Dreams About Fire – Interpretation and Meaning

We all know that fire in real life symbolizes war and agression, but also power and strength. Fire can be a symbol of transformation and purification, too.

But, what is the meaning of fire in our dreams? Dreams about fire are pretty common and they may have different meanings.

In this article you will find out more about fire dreams and their meanings. We will tell you how to interpretate a fire dream and how to discover its meaning.

As we have already said, the meanings of fire dreams may be different. These dreams can symbolize purification, anger, desire, agression and also changes. The meaning depends on many factors, such as the surrounding context and many details that appear in your dream.

Have you dreamed of a fire that causes you fear and pain or you have dreamed of a fire that comforts you? Try to remember of all details that you have seen in your dream because it is the only way to interpretate the dream properly. It is also important to remember if you had a control over the fire and what you were feeling during your fire dream.

Fire Dreams and Our Control Over Them

There are fire dreams that we can control and others where the fire is out of our control. Sometimes a fire serves our needs and it symbolizes some changes that we want to occur, but in some other dreams fire is a bad symbol.

A fire kindled in your home. If you are dreaming that you are kindling a fire in your home when it is cold outside, this dream has a positive meaning. It means that your close friends will visit you soon and you will have a great time with them. Also, this dream may mean that you or someone nearby will conceive soon.

Kindling a fire for someone else. If you are dreaming that you kindle a fire for someone else, it means that you have a lot of friends around you and that you are helping them often. You love spending time with your friends and also making new friendships.

A fire burning in the hearth. If you are dreaming about a fire that is burning safely in the hearth, it indicates that we feel comfortable in our life and that we are looking for some kind of illumination.

A fire extinguished by rain. If you dream that a fire is extinguished by rain, it is a bad sign and it means that you will lose your job and a lot of money in near future.

Setting a fire to destroy someone. If you are setting a fire in your dream in order to destroy someone or something, this dream symbolizes hatred and jealousy that you feel in your heart. It is probably a hatred toward someone of your friends or colleagues at work.

Being a firefighter. If you are dreaming that you are a firefighter, it means that you probably have a lot of problems in your life. You are constantly under stress, so this dream is warning you to face your problems and to solve them as soon as possible.

There is also another interpretation of this dream. The dream in which you put out a fire can mean that you will lose a lot of money in a following period. So, we recommend you to be careful with your money and to spend it moderately. Don’t borrow the money from others and don’t lend it to them if you want to avoid any financial losses in a future period.

Being a fire eater. If you dream that you are a fire eater, it means that you have a power to keep your anger under control.

To see that something is burning. If you see in your dream that something is burning, it means that you are overwhelmed with emotions, but also with some sexual feelings.

Being burnt by a fire. If you see in your dream that you are burnt by a fire, it means that your temper will get out of control soon. There is a problem that is burning inside of you. If you have dreamed that you were burnt to death by a fire, it means that you would like to avoid any changes that may happen in your life. Actually, you are afraid of new situations and also of new relationships.

Escaping from a fire. If you were dreaming that you were escaping from a fire, it is a good sign. You will have a lot of success in a following period and you will overcome all the problems and difficulties on your way.

Rescuing someone from a fire. If you are dreaming that you are rescuing someone from a fire, it means that you are a happy person because you have real friends in your life. These friends will help you overcome all the problems and difficulties and they will not let you fall down.

Looking a fire in the distance. If you are looking a fire in the distance, it means that you could make some mistakes in a future period. Also, it could happen that you miss some important appointment, so be careful and don’t let it happen.

Starting fire with your hands. If you are dreaming that you are able to start fire with your own hands, it means that there is an anger inside of you and you are trying to repress it. Also, it is very difficult for you to express yourself.

Seeing an invisible fire. If you see an invisible fire in your dream, this dream is a symbol of purification and internal cleansing of your own personality. This dream is warning you that it is time to make a new start and to leave the past behind you.

Dreaming of fire and water. If you are dreaming of both fire and water, it means that you have a big problem in your real life. Actually, there is an emotional conflict in yourself, so you are being pulled in two different directions.

Dreaming of fireworks. If you are dreaming of fireworks, it means that you will release some repressed feelings soon and you will also show your talent and your creativity to other people.

Dreams of Fire and Our Feelings

It is also very important to remember how we have felt during the dream of a fire. The meaning of a fire dream will be different, depending on our personal feelings.

Feeling good. If you were feeling good or if you were excited while you were dreaming that a fire consumed your heart, it means that you are very satisfied with your love life. Actually, you have very strong emotions toward you actual partner, so there is nothing that you would change.

Feeling safe. If you were feeling safe in your fire dream, it is a good sign. It means that you are also feeling very safe in your real life. You have a lot of friends that are at your disposal at any moment. Also, you have a trusted partner, so you feel protected in your love life, too.

Feeling pain. Pain is the most common feeling in fire dreams. If you were feeling pain while you were burned by a fire, it means that you feel very bad at the moment. Your real life is full of problems, frustrations, anger and suffering. Also, this dream may mean that someone in your real life is jealous on you.

Feeling fear. It is also very common to feel fear while dreaming of a fire. This dream could mean that you are dissatisfied at you work. It is possible that you have problems with colleagues at work because someone is jealous of you. Also, it may mean that you are in some kind of a danger.

Adore a fire. If you dream that you adore a fire, then it means that you love conflicts in real life. Also, this dream can mean that you would like to have more masculine caracteristics or to find a partner that is more manly.

Feeling nothing. If you don’t feel anything while you are dreaming of a fire, it means that you feel unmotivated in your real life. There is nothing in your life that would move you and make you productive.

Other Details in Your Fire Dream

House. House is one of the most common objects that may appear in a dream about a fire. If you dream that your house is on fire, it means that there are a lot of changes that will happen in your family in the following period.

Alternatively, a dream about a house on fire means that some changes will be good for you. But, if you dream that your house is on fire too often, it means that you may not be ready for changes yet. Actually, you may be fighting against the changes.

However, if you see that your house is completely ruined by a fire, it is a very bad sign. This dream symbolizes sadness that expects you very soon. You will probably lose someone or something you love very much.

People. If you dream that someone else is being burned, it means that you have strong emotions toward this person. These emotions may be either positive or negative, depending on our feelings during the dream.

Fire extinguisher. If you are trying to put out a fire in your dream using a fire extinguisher, it means that you are trying to avoid changes to happen in your life. Also, this dream can mean that you are trying to supress your desires and your strong emotions that are threatening to overwhelm you.

These are some of the most frequent dreams about a fire. You have seen how we can feel during our fire dreams and how we can interprete them. But, there is something else worth to be mentioned. If it happens that a man dreams of a fire, it means that this man is very dedicated to his career and that he has a lot of confidence in himself.

On the other hand, if a woman dreams about a fire, it means that she is completely dedicated to love, which is the main sense of her life.


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