1212 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Everything you think you know about Angels and their ways of communication may be true (including things that you dream or intuitively think that you know), because they are all around us, and they communicate with people in many ways, often times we can feel them only with our feeling, not our eyes. It is said by many knowledgeable people that we could understand our world better with our emotions and intuition, than our eyes and empirical studies, some things are rooted in us.

They (Angel beings or messengers from God) rarely show themselves physically, but they are always in the world of people to help us, some people call them healing Angels, and the word speaks for itself when it gets to their Divine purpose, they are in the world of people to help and heal.

Healing is the process that is mandatory for all people who are in severe pain, and we must add right now – who is not at a specific time of their lives in pain and doubt? We could all use healing, in many stressful and painful times of our lives, and Angels come into our world and are providing care, support, advice and healing hand. Only positive thought and caring advice are in their messages, and they should be accepted as such.

They are called Light Beings (often you will find that people associate them with light, and it is because they can be seen as a trail of Light, and in some practical sense, they are the carriers of all that is good in this world, and it is the Light, Sun as a contrast to darkness) or Angel Guardians, who provide help when it is needed.

By listening to Angel advice you can see results on the physical plane, their intentions are always consistent with universal Love and wisdom, in no case can any harm be inflicted on anyone, nor energy can be used for the wrong purpose. The result of Angel acceptance is always consistent with prevailing Good and Universal Love.

Also, we spoke so many times about the importance of Angels and their common open communication with children who are open and honest, so they can receive Angel information as they should, so the next time your child come and say to something “weird” do not take it like that, see this information as something that is significant, that will help them understand why things are as they are and how to make them better.

For adults, Angels often choose another way of communication – Angel numbers, as the keys to entering the world of Angels, and the Divine Realm in general. Angel’s numbers are one of the most popular ways of communication between Angels and people because it is easy to apply; it is straightforward and has an impact on every field of human life.

Angel energy vibrations are very sophisticated and light, but at the same time quite powerful, they connect a human being with the most subtle energy fields in the Universe. And for understanding Angel numbers there is no prerequisite for training, no prior knowledge, and no predisposition, anyone without exception can deal with them, only if they open their eyes and their minds, they can help themselves, others, and all for the purpose to increase the quality of life.

Today we are looking into one specific, very interesting and meaningful number in the world of Angel numerology- Angel number 1212. We will examine all amazing facts that are associated with it, and we will look into deep and hidden meanings that are relevant for the person who receives this message.

Angel number 1212 General meaning

There is always are the reason why a certain person received a certain message from Angel Realm and by looking at the personality of the person who has seen it, we can find the answers that we are looking for. Upgrade of knowledge must come from one point, and the primary is understanding of a particular character and personality, along with hidden meanings and dark desires.

You are the person who is marked by 1212, it is your number, or you are the person who sees this numeral everywhere (you have the feeling that belongs to you, that it describes you), you feel like it has one amazing meaning for you, and you are wondering what it can be.

You are a person who is active in its beliefs, steady in its actions, and you are trying to manage the sub-line instead of having it governed by you, you need to be in charge of everything that you do in life, and if only one thing is not in its place, you feel bad. You need to work, create and change things or your primary purpose in life is not fulfilled.

But this “controlling” aspect is not alone in your nature, and you are a compassionate and gentle human being with the capacity to love – family, love children, the whole world with every inch of its creations. By nature, you are very committed, and this applies equally to all aspects of life – you do everything with dedication, and sincerely, there cannot be superficiality. Your passionate nature is strong, but you keep it under control thanks to the power of its character.

In some stages of your life, you lose balance, and you let yourself be involved in all pleasures that life provides; but when you need it, you can do well without these things, and in the case of scarcity, you will be well-placed. You need to observe that your life does not go in the direction of self-containing and pleasure-oriented actions, because it could be a waste of energy, potentials and time. But you need to be careful to lose other relevant aspects of life, like a spiritual one, and this is something that Angels will undoubtedly point out that is important for you to change.

