Dreams About Hiding – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about hiding can have different meanings. In real life we hide from something we are scared of but in our dreams hiding can be interpreted in various ways.

Dream about hiding from a dangerous animal

If you had a dream about hiding from a dangerous animal, then this dream is a representation of your enemies. They have grown stronger and they are out to get you.

They have collected information about you and they now feel prepared to set back your career or personal life. Be cautious around people who seem suspicious to you or with whom you already had some issues with.

Dream about hiding from rain

If you were hiding in your house or somewhere else, from rain, then this dream indicates you won’t be able to complete something you were looking forward to completing. This project was important to you and you will feel devastated after it fails.

Someone you know was responsible for this failure and you won’t know that until it becomes too late. Since there is nothing you can do about the past, focus on the future and try fixing things as much as you can.

Dream about hiding in your home

If you were hiding in your home, this dream is a representation of success. You are the only person who is responsible for this success and nobody else can take that away from you. Use this positive energy to make further changes in your life and don’t let anybody ruin this feeling for you.

Dream about hiding in a coffin

Dream about hiding in a coffin represents bad news. Someone will tell you something that is going to have a huge impact on you.

Even though this news sounds bad wait until you hear the whole story or until you talk directly to the person who was mentioned in the news.

Dream about hiding under an umbrella

If you had a dream about hiding under an umbrella, then this dream is a representation of you skills.

You are someone who has a good judgment when it comes to life and this will help you achieve great things.

You are also very cautious and you wouldn’t let anything ruin the balance in your life.

Dream about hiding in a forest

If you had a dream about hiding in a forest, then this dream represents your desire to break free.

You feel repressed by everything that is going on in your life and you don’t know how to drop this weight of your shoulders.

Perhaps it is time to make some changes in your life and start doing something that makes you happy.

You strayed from your path but it is never too late to go back to it.

Dream about hiding in a building

If you were hiding inside a building in your dream, then you will be able to barricade your success in real life.

No one will be able to come near you and destroy everything you have been working for.

This will partially be a result of past bad experiences that taught you how to take care of things in your life.

There are still many people out for your success so be cautious and don’t let them get too close to you.

Even though your success is well protected there is always a possibility that things can go wrong.

Dream about hiding in the water

If you were hiding under water in your dream, then this dream represents your lack of desire to meet new people.

Even if you are not like that usually, you now feel like you just want to be alone with your thoughts and feelings.

Meeting new people and socializing is the last thing you want to do now and no one can make you change your mind.

This is perfectly normal and all of us need some time to restart and get back into a positive state of mind.

Dream about hiding from a storm

Dream about hiding from a storm represents your fear of problems in your life. You feel overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do to make these problems go away.

You feel overwhelmed in real life by everything that is happening and you don’t know who can give you a good advice to overcome these issues. Your emotions are breaking the roof so take some time to think and figure out a solution for your situation.

Dream about hiding from someone

If you were hiding from someone in your dream, then the interpretation of this dream depends on identity of this person. If this is someone close to you who you love, then this person means you feel overwhelmed by this person.

Maybe this is your partner or your parent who is constantly reminding you to behave a certain way and nagging you. If this is someone you don’t know, then this means you feel like other people are out to get you and you are afraid what they might do to you.

Dream about hiding under the bed

If you had a dream about hiding under the bed, then this dream represents your fear of exposing your true feelings.

Perhaps you have met someone who caught your attention but you are still afraid to let go and fall in love. Maybe it is time to let go of these fears and try something new. Running away from your feelings won’t get you very far so it is better to work on your fears and defeat them.

Dream about hiding from a murderer

If you were hiding from someone who was trying to kill you, then this dream represents you have a lot of enemies in real life. These people don’t like your success and they feel agitated by it.

Your enemies will try to do everything do make you fail so be careful and don’t let them get the upper hand. Don’t share any information about you and stay away from people who bring in bad energy in your life.


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