Dreams about Shoes – Interpretation and Meaning

Shoes are something we wear almost every day and it is not unusual to have a dream about them. But, in certain situations in our dreams, symbols like shoes can be over exaggerated to the point, when we think that this symbol can’t be coincidental.

We will list few of the most interesting examples of dreams about shoes and the secret meaning behind them, so that you can have a better understanding of your dreams.

Dream about a dirty shoe

If you had a dream about a dirty shoe, then this dream means you might be surrounded by enemies that are out to get you.

They have been plotting against you for a while and thinking about different ways to make your life hell, so be careful around others and don’t give out to much information because you might end up in trouble.

Dream about buying shoes

If you were buying shoes in your dream, then this dream represents changes that are about to happen in your life. You might be forced to move away or you might change your job and surroundings.

These changes could also be linked to the people around you and relationships in your life.

Some things are going to get different, and you could be disappointed or happy about these changes, depending on your current life.

If you are currently happy with your life, then these changes could be bad from your point of view and if you are not happy, then these changes might be what you have been waiting for.

Dream about wearing new shoes

If shoes on your feet were new and polished, then this dream represents wealth. You might end up winning the lottery and scoring a huge prize.

In any case you will have a lot of luck when it comes to money and prizes, so make sure you use this lucky period the right way.

You should also think about starting new business ideas, because everything you get into will have a successful outcome so don’t stray away from trying new things.

Dream about black shoes

If shoes on your feet were black, then this dream represents an important change that has happened in your life and made everything different.

This change came out of nowhere, but it ended up being the best thing that has ever happened to you.

This dream could also be a representation of an important event that will take place very soon, that has a great deal of importance for you.

Make sure you don’t miss this event and be there to get to know people who might be important for you later on in life.

Dream about losing a shoe or shoes

Dream about losing a shoe represents relationship problems with your partner.

You might get into a fight about something that is not that important, but it might hurt your partner deeply that you feel this way.

This dream could also represent a relationship with someone who is not your romantic partner, but your family member or someone else close to you.

You will have problems communicating and making significant progress in your relationship, so it is best to let the heat cool down and talk to this person again after a while.

Dream about stolen shoes

If your shoes were stolen in your dream, then this dream represents a loss you might go through in life, that will completely change your outlook on life.

This loss could be financial or emotional, but in both cases you will learn how to deal with things in a whole completely different way than you did before.

Dream about ladies shoes

If shoes in your dream were meant for a woman, then this dream represents a discomfort you will feel, after meeting someone for the first time.

This discomfort will appear on its own and there will be no particular reason to dislike this person, but you will still feel this way.

Dream about worn out shoes

If shoes in your dream were worn out, then this dream represents a future trip you might take to an unknown destination.

Maybe you have been planning to go on this trip for a while, and you will get the perfect chance to visit this place you have been dreaming of, for such a long time.

Dream about muddy shoes

If your shoes were covered in mud, then this dream represents you might be led into an awkward situation that will be caused by someone close to you.

This situation will be difficult for you and the other person that is involved.

Dream about wet shoes

If shoes in your dream were wet, then this dream represents lies that might be coming from your enemies. These lies will be placed deliberately to hurt your reputation and your status within your company or in your personal life.

You won’t be able to escape these rumors or lies, and that will be extremely stressful for you. If they are, indeed, lies then the truth will come out eventually. But, if these stories weren’t lies, then you should have been more careful around other people and kept your actions and words to yourself.

Dream about ugly shoes

If the shoes in your dream were ugly, then this dream represents gossips or stories that might hurt your reputation. These stories will be difficult to fight against, since they could be true.

Probably, your actions or words that were directed to someone, weren’t okay and now you might get a punishment for behaving the way you did. Next time, be more careful and don’t trust anyone who looks or acts suspiciously.

Dream about wearing your shoes the wrong way

If your shoes switched places on your feet, then this dream is a representation of a fight or argument you might have gotten into or could get into in the upcoming period.

This fight could bring out ugly information about you or someone else close to you, and you won’t be able to respond properly to this. Keep low for a while and don’t say anything you might regret later on.

Dream about sparkly shoes

If shoes in your dream were shiny and sparkly, then this dream represents a physical pleasure you might get very soon.

This doesn’t have to be something romantic, it could even mean that you will finally devote more time to exercise or simply have a spa day just for yourself.

Dream about white shoes

If shoes in your dream were white, then this dream represents a possible marriage that is coming closer to you. This marriage doesn’t have to be linked to you directly, and it could represent an upcoming wedding of someone who is close to you.

You might get a chance to be a maid of honor or best man, to someone who is very dear to you.

Dream about black shoes

On the other hand, if shoes in your dream were black, then this dream represents misunderstandings with people who are close to you.

They will try to make you feel bad about something, or they might attack you for no reason at all, just because they understood a certain situation the wrong way.

This dream could also be a warning about a possible fight you might get into with your partner, about something that has been a problem in your relationship for a long time.


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