You who is marked by 1212 rarely sits still, you do not have much peace, and you always do something. You are both practical and imaginative – the impact from both 1 and 2 that appear in your combination. By strong will you get what you want, just learn to hold on to one ambition or ideal until you realise it.

In some more profound sense, you are definitely a person who some people see as Angels on the Earth – you are able to support and strengthen and encourage everyone in their immediate surroundings, not many people can do that. But in that noble process, you do not like to feel that others are much opposed to you, and you are prone to dominate.

You have a large amount of spiritual magnetism, and you are attracted to powerful forces that rule our world, and to understand the world you are living in, and the entire Universe you use your good mind and a strong character. You are well built and striking phenomena that are adorned with many qualities that you must use for others, not for your selfish purposes.

You belong to the small group of seekers of truth, and spiritual teachings will lead you to various spiritual lessons that you can use in life. In everything, you seek logic and spirituality. Any scientific evidence of something spiritual will be a confirmation that you are on the right path.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

In the depths of the Angel number 1212, we could see two distinctive traits, and two dominant parts – or one that appears two times, and it is number 12. The double form just enhanced its potential and raised its vibration to the highest possible levels that truly have the ability to move things from one point to the completely different dimension.

If we look for the hidden meanings and secretive symbolism we will find out that number 12 is the representation of the pairs(dualities, dual powers, double forces, or twin energies) in the Universe, it connects the spirit and mater; it is the combination of the Sun and the Moon, a couple of opposites. It is the manifestation of origin in the Universe – everything in nature has dual nature, expect from the Creator, he is Unity and perfect.

In some other way, the dominant element in the Divine combination 1212 is the symbol of divisions, the symbol of the Universe and it strives to the perfection and harmony.

If you are blessed to see number 12, in any of its combinations and series, you need to know that you are able to choose – all of your activities are giving all choices, since number 12 is the mark of existence.

On a personal level, numeral 12, as the dominant element that appears in its double form, can bring about spiritual difficulties, great temptations and expectations, and because of the possibility of choosing (number 12 is in some way the number of humans, cause it represents their free will, their opportunity to choose and to make an individual choice, even a bad one).

When number 12 brings negative choices, it means that the one and the two are not the ideal pairs; they can come in the conflict area, but like everything, in Angel numerology from conflict things could grow more positively.

As far as spirituality goes number 12 is a very spiritual number, in a sense that it allows people who have this number to be fortunate enough to give help, can use cooperation and success in life.

If we divide 12 into its constitutive elements, we get to number 1 – the symbol of victory and manifestation of dreams and spiritual goals, and number 2 is a symbol of Universal equilibrium, personal harmony, the intuition that can lead to success and a positive approach to life.

So, in one more secretive way, the mystical combination of these two integral vibrations is powerful, and in the life of the people who see this number, it has the purpose of encouraging you to stay focused on your life path and to believe in ourselves in every situation because everything will be played for our benefit.

Number 1212 in Love

Much has been written, recorded and said about the Love dimension of existence and human transition to a new reality where only Love rules, but number 1212 says that this experiencing is not the same for all of us; it has some universal characteristics for which we must be ready, if we want to receive Love into our homes.

Some say that 1212 is the mark for that transition and that it can come into the lives of people, but the timeframe is not relevant, and you will know that Love is entering your dimension when you can feel the Divine frequency is high enough to it matches with the vibration of more dimensions.

This is Divine transition, and it has been planned, as some would say for billions of years and has been happening for several decades. 1212 is the mark and starting point for the beginning of the change, which will continue to develop in all the more noticeable ways, and in time it will accelerate.

The ideal version of Love society is the one where we all live in peace and harmony, we feel unity with life, we completely respect all people and the earth, and love and compassion are the most crucial part of all communication. This does not sound like an Earth, and it is the picture of Heaven, but our task as Human beings is to try to have that in an imperfect place like Earth where injustice and disrespect rule.

