Do People Dream in Color?

There is a big debate about whether people dream in color or in black and white. There are many studies about dreams, but when you think about it, nobody can get into somebody’s head and investigate.

We can never see what others are seeing in their dreams and this makes it impossible for us to see what others are dreaming.

We gather information about dreams by experiences of others and also by monitoring the brain activity when we are asleep, but when it comes to color it is hard to know whether someone really had a dream in black and white or in color.

Most studies, earlier ones, reported that people dream in black and white, or at least a lot of people believed that they dream in black and white. But most recent studies and experiences suggest that people don’t only dream in black and white but also in color too.

Most of people forget their dreams and remember only small fragments of those dreams that occur during the REM phase.

Other dreams and all of the objects and situations are only a faded memory and we can’t really say whether the dream was in black and white o in color.

On the other hand, there are times when we can identify an object and its color very clearly, but this happens rarely.

Another study found out that the majority of younger people dreams in color, while older people dream in black and white more often. When you think about your dreams, you will realize that it is hard to determine if you were dreaming in color or in black and white.

This is why it is so hard for researchers to gather information and tell us facts about dreams.

Dreams are an area in life that we need to research a little bit more, but because it is so tightly close to every individual by itself, it is hard to generalize any kind of definition or find any kind of general statement that will cover all cases and all dreams.

Influence of the modern technology

Another interesting study about dreams suggests that, TV’s computers and other modern technology is influencing our dreams greatly.

Back in the day, when people only had black and white TV’s, they usually dreamed in black and white, even though they could see and experience color in real life, on daily basis.

And today, we have a much more vivid representation of reality, on TV’s, in movies and all the other modern gadgets, and being engaged with this technology from day to day influences our dreams.

Contrary to this study, are experiences from real people. Some of them still claim that they dream only in black and white while others say they dream in color.

Whatever your opinion might be, it is evident that color in modern technology had influenced our lives in some way or another.

Dreams in black and white

Many theories actually suggest that people tend to dream in black and white, when something traumatic happens to them.

People who dream in black and white, or who reported that they dream without recognizing any color is very small.

Only a small percentage of people tend to dream without colors while the rest see vivid colors in their dreams or they are at least aware of a certain color in their dream.

Some researches gathered people who have been through a rough period in life and asked questions about their dreams.

A big majority of them reported that they dream only in black and white or that they see some shades of grey.

Their dreams pretty much look like black and white movies.

After they got back on their feet and overcame that hard period, they started dreaming in color once again.

These people also never dreamed in black and white before, but somehow their emotions got connected to their dreams and their subconscious.

Meaning of colors in dreams

Colors in dreams can have a strong meaning and symbolism. Sometimes colors are a good representation of what is happening to us and how we should understand the situation we are dreaming about.

For example, dreams about color blue represent a positive sign. If you had a dream about someone wearing the color blue, then this means your dreams are going to come true.

If you had a dream about color green, then this color symbolizes blessings in life that you will receive from someone or simply as a reward for your good deeds.

Crimson color represents power and great ability to fight against everything and everybody.

This is a very powerful color in general, so any dream with this color in it will carry an important message within.

Black brings negativity in your dreams. We usually dream in black and white when we are feeling down and these color, by themselves, are already a good representation of how we feel inside.

For example, there is a big difference in dreaming about a colorful garden and a garden with only black and white flowers.

The colorful one makes us feel good and positive, while the other one makes us feel negative.

Dreams definitely have a strong impact on our lives and they can drag out even those things we completely forgot about.

They make us think about things that we thought weren’t important, so this is why you should be more in tune with yourself and your inner most covered thoughts, that always get brought out to the light in our dreams.


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