Dreams About Exams – Meaning and Symbolism

Hypersensitivity and stress are an integral component of the life of any student on this planet (and we must add the exams are also something that many people who are passing when they finish their school) – and all of us want to find the right way to deal with it.

It is hard to look at your child or be that child who is under pressure about exams, especially because of the words that they could set the course for the rest of your life.

This is one activity that many of us learn all of our lives, and we never make it in the way we want them to.

But to light up things a bit, we can tell you that the stress can actually be beneficial as it helps us to be more cautious in life, to pay attention to some small details around you that can cause you some harm.

Also, stress can help us contemplate properly and make our reflexes faster and more consistent when the times are such, but very often stress surpasses that limit which may be considered beneficial, and can then cause us severe problems.

Now, the stress connected to the exams could find its way into the dream world, but such a motive could mean much more than this.

Read all about this theme, and you will find how interesting meaning this symbol has in real life.

The Meaning of a Dream about Exams

You are here, reading this piece because you dreamed of taking (passing, failing, cheating, whatever) the exam, and we will try to give you the best possible interpretation of that dream.

There is research showing that even people graduate, decades after they have finished their school, they have different dreams about exams – all of them could be seen as unsuccessful ones.

Sometimes such dreams can seem very realistic, and after you woke up, this is the dream that could see so realistic. You may have dreamed that you were not prepared for the exam or that your pen was not working or was breaking as you try to write – maybe even anxiety attacked you so hard that you did not know what are you saying.

What does this all this mean? We will touch on the key points of this dream -take a closer look at the dream of the exam – you’re probably worried, but do not be. In most cases, there is something in your life that causes stress, anxiety, and nervousness, and it is translated into the dream world.

The main thing is for you to know that dreams often show what the conscious mind is neglecting.

If you had a dream where you are taking the exams, such a dream might be an indication that all of your hard work in whatever area of life will know to pay off, and such a dream means that you are on the right way to the major success.

This is especially true for you if you are leaving school and ending an important life span – it does not have to be an ending of a school, it can be the end of one part of the life and the start of something new and exciting.

You will have the opportunity to show what you have learned and to finally achieve the independence that you have dreamed of from a young age.

But, if you see yourself in a dream like you are cheating on exams and it is working out – indicates that your risk will pay off. Your life password is: manage yourself, and in the toughest of times, you will not give up but fight until the very end. It can be said that you often have more luck than the smarts, so you rely on it and carefully wait for it to send you the solution that works best for you.

If you had a dream that you are passing the exam, the meaning of this dream is also a positive one – it is a sign that you are making a good decision about your life, and it does not have to be just one part of life, but many of them, love and job.

In general, you are the person who is able to make rational decisions that are based on a firm belief that everything will be great for you in the end.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Exams

Regardless of how the real exams are stressful, and in reality, we feel bad, but when we want to look for the meanings that are behind the dreams about the exams, we will see that they are mostly positive, even the ones where we cheat! Yes, this is the truth – unlike real life, in a dream world, when you cheat, the symbolism of this dream is good.

This is one very common dream, and experts say that this motive is related to your objectives in actuality – what is even more impressive, the dream of exams is familiar, and at least every six in ten students will experience such a dream in their lifetime, before, during or after school.

Such dreams are connected to the people who are younger, but it is not uncommon to have such a dream when you are older, or you have not finished school.

For those who have exams in real life, such a dream about exams symbolizes that you are truly experiencing stress and tension in your life, and that is translated into a dream world.

We will tell you that are very common also when older population has such dreams, and they are usually connected to the mature process of establishing definite objectives in your life, love and career.

The dream where you are taking the exam shows that in reality, you feel like you are constantly tested by some people and that you have come to the place in your life when you do not care anymore of what and who is saying something of you.

Friends will be friends, there is no doubt about it, and others could become a part of your world, but you do not need to change anything about your life and to pay attention to others.

If the exam in your dream seems to you that are very hard and that you will not be able to pass it, in that case, this is the dream that symbolizes high criteria and aims that you have set in front of you.

This indicates that the objectives you have set for yourself are too troublesome, and you have overlooked feelings and connections to achieve the purpose.

Having high goals in life is one thing, but they have to resonate with you on some level, because if you think that they cannot be achieved, then the reality will turn out to be the same.

Do not change your goals, but your expectations regarding them and the dream will stop.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not, because you should not make things harder than they are already, and this is true in the case that you are under major stress – such dreams indicate that you will complete your struggles with success, in the end, but that you will have to work very hard to earn it.

In any version of this dream, your mind is looking for a way out of the stress and pressure that you put it through in reality.

What to do if I had this dream?

The first thing we want to inform you is that there is no requirement to feel bad – this dream is completely normal, and even you do not believe it, it is very common motive!

Development in any direction perpetually has its highs and lows, and one failed “exam” in your life does not mean anything, it is just a part of your path, as it is.

If you have this dream and you have anxiety, such stress can be fixed by knowing what precisely prompts you the weight of life.

After such a dream, all sorts of reactions start to be discharged. It is often affiliated with an occupation in real life. A dream like this is just a representation of your understanding.

The most important thing you need to do is understand the importance of this dream – anything that is connected to your life and goals (along with the idea how you see them and do they resonate with you on a deep level) is worth looking into.

It is probable that you do many things in life just because you feel it is right, not because you want to. Notwithstanding the grand-achieving purposes in the community that you are living or working in, you sense that you need something and that you require finding an innovative profession that would be an escape from exhausting commitments and root of decisive power.

Set your priorities and work hard, do not give up, even if you fail!


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