Dreams about Clowns – Interpretation and Meaning

Clowns are fun to some people and a total nightmare for others. If you fall into the second category, then your dream about clowns can be a representation of your phobia or fear from clowns.

Sometimes our brain tortures us by imagining things we hate the most, and clowns are definitely easy to spot everywhere we go, on TV’s, newspaper and even on the street.

We will explain a little bit more about the symbolic meaning of a clown and what it actually means to dream a clown.

Dream about seeing a clown

If you had a dream about seeing a clown, then this dream can have two interpretations.

If you are someone who enjoys seeing clowns and finds them amusing, then this dream represents a childish and fun side of you.

You don’t feel like you are ever going to grow up and you like it that way.

There is a special aura around you that protects you from everything bad going on and your childish nature works as a charm factor for everyone around you.

You should only be careful and don’t let others use you and lead you on doing something you don’t want to do, because your naïve nature can sometimes be a flaw.

If you are afraid of clowns, then this dream has a completely different meaning. If you saw a clown somewhere or you encountered one in real life, then your phobia might be activated.

Your brain is now under a lot of pressure and it is expressing this fear by haunting images of clowns in your dream.

Phobias are something we all have and there is not pint in denying your fear.

If it grows into something more serious, you should definitely ask for professional advice and find a way to relax and ease of your mind.

Dream about being a clown

If you had a dream about being a clown, then this means you are not going to accept responsibility for something in your life.

This obligation could be related to your private or career are of life, but your childish nature will definitely come out.

Sometimes you live like there is no tomorrow and this way of behavior isn’t always appropriate.

We need to take responsibility for our actions and don’t expect from others to do things we should do.

Dream about talking to a clown

If you had a dream about talking to a clown, then this dream means you are making an effort in life but it is not paying off.

You always work harder and you try to impress everybody around you, but things never end up as you imagined and your work goes to waste.

Perhaps you should change the way you act or the way you think, because the road you have been on for a long time is not leading to anywhere.

You should also stop thinking about others and focus more on yourself.

This way you will know your needs and desires better, and you won’t be stuck in the same place without ambitions.

It is also important to remember to be patient, because certain things are just out of our reach and we can’t do anything but to be patient and wait for better days.

Dream about a clown in general

A clown in general, in your dream, can represent your need for more humor in life.

You are very stressed and you have a lot of things on your mind that are weighing you down.

You should think of a way to ease your mind and avoid being so tense all the time.

Try getting into a spin class or spending more time doing something creative that you like.

Dream about a clown laughing at you

If the clown in your dream was laughing at you, then this dream means you have been embarrassed by someone or something quite recently.

No one feels good after being embarrassed or shamed, but we can’t go back in time and fix it.

All we can do is to let go of these feelings and stop torturing ourselves by imagining different scenarios or replaying the same event over and over in our head.

Life goes on and so should you.


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