Sheep in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep – remember the old way of putting yourself to the sleep and go into the dream that is firm and amazing…

It was suggested to the people who have problems with insomnia, to think of sheep and to count them (often in the way they are jumping over the fence, it was believed that this has a relaxing effect on the restless minds), so they could hypnotize themselves and fall into sleep.

This was proven to be effective, and maybe you should try this method if you have a problem in the sleeping department; but what happens if the motive in your dream sheep appears? What does this mean and how you could “read such a motive?

When we are looking at this dream, and this motive a bit deeper, we can conclude that sheep is the animal that has always been a symbol of wealth in every sense of the word, and looking at things from this perspective, it could help us understand this dream motive better.

Whether there are three or hundreds of sheep, the shepherd is a rich man, because, in the first place, he is never alone, because he will always have a warm vest and socks made of their wool, a meal for the ceremony, and something to sell and make some money.

Maybe the dream of the sheep brings a similar symbolism, read all about it.

Meaning of a Sheep in a Dream

This motive in a dream world is not so common, but it is not so rare; so if you have seen the sheep in your dream, then such a dream means that you are about to experience major progress in your life.

It is possible that many things will come into place in the coming period, so you will finally relax and enjoy all that you have gained.

But if you hear a sheep roaming in your dream, and you could hear it clearly, in that case, this is the dream that indicates family problems in your life.

Perhaps, you will have a conflict with relatives who will disagree with your job-related suggestions that you are all dealing with. They will claim that you have damaged them and that you have appropriated what does not belong to you.

If in a dream you are cutting the fleece from the sheep; in that case, such a dream is an indication that some bad events are coming your way, and that you need to prepare for such events very soon.

One example is amazing to look at, and this is the dream in which you see a black sheep, in such case, the meaning is very clear, you are about to face a period where you are going to be misunderstood from your family members, and not just them; you will be tormented by the members of your close environment.

On the contrary, if the sheep in your dream is white, pure white in that case you are amazingly well and loved by your environment.

If the sheep in your dream is not the grown sheep, but the lamb, it could be an indication that you will have much short-term pleasure in real life, and it will be possible, even to meet one of your former loves who left a mark on you.

Lamb also signifies tenderness, innocence and warmth, and so can indicate such your nature that is either hidden or open, but it is present in you, even if you do not show it all the time.

Seeing a dead lamb in a dream or eating a lamb signifies the illness, failure and sadness that awaits you in the near future. In this sense, the meaning is not positive, and the worst part is when they scream, then the meaning is even worse.

If you were carrying a lamb in your hands, do not worry about its meaning, because it shows that you are protected from all worries in this world. You are surrounded by good energy, spiritual and material wealth.

If lambs were eaten by wolves in the dream, expect that some things will not end well for you, or for your benefit, however innocent and honest, you might be. Be careful if you had such a dream.

The Symbolism of a Sheep in a Dream

So as far as the symbolical value goes, in the case of the dream with the sheep, and the version of this dream where you see it in the field, such a dream symbolizes progress.

However, this dream also brings you the idea that you will not forget the difficult moments that will teach you to appreciate what you have never noticed before. Such an intention is truly important to know when it comes to this dream.

If the sheep are running away from you in a dream and you are chancing them, such a dream carries the symbolical value of worry – someone is babbling and gossiping at you.

Possibly even your own family and this clearly shows that the dream of the sheep is connected to the family and the personal relations that you have in life.

Also, the symbolism of the sheep signifies innocence and purity.

It is often referred to as “sacrificial lamb” or “lamb of God” as such. In addition, sheep are associated with kindness, naivety and obedience, and in the transmitted sense, the preservation of family values, well-being and life in abundance.

If the sheep in your dream is pure white, in a symbolical sense, your life in the future will be all connected to the peace, tranquility and well-being.

But, as far as the black sheep goes, in that case, if you had such a dream, then it could be a symbol either your own or the ugly and incomprehensible behavior of someone from your family or your immediate environment. You, or someone close to you, are tempted of some kind, or greed and greed prevail in you or them for some reason.

But if you see yourself killing an innocence sheep in your dream, in some way, this is the dream that shows that you could expect in public that someone will accuse you of having suffered some damage because of you that you have taken someone for what belongs to him. Conflicts with your loved ones may also arise over any common interests or business obligations.

If in a dream you see that sheep are taking care of the lamb just like the mother is taking care of her baby, in that case, such a dream is the representation of pure happiness and joy, along with the harmony in the family. This symbolizes that family is the part of your life that provides you with the safety and care that you need.

Do I have to be worried?

Depending on all circumstances of the dream, it can go from amazingly good sign to the extremely bad; especially when lambs are in question.

To dream, many sheep in the meadow signifies happiness, peace, prosperity, wealth, both materially and spiritually. This is such a good sign, and you do not have to be worried at all.

In other versions of this dream, you will probably see the real face of people who have been successfully hiding and pretending to be your friends – in the case when you see cutting the wool of the sheep, and even the worse sign is the one in which they are screaming.

The worrying part comes at the moment when you realize that you will probably be left without the support you are used to, but you will be tempted to be aware of the truth better than living a lie no matter how tempting it may be.

The dream of guarding the sheep symbolizes the well-being caused by your actions and effort, and you feel that you are doing something that is great and beneficial. It is possible that you will earn some more money in the future and ensure your whole family’s livelihood through your efforts.

Dreaming a sheep can indicate some of your character traits; it can show them pronounced even more. Basically, your innocence and purity come to the fore, but on the other hand, it can also signify your tendency to move and work in a group, unwilling or unable to do some serious responsibilities and tasks that are set before you.

As a symbol of purity, a sheep can also represent the desire and wish to rid ourselves of some sins, repentance, and the desire to appear righteous and not to be misunderstood.

Right now, there is a time when all the aforementioned characteristics, which adorns you, will come to light. You will experience numerous praises, honors and rewards for your good deeds, for your honesty, unkindness, and purity that you have unselfishly helped others.

If you are cutting the sheep’s fleece, in that case, such a dream is an indication that you will soon know in waking life, someone who your real friends are and who are not.

As sheep take off their wool, so will the faces of the people around you soon start to fall off their masks. In any case, be prepared for some unexpected adversity or a more difficult period of life ahead. This is the worrying part of the dream about the sheep.

What to do if I had this dream?

We would try, for the ending of this piece to give you some general advice if you had any of these dreams that have a common motive – the sheep.

You will fearlessly attack a problem that has been plaguing you for a long time.

Try to overcome this situation, or if it is a close person for you, help to overcome it. Otherwise, it will not end well for you.

In some cases, this dream is an indication that there is a period of stability in life ahead of you, where there will be not much abundance, but you will have everything you need and a basis for a good life.

In the case of this dream, where you do see the lamb and not the sheep, in that case, it is the dream that shows all of your qualities, and for that matter, it shows that you are an untamed, good person, but you are required to have a firmer stance, determination and expressiveness.

From the above text, we can conclude that if we, as well as in a real-life, treat our gentle, light-hearted and naïve animals positively in dreams, we will be fine, whereas, if we have fallen asleep to do them any harm, we will need to be certain the period we are facing is because some minor or major life troubles are possible.

Some say that if you had such a dream, about the sheep, it means that you should be very happy since you will find luck whatever you do; you can even play some game of chance, because for sure you will make some profit.

Whatever this dream may be, sheep hide some amazing symbolical value and for the majority of us, we could not end this without mentioning one of the famous dreams that had sheep and lambs in them – the book and the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”, where this dream motive is explained, as the worst possible sign, since there the lambs die screaming.


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