Midheaven in Scorpio

Although people with MC in Scorpio display charisma, intensity and focus, they rarely show others their true “self”. Their public image is sometimes “difficult”, “dangerous” and “impenetrable”, and the person is very suspicious of the grasp of their private lives.

At the same time, individuals with this position are born detectives and enjoy exploring other people’s motives, all that is not stated and, of course, taboos. They want to be seen as hard negotiators and political players, and their “bite” is often worse than “barking”.

These people adore crises and often crave the next drama that will affect their lives. The job of a person with MC in Scorpio can be related to death, illness and crisis, and sometimes the death of an important person in her childhood was a turning point that caused personal or professional metamorphosis.

These individuals can be themselves the greatest enemy at work and are often forced to start over. The MC in Scorpio is most prevalent in these three areas: politics, psychology!

Medium Coeli in the midline Scorpio indicates persistence and perseverance in achieving the set business goals.

However, this plot also indicates possible difficulties in expressing and dealing with superiors.

The planet that rules this Middle of the Sky is Pluto. Imum Coeli (Lower Middle Sky) is in Taurus which indicates the need for emotional support provided by the family.

The safety and comfort of the home are of particular importance to this person because it enables him to achieve inner peace and serenity.

Midheaven in Scorpio Man

Seemingly calm, and in the depths of his soul boils of passion – that is what describes a scorpion man. If you are afraid of passion and excitement, then this is the man you should definitely bypass.

They control their reactions strictly, and even in love they have strong control. If they think that some contact should be avoided, they will burn within themselves and give you peace of mind.

The Scorpio man loves to play – so you have to be prepared that he will harass you for a long time before he decides to grab you by the hair and drag you to his burrow.

After that, you are his for the rest of his life or for the rest of his love he feels. He is preoccupied with sex and has a strong desire for change.

When he loves it is a special emotion and everything that would disturb his peace and harmony is on the target of his demons. So we don’t have to talk too much about jealousy, but the advice is not to do anything that prompted his demons to act.

Scorpio is, at the very least, completely unpredictable. He’s a secret, that’s for sure. So, how do you get to his heart? The main rule is – “A Scorpio man is always courting you and never you.”

This rule of gold is worth it. So at any stage of the love game you are the “handsome” target or victim, and Scorpio is always a conqueror or a winner.

So you really can’t change anything but use your resourcefulness. Given that he loves to play, it is best to be an invincible fortress. Let your charismatic man win you over.

Midheaven in Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is very emotional, demanding and approachable. She is an original, intriguing and fascinating woman, who is adored by a strong personality because she is challenging to him.

Scorpio woman loves to seduce and flirt. It will not be easy for a man to give his heart because it is by nature untrustworthy. The man will have to go through a series of “tests” to make the relationship close and stable.

Although she doesn’t show it, she wants a relationship like this. In order to get into a relationship, she must trust a man who must be loving and never try to control her. She is very possessive, mysterious, sensual and passionate, which is why many men do not mind belonging to her.

Good Traits

Scorpios are very independent personalities. They can succeed in anything that goes astray and will never give up. It perfectly suits them to be alone.

They are not overly social like other characters, and some Scorpios even prefer to live alone so no one can control them because they like to be the ones they control.

Relationships with Scorpios are always complicated, just as people born in this sign are. Scorpions go from extreme to extreme, they can be very whimsical and for no apparent reason.

They are known for their possessiveness and jealousy, but on the other hand, for their very loyal devotion. They have a great memory and can therefore be forever blamed on someone who hurt them. Scorpions are never forgiven or forgotten, even ready for revenge.

On the other hand, they also remember kindness and reciprocate. By any kind gesture you gain trust and respect in Scorpio, which is of great importance to her in relationships, whether in love or otherwise.

It is best to be honest with your friend in the sign of Scorpio and in return you will have a great friend you will never forget, who you can trust and who will not make you false promises.

They have an incredible sense of humor, more than any other zodiac sign. You can find an incredibly interesting trusted friend in Scorpio.

Scorpios are great doctors, surgeons, scientists and leaders. They are perfect in any business that contributes to something essential. Scorpios are best placed in leadership positions where they will be able to place orders and control jobs.

This makes these jobs perfect for them. Scorpios can be easily enriched because they make very wise business decisions and are not inclined to spend money.

Scorpio will not disclose to others that it has made money for fear of potential competition, or worse, for the possibility of being used financially.

Bad Traits

This sign is the most depressing zodiac sign. And no wonder! Scorpio is a sign of sex, and if they do not sleep with their best friend’s mistress, then they certainly plan it.

If they are in a relationship, they are extremely loyal. Even to the point where they become possessive and jealous, they want to keep an eye on their partner at all times.

