Scorpio Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

We spoke for so many times now, the Astronomy and Astrology were indistinguishably connected for thousands of years; they were the same; they had the same subject of observation.

Although these two areas have disengaged over time, the mystical schoolings of the universe still guide us today, and the luminaries are the part of that journey.

Since the beginning of the human race, for millenniums, people have considered the riddles of the Universe, all in the honest attempt to tracing the Sun and Moon motion, the strength of the Sun, and the Moons cycles, along with the start and the planets in the Universe.

Today we are looking into the life of the person who has Sun located in the Scorpio sign, and the Moon positioned in the Aries sign. We guarantee that here everything burst of energy, as you will be able to see.

Good Traits

This is one person who has so much energy that he cannot wait until he achieves everything that he wants; he has so much ambition.

In his life, there is a turning point for all life challenges that in some way struggle to attract good things to come his way, and even if there is a lot of struggle, he achieves it somehow.

Of course, we must emphasise that this is an extremely passionate person who adores everything and we are using this word, not the word he likes); he likes to be the meaningful part of society.

Also, this is the person who is born with the notion of freedom and with the need for research that he successfully achieved with mental knowledge with strong personal insight and lucidity.

He is passionate, there is no doubt about it, he has a strong character, and this is why he is often in conflict with the deep emotions of the Moon that is located in Scorpio; and this is the part that attracts unknown.

It can also prove to be a great masochist on some occasions, but in general, he has the energy that cannot be measured with anything; and the ability to obtain good opportunities if he does not risk too much and can often leave the environment under a strong impression of its mystical energy and communication.

Bad Traits

As you were able to see, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Aries signs is restless, and his approach to the world is immediate rather than diplomatic. He can be too brutal in communication with others, and he can hurt them with his comments, etc. He is just too much for some people.

He is the one that has a way more energy than he can handle it; and because of it, he falls into so many problems in life.

This person has a fighting spirit and often fight just for the sake of the fight, even if he does not have any reason for it; at times he just wants to prove that he is stronger, better, whatever.

Also, we must say that this person cannot do anything slowly, the impatience is characteristic for him, and he loses so much because of this flaw.

In the end, if this human being feels in some way inferior in what he feels or he does, he can be on the verge of explosion and self-destruction.

Scorpio Sun Aries Moon in Love

How can we describe a person who is so energetic and passionate in love? Well, you must know that when a person who has luminaries located in the Scorpio and Aries combination does not like something, he does not hesitate to say so, but when he does like something, he will never hesitate to spend a lot of energy to have what he wants, including his lovers.

When a passion is present, and love is always connected with passion; this person can be obsessed, he does not spend days and days in dreaming of what it wants to experience, but on the contrary, this human being moves into action at phenomenal speed, removing those things that disturb him in that process.

His nature is rich and powerful, inspired by vast vitality, and the enemy in life and love is routine, and love for this person must be very strong since he has an inexhaustible energy potential. His life does not run aside from danger, and temptations are some kind of relief.

Others may see him (especially those who are close to him, like lovers) as a courageous person, but this can be just his inability to assess the dangers: he always lets intuition to be his only guide, and this is also true when he is choosing a lover.

But, one more thing that is connected to this person and love – he is the one that hides many aggressions and internal tensions. He sees love as a crash, and he runs into it without considering the risk.

Without losing time in determining the reasons, he will stumble stubbornly just because of something, somewhere in the depths of subconscious, shivers and encourages him to take action.

What he needs to do, is to rely on that power that he has and to maintain consistency.

Scorpio Sun Aries Moon in a Relationship

There is absolutely no doubt that this person is the one that is passionate and that he knows how to love, and that when he is love, he can move mountains. He falls in love not just with his heart, but with his mind, and he can experience a vivid passion that transforms the conquest of any object in its deepest need.

But, he has a sense of criticism that enables him to manage his plans in a relationship successfully. This happens in times when he confirmed his individuality (even in long-term relationships), but the independence of the spirit can lead to rebellion, and his love will burn fast.

Another problem in love relations comes in the time when his lovers see that he, at times, does not have the strong ability to adequately respect the needs and rights of others, even when he is fully engaged.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Aries Moon

Such nature in love, in the case of the person who has Sun and Moon in Scorpio and Aries sign, has a sort of “inflammatory” nature, which always goes to the end, requires strong, balancing and complementary traits in a potential lover that will alleviate its instincts, enthusiasm, and love for action.

His lovers must know that he will fight for his beliefs and he belongs to those people who will invest huge energy in what they believe -his lover must follow this idea and get along with it.

They must be ready for a lover who will never hesitate to say what he thinks, so who can be that love that will put up with all of this, so much passion, so much energy, so much love, but occasionally so much energy.

We believe that this place belongs to the Pisces sign -both partners in this connection are romantic, sensual and enjoy the emotion of tender emotions, so in this case, the combination of characters is an emotional match almost perfect. They could truly last long since they are perfectly compatible.

Scorpio Sun Aries Moon as a Friend

This is the person, who either loves or accepts you as his friend, and in this sense, he is the one that has so many expectations; or he hates you and cannot see you, maybe in a situation where he can crush you as his enemy.

There is no middle ground for this human being, not in life, love or friendships.

He hates the imperfections or lack of energy and ambition of people, and these could never be a friend or even a distant friend of a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Aries combination.

He is the one friend that is brutal and honest, and he will never allow anyone to bother him or take away his freedom; but at times, he can be in some sort of bad friendship that he ends violently.

He does not apologise for this behavior or even the words that he uses to hurt people, but sometimes his passions are much stronger than anything else.

Those who dare to confront this passionate person will feel his rage since this is the person when feeling jeopardise, confronts others and reacts sharply as if he is defending everything that he has in life.

But, if you deserve his trust, he will be ready to give everything he has for you, even things that matter to him the most.


The time for the summary is here, and as you were able to see during this piece, here we encounter quite a chaos in the character of his human being.

This “problem” arises from the combination of these two fiery sign – the Sun in the Scorpio sign and the Moon in the Aries sign.

The power of imposing a personality characteristic of both characters can reach extreme points and go to self-destruction, not physically maybe even, but intensely in the desperate search for perfection. And by itself, wanting perfection for yourself is not a bad idea, but in a negative way, this tendency involves the physical and moral strength of the personality.

There is, therefore, the great power of will in this human being, and his personality represents the unity of impulses and senses.

In the end, this astrological connection is strongly colored with active, penetrating, and delusional sexuality, and creates impulsive and passionate creatures, without much patience and indulgence.


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