Libra Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

If you have the desire to know more about yourself, your life, and your future, the events that about to come (good and bad so that maybe you can be prepared for them) you should look at the horizontal rising point at the time of our birth, and that spot will help you determine your fate – how amazing does this sound?

And Astrology says that this is plausible and that the Sun and Moon both are the most relevant aspects in the personal horoscope.

This is proven to be true, and you will see soon why this is the case – you will learn that all aspects in Astrology, in the natal chart, have a certain meaning and when combined they can reveal the truth about yourself.

Besides Moon and Sun, of course, some planets also carry significance, but in this article, we will focus our attention to the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Virgo signs.

Maybe this combination is not perfect, but we believe that here there is a lot of space for a change, and the basis for this is in the fact that when we know what the problem is we can solve it.

Good Traits

As it comes to the virtues that are connected to this person, we will say that this person who is blessed with patience, and he is the one that has a sense of measure in almost all things he does, he is not excessive in any way, and rarely goes overboard.

Others often feel sympathy toward this human being, and whatever the circumstances may be this human being tries to maintain his self-control – in good times he acts as he is not so happy, and in bad days he tries to stay calm.

He lives in the way that his life is organised as best as it can be – he is lead with the need to have balance, harmony, and the desire to open and voluntary closing.

What also needs to be said that what is also noticeable in all spheres of his life is so closed in some ways; he can be shy and his inner life to be wrapped in a protective envelope so that he can control his impulses.

In the end, this is the person who, in everything that he does has to be convinced of the goodness of each action before accepting to do it.

Bad Traits

This complex personality certainly has its flaws – we can notice that he is all the time split between optimism and pessimism, idealism and realism, between feeling and excessive criticism – he has all of this in his actions and mind, but it all depends which way he will go.

Because of this, he can be quite complicated in every day dealing with others, which will, of course, often encounter a misunderstanding of the environment.

He is a discreet person, and his charm only seems to come to the surface on the second look, but he usually does not try to act differently.

Sometimes he is too conformist, and others may say that this is his major flaw, but we must say that all this time he still manages to take care of what others will say (although he may not show it), and this fear (from what others will say) can inhibit his natural creativity.

In a certain condition, this person can neglect his creative nature just to make something, and he may lose something along the way.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon in Love

This is the person that must relax in other to find true love in his, and he has not any objective reason not be loved, all of that comes from his head and his fears (the Moon in the Virgo).

The good news is that this person over the years, perfectionism and emotional idealism are diminishing and he can accept easier things to come and the realisation that love will come and it does not have to be connected to pain will stay in his mind longer than ever before.

Of course, people who are part of his life as lovers in these “problematic” times can get the worst of them, but all others will enjoy.

So, when this person is not under pressure, he can be the best lover that you have ever meet, and all of his “talents” comes to the surface – he is balanced, knows to give just right amount of love and passion, and knows when the good times is to pull off and to stay on the side.

But all those who want to be part of his life must accept that he must have certain accuracy in life and the precision in the arrangements with the people he loves, although he will not always have such predictability and accuracy in everyday life.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

Some people say that the one that has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Virgo connection can lean toward an eccentric lifestyle, but in fact, he is the one that loves the simple things, and he believes that the happiness for him hides in the small things, like a balanced relationship with his lover.

You will never seduce this person with the grandiose gestures, and you only have a chance if you learn the things that he considers to be the most important of all.

If you want to be the part of his life, try not to succumb to the temptation of egocentricity, which sometimes involves in people when they want to seduce.

His lovers must be aware of what they want, and to make the distinction between the right and wrong, as the only measure of values – this person expects from others to follow this “scale”(his lovers in the first place).

Therefore, for this person to have a sustainable relationship he needs to draw attention to honestly self-review and to be as objective as possible, and then to be involved with someone seriously.

Best Match for Libra Sun Virgo Moon

This is also a person who acts loyally and reliably in love, but he likes a romantic person, gentle to give him love because he sometimes does not know the right way to show how much he is loved.

Often he may be prone to secret sympathies or hide his true emotional status – he may even be in a relationship that is just a cover for the “thing” that he wants to be part off. And this is all fine right until the point when his lovers start feeling that something is not ok.

The perfect match for this human being is born on the sign Aries -People born in this sign in the love game prefer to be the ones who seduce, before being seduced. And this is the aspect that suits a person who has Sun and Moon in the Libra and Virgo combination, and this may be the thing that can connect them till the end!

Another good thing is that the Aries is the one lover that is very confident in when he wants something, so if you are their wish, he will immediately let you know.

They need clear communication, lots of passion and time to relax with their partner, scratching or massage is very desirable – this is the perfect combination in that sense.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon as a Friend

Friends love this person because he can usually deal well with some temptations, and he is the fairly reasonable one, has balanced nature, and loves to be surrounded by stability and understanding.

But we should not forget that he is attracted to some interesting events in life, and this as much as it excites him, it also scares him, and so the support is needed from his closest friends.

To be a good member of a society that he finds himself in, he needs to change himself, for example, the criticism, but he can hardly solve his habits, and he usually prefers to control the flow of life.

In the end, all of his close people must be aware of the fact that he is sincerely ambitious, and that his nature often fails to satisfy his own wishes, that is prevented by blockages that he creates for itself.

But no one will abandon him that is certain, because the face that he shows is the mild one, the one that is full of understanding, so it remains humane and open to the extent necessary to exhibit the best in itself and others.


Some would say that the Moon in the Virgo is not compatible with the Sun in the Libra sign – the one loves life, the pleasure it offers, and without great obligations, while the Virgo is always worried about its existence.

We can also say that he likes to have a balance in life, without a lot of game and risks – he does not like to lose, or to play “games” that will not give him surely a success.

This review or summary also focuses on one thing – this astrological combination results in something that resembles the atmosphere without a crisis (or at least a rare crisis) in private life.

This person also must accept the assessment that he is able to be so uncritical to ideas that, in his eyes, nobody can find the grace that does not share his beliefs.

In the end, this is the person who tries to bring his ideals into harmony with reality and strives only for those goals that will never lead him to spiritual isolation.


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