Aries Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Horoscope can reveal so much about our characters and most profound parts of our soul, and as more elements, we know about our natal chart, this picture becomes more evident.

The aspect of Sun and the aspect of the Moon should be understood well so that you have a clear picture of what the meaning for a certain personality.

The Sun in the horoscope represents our vitality, what we strive for; it shows our purpose and our intention in life.

And on the other hand, the Moon represents what we carry with us wherever we go, which are emotions, subconscious minds, past, our habits and the need for security.

Now, in today’s case, we are talking about a personality that has positioned Sun in Aries and the Moon in Taurus Zodiac sign.

How these two elements affect the personality of this human being, read in this article.

Good Traits

For a person who has Sun positioned in the Sun, and Moon in the Taurus sign, you need to know that he is so stubborn, which is why many consider him inflexible, but also practical and realistic.

He is a very persistent person, and no matter how many times he falls, he will grow stronger than ever. The moon in Taurus in the natal chart often indicates an extremely creative personality that in any activity tries to find the opportunity to make even the most ordinary thing a masterpiece.

For this person, if in life there is no adventure, he will shut down because of the strong energy that he has to be expressed. He is aware of himself and his needs; he chooses the shortest way of achieving results.

This person likes to enjoy the fruits of his business engagements with a special emphasis on enjoying the spending of money, and we have to be honest, this human loves comfort and safety in life, even if he will sometimes risk in life.

When this person feels that you have betrayed him in any way, he will not seek revenge (as you may expect from this combination Aries/Taurus), nor will he try to give you back in any way, he will simply forget that you exist.

He is even ready to forgive a lie, but this will not be easy to do if that lie continues, while he knows the truth. His actions are directed toward concrete, realistic and lasting results in life; but he is the one person who knows his potential, and he will achieve his goals with patience and perseverance (Taurus) and his incredible bravery (Aries).

This combination means that this human being needs to manifest itself in a very dynamic way, also means to manifest itself through direct actions; these actions make him impatient, even naive, and impulsive, but always directed to his goals in life.

The Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus makes this person many mistakes in life, but in time he becomes smarter.

Bad Traits

In life and love, this person believes that the work speaks more than words – and he gives a lot, also expect the same thing in return, which is why he often remains disappointed in life.

He does not like when someone hurries or exploits him, or any unexpected changes that may come into their lives. The Taurus aspect in his life allows him to pull some breaks, but in times this can go to the extremes, and this could be the person of paradox – he would want to take some risk and do something adventurous, but he will be frustrated since he would fear of making some changes and jeopardising his stability.

But one thing needs to be said is that in this person negative traits develop without considering the consequences because there are no borders for it, nor does this person sees the danger in it.

There is often an increased need for financial and material security in order to achieve better quality and greater comfort in life, which contributes to making careful, and slower moves in life (unlike for example Aries, in this combination this, the Taurus gives this opportunity).

Aries Sun Taurus Moon in Love

As far as love goes, in his heart, there is an enormous love, as well as the respect of nature and people of the world- if he is smart enough he is grateful for everything he has.

Many people will fall in love with this person who is under the strong impact of both Aries and Taurus sign, but only a few have the privilege of finding their place in his heart. This can often be the cause of his jealousy, possessiveness, but also inexhaustible loyalty.

One of the most important thing when it comes to this human is that you can force him to do anything; he hates this feeling and will never obey these and similar demands.

All of his senses will want this to feel strongly and absorb all the beauty of nature and all the beauty of life itself – this is love for the person who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus. The aesthetic sense is emphasised as well as the enjoyment of beauties in which nature is shown.

In love, he is also an unparalleled hedonist, and when it comes to sensual satisfaction, physical affection in a love relationship has the prime.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

When in a relationship, this person strives toward achieving closer proximity and greater emotional security than many other people in his environment. There is a tendency to achieve love affinity in the long run, and unlike some other Aries people, this one has the tendency toward having one or two serious relationships in life.

Above all, he is ready to give a lot of warmth and tenderness in love with one who carefully chooses.

His temperament can be seen as somewhat difficult, you need a lot of effort and energy to deal with it, but once you do it, it will be difficult to stop loving him.

In some cases, that manifestation of emotions is very cautious and controlled, but this is not the rule, sometimes this seemingly stable character can have unpredictable behaviors in a relationship.

Best Match for Aries Sun Taurus Moon

In love, he will try to prove himself to be a reliable person who does not flee from reality and who is ready to take responsibility in any situation for his actions.

However, sometimes there can be noticeable stubbornness in behavior and decision-making – this person must be with a partner who will let him make decisions in a relationship. Who is this person who can be his match?

Maybe a Cancer partner will fit in this role – when the person who has Sun in Aries and the Moon in Taurus sign and Cancer lover merges, it usually ends with a wedding.

Both lovers are committed to the family, and they are very sensual and deeply sensitive; their actions are directed to hard work for the purpose of achieving their dreams of financial security, along with the lifelong comfort. They value family values and traditions.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

This combination, the Sun in Aries and the Moon position in Taurus Zodiac sign makes this person, a strong human being, who is a true friend for a lifetime.

The Moon in Taurus reveals a person who is family oriented, receptive and has a protective nature that shows the most in their family life and with friends.

And in return, as a true Aries, he wants this attention and love in return. Since the Moon in Taurus is exalted (exhilarated and enthusiastic), many of He likes to be with people who are extremely caring, warm, romantic and gentle beings – in them in life, and in friendships, there is an increased need for a real enjoyment in tuning to close people from his surroundings.


This astrological combination the Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus urges people to challenges, and it gives the opportunity for a breakthrough, self -realisation, and self-certify.

This combination the Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus points to a personality that is conformist and hedonist who attempts to make a masterpiece in almost every situation in his life, and he will do many crazy things to achieve this.

Everything in life, for this person, must be approached with an enormous amount of love and in a very creative way.


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