Leo Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In many of these articles, we spoke about the natal charts or the life. A horoscope that is based on the specific and precise interpretation of a person’s horoscope. But, regardless of the position of the planets and even luminaries, the natal chart is always an individual story and deals with the analysis of all important events and content that meets something of life’s story.

In this sense, the natal horoscope is an individual or individual personality specific person, unique, unique and unrepeatable.

In some cases, it can give general predictions, those that remain at the general level of the zodiac, and the prognosis is always general because they only treat a zodiac sign and transits exclusively.

So we think that is a good idea to speak more about the luminaries and their position in the personal horoscope, and in today’s case, it is the Leo and Scorpio combination. You will be the judge is this combination good or not.

Good Traits

The combination of these two signs is interesting, and this person belongs to those characters that are strongly dyed with active, penetrating, and engaging sexuality, which gives him an impulsive, passionate and dominant being. He is very much alive, and he is the one that brings certain magnetism in everything he does, but all of this does not deprive this being of other virtues.

This is the person who is very much capable of huge personal sacrifices, he knows how much he is able to do, and knows his and others possibilities well, as well as other people and their intention.

He is also very productive in everything that truly attracts him, and above all, he is incredibly persistent. If he wants to do something, he will, and he will never give up, maybe he is not the best, but he is so persistent, that he will make it to his goals no matter what.

Critical sense is always awake in the human who has luminaries located in the Leo and Scorpio combination – it allows him to accomplish projects and confirm his personality successfully, but spiritual independence can lead him to rebellion, averageness, and incompleteness. And this is not a given state in his case, and it is the phase that can be overcome eventually.

Bad Traits

As we have said, this person wants to be independent he wants to be the first, if not the best in everything that he does, and this is just not possible, so he becomes a rebel, and this is ok, as long as he has a cause. If he loses his perspective, then he is lost. And this happens at times.

Another relevant aspect that must be mentioned is that this is the person who does nothing in half, he either does it, or not; and this is not a bad thing, but sometimes it can lead to the unnecessary losses.

He can be obsessed with himself, like the part where the Sun in the Leo progresses it can show some egoism. Sometimes this human takes too much of an effort for people to accept him, and everything that is artificial cannot be honest and good, so he should avoid doing so.

And, the most negative trait in this human is his perception of himself – he is the one that feels that he is fierce and often reacts violently if things are not going in the direction that he wants. When he does not like something, he will not hesitate to say so and do not hesitate to use all the resources to solve a problem. Sometimes these resources are not ok, and he should avoid them by all costs.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

Emotions are intense and often based on intense desires in the person who has luminaries located in the Leo and Scorpio sign – he quickly brings judgment on others and wants to dominate in love. But when he sets his eyes on someone, he will perform that tasks perfectly, and will never stop until he has that person.

But we also must say that it is not easy to get to know this human being because much lies hidden under the surface in his case. He often acts as a very quiet and simple person, and in essence, he is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he shows.

It’s hard to influence his personality because he shows himself as his own master, both in good and bad situations in life and besides that, he is endowed with great power and can influence others, among them his lovers.

Many people claim that this human being is bold and persistent, he spreads the wonderful energy that can serve both good and evil – sometimes his love relationship can become volatile and aggressive, even filed with jealousy. What path he will take in love, depends on many things, for example from his lovers, or the current state that he finds himself in.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

So, as you can see, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Leo and Scorpio signs can direct all your forces to some noble work and caring relationship, at the same time he can direct his love to some of his closest, or to some kind of altruistic activity.

But, as we have said, he also can turn his love and energy against himself and thereby causing various inconveniences, which means that this energy is misused, and that love is wasted.

When in a relationship, this person is constantly trying to control every situation and will dominate his lover no matter what. And this is ok, while it lasts, but when his passion pass, he will not waste any time thinking about how you will live, but go into action at phenomenal speed, removing obstacles from the road, along with those who place them, and in this case, this is his previous lover.

A word of advice for this person – you should not be afraid of any feeling that is inside of you, because, in a sense, it can only stimulate you. You have your conscience, and that’s enough for you, but just tries to be more considerate toward your lovers.

Best match for Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

This astrological combination gives an emotional and strong personality, with the great emotional energy, but it also increased emotional exclusivity (in them there is no middle ground in white or black).

This is the person who definitely has a hidden romantic, emotional energy that brings much greater internal vulnerability than he will ever show to the public.

This person needs a smart, successful person who will know that he understands the hidden fears and needs of this person, but a person who can follow this very strong personality.

He will find the best lover in the representative of the Pisces sign – with him, and this person will find the easiest way to enjoy in his feelings and desires before anything else.

The combination of flexibility and romance will calm down the stormy sea of the character that belongs to the person who has luminaries located in the Leo and Scorpio combination.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

Since the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Leo and Scorpio combination, he has a rich and powerful nature, inspired by life itself, and he is the enemy of routine who is endowed with an incredible elation that will be of great help to life’s crises.

So, he can be friends with the people who are not the same as he is, because it cannot work, but he needs to have around himself friends that will slow him down, and that will never let him make mistakes out of stupidity and passion.

All of his friends know that his life will never be without danger because his temptations are the opportunity to free the great amount of energy.

He cannot wait for anyone, and he is impatient, and always wants quick results and becomes frustrated if people (friends) or circumstances disturb his progress. Then, he removes them from his path!


It is said that this astrological combination represents a very striking connection that combines two powerful and magnetic signs, both of which show their authority – the Sun in the Leo and the Moon in the Scorpio.

This is the person who wants to rule, to have supremacy; he has a strong personality that is often obsessed with fame and position in the world; ambition is the one that enables him to exist.

But, this person thinks that the goal justifies the means and that it is enough to have strong beliefs, and he will climb very high.

However, his life does not take place only on this plan; he is also the one that likes to experiment, which may be the cause of the awakening of great passion and jealousy in others.

This person is straightforward, genuinely attracts others with some hidden power, he is ready for the most difficult tasks and life assignments, and he never surrenders, no matter what the conditions may be.

He does not like empty stories and too much variety, and he likes to know what and in which direction he wants to go. He does not like to waste time on “empty stories”, but on the meaningful things in life.

In the end, this is the person who strongly binds its principles, which he does not give up, even at its own expense. A good career and status position is meant for him, but this person can become too intense for the environment, so he knows and can avoid it.


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