of the Sea shows your relation to Life, it shows all of its aspects, but it remains that category that you can change if you change your attitude towards it.


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