Tracking devices and cameras were apparently invented by Scorpios. Obsessive by nature, they won’t stop until they get what they want. Nothing is alien to them, not even the appearance of a former partner.

They can be paranoid and suspicious, even in the best of times. The vengeance is sweet and anyone who scales a Scorpio will face an instant death from the sting of their famous tail. That same sting could come in the form of a panting in an anonymous caller’s handset.

With the level of intensity they have, the environment often misunderstands them. This gloomy, gloomy nature should be considered in the context of deep emotions, not just routine bad mood. Why people misunderstand their sense of humor as sharp sarcasm.

They like to point out the obvious and lurk in someone else’s weaknesses. As soon as they feel fear, they will attack and will not give up. Never, never, never after they see the white flag.

They are extremists, so there’s nothing in between. Only black or white, right or wrong. Scorpio is dominant and stubborn as a donkey. After they leave, there is no going back even when they know things will be disastrous.

Someone once said that Scorpios love to be unhappy in love. What does that mean? Who knows, that only makes sense to them.

Midheaven in Scorpio – General Info

The series on the Middle Sky (MC) continues and this time the turn is of Scorpio, a half heaven of strategists and people who know how to see the big picture. If you want to know the bases of this topic and know your MC you can go to this post.

The MC in Scorpio is from curious and tireless people, they are known as the zodiac researchers and they can never hide the truth for too long, their mission is to discover things, solve problems and find the main flaws in every process.

People with this MC can have a fairly sharp intuition, as well as an amazing observation ability: when you want to solve a problem, find details to fix or the missing piece of your puzzle an MC in Scorpio will give you the mental acuity to solve it.

The MC in Scorpio is also of people who are looking for constant changes and who can have many careers in their lives, either because the novelty passes quickly or because they have exhausted everything there is to discover.

The secrets move these people and they know how to keep them very well so that trades related to public relations can move them or scare them too much.

A MC in Scorpio gives us celebrities who love the power they have and use it to help others, for example Bono or Barack Obama.

This MC makes these people look attractive and persuasive, as well as boosting their need to do something that really motivates them and not only gives them money. Scorpio’s motivations must be real and profound to create a true transformation.

A negative feature of this Midheaven is that it is often of superb people who like to show off their knowledge and overshadow others with it. If the people around you do not go at your pace, they are likely to become desperate with your requirements and questions.

Likewise, they can often fall on the pessimistic side of the spectrum by not being able to trust anyone and possessing so much truth does not serve them to change is the status quo of what unnerves them.

An MC in Scorpio is introspective, sometimes obscure, his ideas have a very large and emotional reach, which can make them misunderstood artists or people with great capacity for empathy depending on additional aspects in the astral chart.

Scorpios need strong emotions more than any other Zodiac sign. They are recognizable by their intense and mysterious nature.

Without passion and physical excitement they are sad and lonely. Just like the mythological goddess Artemis, people born in the sign of Scorpio can be evil, jealous and constantly at odds with others; on the other hand, they can be social reformers and exhibit incredible humanity.

They are ambitious and generous to others, without any commitment. Restrained and courteous, they have a direct and penetrating look.

They rarely find themselves at the center of the event, but they always know what interests them. They have a passionate character and a deep sensibility that makes them one of their best and most loyal friends.

They also possess the qualities of an insidious enemy. Due to their sensitivity and pride, they are easily offended and angry. There is no middle ground for Scorpios, they want all or nothing.

They never ask others for something they are not capable of doing themselves. On the one hand, they are very realistic and righteous, and on the other, especially when challenged, they are ready for revenge. Scorpio is constantly on the lookout for new space.

Thanks to a strong curiosity about finding out all the secrets of life, they are especially interested in religion and what happens to the soul after physical death. Their sex life is rich, variable and active.


The profile of these natives indicates a strong predisposition to all those activities in which strategies are planned or plans and programs of action are designed, as well as in the field of research oriented to science, technology or the spiritual field, of Occult and psychological. Some options are: psychiatrist, psychologist, parapsychologist, anthropologist, detective, military, police, chemist or sexologist.

Tendency to manipulate others to get their interests. Be careful not to generate unnecessary intrigues. Ambitious, determined, direct, brave, skilled and capable of facing difficult transformation processes. They know how to maintain control of their emotions, if it benefits the achievement of their goals.

Professional careers that favor research and strategy are favorable, such as psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, private investigator, chemistry and anthropology.

In Scorpio, feelings are just as pronounced as intellect. Although at first glance they appear calm and calm, boiling blood boils inside. Passion is present in all segments of their lives, not just in love. To them, words are just a game, and the truth, which they are ready to present at any moment, can be painful.

They are best suited to a partner who will not provoke their explosive nature, but also brave enough to extinguish a fire if it breaks out. Even in the most dangerous situations, it will not show agitation or body movements by anxiety.


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