To be able to this, we need to believe in Love, and when we do, and then no one will live in fear because they fully believe in Divine power. By having the Highest form of Love, we could easily communicate with Light beings and become part of their world. More importantly, 1212 teaches us that all souls have the right to choose to cross into the Divine Love when their energy becomes sufficiently reliable to be in line with a higher vibration (and you can notice the relevance of vibrations and Angel numbers that are based on the divine vibrations). How will this process look like? You will experience rapid and intense changes, and your body and mind will change according to the needs to move into the Divine Love.

And in the end, you must realise one thing more, and Universal Love is not a place or a destination, it is more a level of awareness that vibrates in a certain way (so reaching it by using Angel numbers/vibrations is a match). The dimension of Universal Love vibrates at a higher level than the one below it, like earthly Love, like between people. In every higher dimension, there is a clearer, more comprehensive picture of reality and a higher level of knowledge, and Angels want people to become the part of that world; in it, we will feel more freedom, strength and we will have more opportunities to create reality.

Amazing Facts about Number 1212

Many interesting stories are connected to the world of number 12, and if you look around you, you will be able to see how much importance it carries for people.

It plays an essential role in humans understanding the time, as our calendar is divided on 12, as well as day (12/12, day and night, and now is the time for reminding on the conflicted nature of the number 12 that we spoke about in previous sections). This equality and division in things that are contradicted can be clearly seen in the nature of number 12- the division of the day, time and space to be clear. The change of the seasons is calculated using the full moon cycle that is also marked by the 12; but also the Sun needs 12 months to complete its annual journey, and we do not need to emphasise the importance of the Sun for all people and its connection with Angels.

In almost all mythology and religion scripts you can find number 12 where it takes the most respected place; it was the representation of all things that are Divine or Supreme in some way. In the Bible, in the New Testament, Jesus gathered around 12 apostles around him. Heavenly Jerusalem has 12 doors, and it is built on 12 foundations – in some other examination, we learn that number 12 is created from three numerals 4, that is the number of integral foundations.

We could go on like this for the day and say that there is virtually no one important script, or religious teaching that does not mention number 12, and it’s Supremacy on all other numbers.

Additionally, number 12 is connected to many astronomical and astrological phenomenon – many of them are defined by 12 like meteors that in specific time cross our sky or Zodiac system of signs that is divided by 12 signs.

Will Angel number 1212 Bring Good Luck to You?

People who are marked by 12 can suffer, as we spoke earlier – they are broken by two extremes – a stable and distinct nature of the number 1 and the constant re-thinking and extreme sensitivity of the 2. To achieve a higher dimension, we must vibrate according to it. Moving from one (primary) level of consciousness to another means that we must be firmly grounded in it as the vibration of the lower one would not drag us back.

But can this message bring us good luck, achievements of our dreams? Yes, it can, and you can be sure about it because Angelic formation that comes into the world of people as the symbol 1212 represents spiritual extension in life and renewal of powers, and it can be manifested through dreams and it can connect us with the awareness of our infinite being.

Angels are advising you in the message 1212 always to keep a positive attitude and focus your thoughts on your ambitions; that climb, as we have said can be seen as a struggle, but you cannot miss any step, you need to go one step at the time for the best results. Every new level is bringing you closer to your soul, and your inner being, and even if you miss out one step, you will eventually have to go back on that level and start over, once again.

Angel number 1212 is the indicator to maintain a positive attitude and a calm and balanced mind, and light beings are saying that you must focus what kind of wishes you send into the Universe.

Angels are saying that you need to be spiritually and emotionally (not just physically) present in everything you do, and all of their messages come into the world of people in the form of predictions have some meaning that you should know. But if you think this number has a special meaning, and if you have seen it somewhere, you can even write it on a piece of paper with you so that you can write your thoughts that consumes you when you are overwhelmed by Angel energy that comes from 1212.

Love yourself, Angels are saying in the message 1212, since we cannot give something that we do not have, and you must love for yourself, so it is necessary for the love of someone else. The more we love ourselves; we will have more appreciation for others because love is only increased by giving. This is the Divine truth that you need to be accepted –  we are all expressions of God, its Universal Energy, he is our Creator, in that case, we would not love ourselves to be the same as saying that God is not worthy of Love.


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