White Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

All symbols that the Universe sends us (and it does, regardless of our observations, or the fact that we cannot see them, and in that sense accept them) can be taken into consideration and could become our personal guide to a better life, or if not, the life that is more clear to us; you can choose how you will take them, and “read” them.

Among them, there is one that is particularly interesting, and yes, we are talking about the butterfly.

As you know, the butterfly is one of the most beloved symbols of our world (the symbol of a positive change, love, beauty, and internal metamorphosis), and the next best thing that is right there is his, a bit darker brother, the one that has its traits, but it is still a moth, not a butterfly.

We are talking about the White Moth, maybe you do not know much of this winged creature, but still, it is very interesting being, in natural and also in the symbolical sense. Read all about this wonderful creature.

This is the creature that belongs to the night, but at the same time, this is the creature that is, unlike the usual type of Moth, that are brown or black, white, and his wings are so pale and beautiful that he is, at times, mistaken for a beautiful pearly butterfly.

Read all about this insect, but not in the sense of his biological nature, but in the sense of his spiritual powers and his importance when he appears as the symbol from the Universe.

So, the next time the White Moth crosses your path, pay a lot of attention cause. This is one being that has something to tell you.

Meaning of White Moth

To cut to the core right away, the White Moth, if we want to look at him as a symbolical sign in our world is one of the most powerful and famous spirits. It is, in some ways the representation of the alternations that live in our nature, but at the same time, it is the symbol of things that are common and close to us, in our everyday life.

In some parts of the world, he is especially revered -he is considered the spiritual father (patter) of all spirits, and it is also believed that have numerous famous incarnations. This goes in the way that this fatherly spirit changes his forms from life to life, and in one of them, he becomes the White Moth.

But you must wonder how this creature can be kind and spiritual, still, this is the Moth that resided in the darkness, but this is one type of the butterfly that can go both ways, and become hidden in darkness and connects us to those parts of the “world”.

This is the aspect that is common for all Moths, but in the case of the White things are a bit altered, since his White color implies on traits that are not common for the Black or Brown Moth.

Although at first glance it may seem that there is a big difference between these spirits (in their meaning, between the white butterfly and white Moth, the fact is that they are joined by one common trait – they are all spirits of death, that is, of souls that are no longer with us, and in this sense you can understand the white color that is always connected to the purity.

In addition, it is believed that the White Moth takes care that all bodies buried in the ground remain there, that is, that their souls are “calmed down” and not used by the living for bad purposes. Do not be afraid by this idea, in all parts of the world, rituals and ceremonies that revolve around the dead are very common (just take a look at rituals that are present in your part of the world, you will be surprised with the number of those rituals).

It is believed that the White Moth usually appears in times when people want to summon or enter the world of the living should not be forgotten.

Many say that unlike the White Butterfly that is all connected to the purity, the White Moth is more connected to the darkness and can connect us to the lower spirits. But he himself is not a bad omen, he is what he is, and as such being, he should be a part of our world, he has meaning and purpose.

The meaning of the White Moth is in some way very interesting symbolical value for people, and some say it can be charming and magical, while he has that other side that is also striking.

The White Moth can be easiest to meet him at intersections (the symbolism of connecting roads – the meeting of the world of the dead and the world of living souls).

The Symbolism of White Moth

In the White Moth, the two interesting symbolical ideas are connected – he is the one that has the power to combine death (it can, but it does not have to be related to death, it is more connected to the end of some phases, or the intersection of some roads in our lives) and fertility (rebirth of ideas, the change that is about to start, the one that brings difference, etc).

This aspect is very important to look at since this is the being that implies to live and to progress in some way, you must be able to change, even if that change implies that you must end (kill) some aspects of your life, and to give birth of some others. In both cases, there can be a pain, and therefore fear, but it is just a part of the journey that we are all having.

But, there is one more thing that we must speak of, and it may come as a surprise to you since the White Moth can be connected to the process of healing – even if such aspect may sound incompatible, but he is familiar with all the “techniques” of healing, so if he decides that a person’s life is worth enough – he can change his mind and heal his deadly wounds. Or, if it is easier for you to understand, he is the one that can give you such powers and the one that has such an impact.

You can then guess for yourself how important his presence is when it comes to the more negative aspect life – in some countries around the world there is even a belief that a person who has been thrown a deadly curse cannot die until the White Moth lands near his grave! In other words, everyone is considered “safe” as long as this powerful spirit that is seen in the material world seen as the White Moth holds that person alive.

As you can see, here there is a deep interconnection to the world, of living, the dead, but maybe not so in a material sense, but more in the sense of the spiritual aspect of life.

Good or Bad Sign

As you were able to see, in the previous sections there are numerous interesting aspects that are connected to the White Moth, as he can be hated, but at the same time, he is so powerful and has numerous interconnections to the other dimensions of our life.

The White color is an indispensable detail that complements his “magic”; some say that this is the aspect that connects him more to the most powerful female spirits, but is known for often following mortals.

Unlike other Moths, like Black and Brown kind, that have the ability to change their appearance, so they are not recognized, the White kind of the Moth is so easy to recognize.

Some say that his other symbol is the white coffin, and the symbol of the cross, as a reminder that life cannot be ended unless the other world allows it to happen.

Do not be puzzled with the majority of these beliefs since the main thing here must be remembered – the White Moth is present here to give you the ability to change, but that change is not just shocking (like in the case of the White Butterfly, where ugly worm changes into one beautiful butterfly that lives only for one day) but also painful, cause often times it includes death.

And the most of us are afraid of death, but this also means that we are neglecting the principle of life where it is ok for things to change, to be completely different from day to day, and this should become our comfort zone.


Put your personal feelings aside, the White Moth for many, of course not for all, is one subject that is beloved, and in this sense, he belongs to the most popular and loved good spirits.

He is considered the protector of people, the one that is hidden, and under protection, therefore, are all those people who cultivate their land diligently and devotedly, and who in turn do not seek much. In fact, this spirit can be freely said to love work, order and discipline more than anything else, and in some parts of the world, the White Moth is synonymous with hard work, or work without rest and lamentation.

Honest and dignified in his intentions (as we have said, he is what he is, and even if his white color that can be the color of the purity does not change the fact that moths are often connected to the darkness where they reside most often, it is their comfort zone) the spirit of the White Moth is also known for not having a negative side, where he wants to warn people on something bad, for example.

The White Moth shows the incredible simplicity of life. Here, simply, there is no exaggeration, no chaos. This is why he is most often portrayed as an insect that you will never kill, but you will just chase from your home.

It is because of this “appearance” that we get a symbolic image of the good old saying “how you sow so you reap”, so we can freely say that the White Moth is the spirit that teaches us those true, original values. We all exist because of nature; it sustains us, nourishes, nurtures and therefore deserves our full respect!

In some parts of the world, people gladly address to this deity, and it is believed that he is calm, gentle and very dedicated to the people, he is always near them. In some countries of the world, people are giving him offerings, like honey that they place in the dark places, so that he could give them news of the people they loved, but who are passed away.


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