Sand – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

When we think of the sand, in reality, it is connected to the wilderness and unmanageable land that takes a large space in the planet Earth (but also on some other planets are known to man), but it is also the object known for symbolizing drought, poverty, barren soil.

This is the land that cannot produce anything, and this is the reason that is behind negative connotation.

On the other hand, it could have a meaning of some “softness” and enjoyment when referring to a sandy beach and referring to resting on the coast.

This is an activity that we all love and want to have, and it is the place of pure joy and relaxation, where every trouble can go away.

This symbol can also appear in the realm of the dreams, and as such, we must say these dreams are very hard to interpret.

This comes from the fact that the motive such as sand could appear in a numerous way in a dream.

The Meaning of Sand in Dreams

To look at the dream where the sand is the main symbolism are very implicit and interesting – there are many versions of this dream, they can vary from the joyful dreams where your feet just “sink” in the sand, and depending on whether one dreams of “sand storms” when the sand comes to you and messes up your hair, eyes and even home.

So, if you had a dream where you see the sand is the primary motive – such a dream means that you are a person who is gullible and very naive and that you will soon experience great deception and betrayal by people you trusted and considered friends.

In the version of a dream where you have walked around the place with the sand, and where you have put your feet on the soft and warm sand, such a dream indicates that you are a person who is completely and indecisive and does not have a clear plan or goals in front of you.

Now, one of the very common dreams is the one in which you have sand in your eyes, probably carried with the wind, and such a dream means that you are the person who does not see anything and can be completely blinded, and you do not know where to go.

If in a dream that you are having, there is a lot of sand, and it is everywhere around you – in reality such a dream has the metaphor that you are burdened by some thoughts and problems of the past, and that you are quite upset, and fear that some of your secrets will not be learned and that you will not endanger your present position or the reputation you have with people in your area.

In a dream where you are lying in the sand, in a good way, you are relaxing and enjoying your time on the beach, such a dream signifies  the softness and warmth of the surface beneath you, java has the connotation that you are a person who is very humble and always happy and content, and that you rarely aspire to achieve greater good, which can also be interpreted as your laziness, and a very large lack of motivation or ambition, and not necessarily as a positive and good trait.

There is always the aspect of duality when it comes to the sand as the motive in a dream, just like in real life.

One more version of this dream is the one where you have fallen into the living sand, or you are “buried” in it, such a dream means that you are the person who has amazing health, will live very long (the worse the dream, the better meaning, clearly).

Such a dream also has such a good meaning – it speaks of the fulfillment and satisfaction, which also contributes to “radiate” energy and positivity, and that you are always cheerful and smiling.

The Symbolism of Sand in Dreams

If you dreamed that your environment is full of sand, in reality, these dreams could have symbolism that is related to your business life has the connotation -maybe you are facing very big and good business decisions, and that progress and prosperity await you and that you will realize your ideas and plans much easier than you have expected to do.

If you dreamed of eating sand in the dream (do not be surprised, this is one very common dream), if in this dream you are suffocating from its dryness, and scratching it and “burning” your throat, in reality, such a dream symbolizes carefulness that you have in large quantities.

And this implies to the people from your environment, and you should be careful what and to whom you speak because the people around you are completely or unscrupulous or benevolent when it comes to your life.

But, if the dream depicts you in the sand, where you are having a lot of fun, and you perhaps are making the sand figurines, this, in reality, implies that you tend to fantasize too much and that you are quite the person who is unrealistic and not rational.

Sometimes these dreams are calling you to be better and more rational – everything does not have to be so “beautiful, good and nice” to you, and you need to “get a little” and understand that it’s not all “pink” and that the smallest “wind” can figuratively take all your hard work and effort, and all of a sudden you run out of everything you “made” and acquired.

If in a dream that you are collecting the sand in one pile, such a dream has symbolism and interpretation, which depends on the amount of sand in one place and has been collected in a smaller or larger pile.

If the pile is big, then such a dream symbolizes prosperity. In the case when this pile is small, then such a dream symbolizes that you will not have an abundance of things that you want, like money and material goods.

In the end, if you having a dream where you dream about the house made out of the sand, and you are even living in it, such a dream indicates that in reality, you have achieved some gains or successes in an immoral and illegal way, and that you are quite aware and afraid that everything will collapse all at once and disappear,” and when you least hope so, you repent that you were dishonest and that you have taken the easy and necessary path to achieving your goal.

Do I have to be worried?

These dreams are very relevant in the deeper understanding of your life, and in that sense, you must know what they mean – they could have a positive and negative aspect to them, depending on the circumstances of your dream.

In those dreams where the sand is comfortable, and you are having fun it, such a dream could have an alternate dimension – you are just wasting your time and energy, because you are not making any progress, or achieving meaningful results and any progress.

Your life energy should be directed to some other place, a place that will give you bigger rewards.

In reality, these and similar dreams indicate that you are completely unaware of the mistakes you are making and that you fail to see the obstacles that lie ahead realistically.

You are already good-natured, and you trust those you consider friends, and you are “blind” to the warnings of dear persons, to stay away from bad company, so in the end, you will suffer greatly, and all because of your stubbornness and too much vanity.

In some cases, and here is the worrying part – these dreams that have a central motive is the sand can signify problems with the people who are close to you.

They will recapture you either the position or power you have, or they will quit and easily “take” all the money you have earned, on the pretext that they will provide you with more, and will essentially deceive you, and you will fall into difficulty the financial crisis, and completely impoverish you and fight for your existence.

What to do if I had this dream?

A dream in which you have collected sand in one pile has symbolism and interpretation, which depends on the amount of sand in one place and has been collected in a smaller or larger pile.

This will show what you must do in the future – if the pile is big, then you can expect the abundance if the pile is small, then losses are on your way.

In the first case, prepare yourself for prosperity, accomplishment, wealth, happiness and success in all areas of your life.

In other case, prepare yourself for the big financial problems and losses, and that you do not try and commit enough, so that either you can lose your job, or that the project will on which you have worked for a long time, to be assigned to someone who is more capable and valuable than yourself.

All in all, we will say that the dream about the sand, where it is a great motive that carries significant meaning, and they must be interpreted in a serious way.

Always pay attention to details of this dream – it can be, just like in reality, a dream that brings good symbolism and the dream that brings negative connotation (or warning, as some like to say).

But do not be scared; there are many ways to improve your life.


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