Dreams About Zombies – Interpretation and Meaning

Zombies, or living dead, are made-up creatures that are created by the human mind. The idea behind this creature is well established in many different cultures and nations around the world. Zombies are often a theme of movies and series, and we can see them almost every day when we turn on our TV’s.

Sometimes our mind recreates images that he picks up on, during the day, and implements them in our dream. But sometimes these dreams can carry on a much more important message and symbolism.

We will list few examples of dreams about zombies, and the secret meaning of these dreams. So, if you had a dream about a zombie recently, then keep on reading.

Dream about a zombie in general

If you had a scary dream about a zombie last night, then this dream represents a personal habit that is bad for you. This habit can be literally anything, from drugs to alcohol, and whatever your bad habit might be, it is dragging you away from your goals in life.

This dream is a pure proof that you are aware of this bad habit but you probably don’t know what to do about it. If this is something serious and extremely bad for you, then maybe it is time to seek help from your loved ones or from a professional.

This dream could also be related to outside influences that might be dragging you out on a wrong path. Get away from people or situations that are getting you in trouble and get back on the right path, before it is too late.

Dream about being a zombie

If you had a dream, where you were a zombie or a living dead, then this dream represents that you are going to succeed in your plans and dreams. Even though this dream could seem like something bad and malicious, it is actually a very positive sign.

This dream is a sign, that positive times and productive period is upon you and you definitely need to use it the best way possible. This dream brings you luck and fortune in everything you do, so don’t waste time and get to work.

This dream also represents, that you are going to be able to defeat all of your enemies and that you are going to be invincible. If you had problems with other people before, then these problems will get solved and will be taken care of.

Dream about stumbling upon a zombie

If you had a dream about walking or running, and during that time you stumbled upon a zombie, then this dream represents a possible help you will get in order to complete some important project you have been working on.

This assistance could be something positive but also it could bring you a lot of troubles and problems, you weren’t hoping for.

If the assistance turns out to be positive, then you two combined together will make something extraordinary and worth mentioning.

This project or idea you are working on, will be something you will be remembered by, so make sure you make the best out of every situation you get into.

Dream about being attacked by a zombie

If the zombie in your dream attacked you, then this represents a sudden discovery of a secret that has been kept hidden from you for a long time. This secret could be something positive or something negative, but in any case you will definitely be hurt by the fact that this person didn’t share this information with you.

This news will come to you as a bit of a shock, so be prepared for anything.

Even though this person is someone close to you, don’t get disappointed and try to understand things from their side of view.

Perhaps this person had an important reason to hide this information from you, and this is why you haven’t been told about it.

Dream about talking with a zombie

If you had a dream about talking with a zombie, then this dream is a representation of an argument you will have with someone close to you. This argument will be a big turning point in your relationship so be careful about the words you use.

This argument will be based on differences of opinions and you won’t be able to keep quiet about something you don’t agree on. If you want to keep this relationship in life, make sure you take other person’s opinion in consideration and try to make this go as painless as possible.

This dream could also refer to an argument you already had with someone important to you, and now you feel guilt about saying something you shouldn’t have said. Try talking with that person again and make things better, if it is possible.

Dream about someone who died being a zombie

If someone you knew, who passed away, was a zombie in your dream ,then you could face some troubles in your life in the upcoming period. Things won’t be going according to plan and you won’t be very successful at making everything work.

This could be the right period to take some time off and focus on yourself, because nothing you decide to do won’t give big results.

Dream about your parents as zombies

If your parents were zombies in your dream ,then this dream represents an upcoming conflict you will have with them. This conflict will be something you won’t be able to avoid, so make sure you restrain yourself from any harsh words or actions.

After all, your parents are your best friends and you wouldn’t want to say something that could hurt them or disappointed them.

Dream about being surrounded by zombies

If you were surrounded by zombies in your dream, then this is a representation of your health problems.

Perhaps you have been experiencing some health issues in real life and now you are recreating them in your dream. You feel like everything is closing in on you and you need to take better care of yourself.

This dream can also represents your surroundings and your feeling of loneliness and unhappiness in life. You feel like the place you are currently at is not the place you would want to be, but at the same time you feel like there are too many things keeping you chained in this life situation.

Perhaps it is time to break off those chains and go on an adventure, for the first time in your life, because you never know what you can do, unless you try.

Dream about fighting a zombie

If you had a dream about fighting against a zombie, then this dream is an indication that you have an enemy that is lurking to get you. This person could be someone from your work, that is jealous because of your success and he or she is determined to make you miserable.

Be careful to whom you give personal information and be careful about your acts as well, because you might get into trouble or you might get framed for something you certainly don’t want.

Dream about being afraid of a zombie

If you felt fear in your dream about zombies, then this dream is a representation of you real-life fears.

There are certain limits in life you afraid to cross and this is making you frustrated and stressed. There is only one way to deal with our fears, and that is to face them and defeat them.

If you keep on running away from your problems or fears, then you will spend your life thinking about, what could have been if you only had the courage to try something new.

This dream could also represent a big problem you currently have in life, that is taking too much of your time and you can’t stop thinking about it. Find a solution or ask for help, and if nothing else works, give yourself some time off to reboot and the solution will come to you.


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