Aquarius Woman – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

The Aquarius Zodiac is an air sign, but unlike other female airborne characters, Aquarius is not a “gentle breeze”. It is a storm that is filled with internal force, which can be a bit daunting when first introduced.

If you are not afraid of the storm and you are familiar with it, you will realise that it is a smart, independent and original person who has a lot to offer. Many Aquarius people have a broad, visionary, and humanitarian approach to life, and are not understood well in their environment.

The Aquarius Zodiac sign represents the person who has a big heart and is always ready to help, whether it’s a financial, emotional or any other type of help.

And the same thing can also be said for the Aquarius woman, she is someone who has a very good in her heart, gentle, so it can be said that she has a beautiful soul.

Read more about her characteristics in love and generally in her personal relationships, and make your own judgment of who this lady truly is.

Best Traits

We need to observe this lady in some realistic way, and we will start by saying that the Aquarius woman lives for some sort of sublime goal, she tends to achieve such a state of life in which she would have enough money to subdue some of her needs, which would not include any luxury, because it does not do it.

Everything else that is more meaningful for this woman she will successfully balance through family, friends and everything that is her true priority in life.

The Aquarius lady is always dealing with the jobs she loves, no matter how these jobs do not bring the ideal situation through finances, she is the one woman that needs to love so that she can work, and money is not any motivation to her. It will be difficult for her to change her profession, only because of higher earnings, this is not relevant for this lady, and we must say that more important than financial stability is the fact that the Aquarius lady works the business that she loves.

Part of her attraction lies in its inexhaustibility and discontent – it is often difficult to understand this woman, but this is because Aquarius woman is always doing what she wants. For her stereotypes are not an option, and it is virtually impossible to put her in a mould because she stares from social rules and norms. She always works on her own and does not like her when others tell her what to do.

The Aquarius lady is usually very talented for art, especially for creative work and for everything that needs to be created by “hands”. She has a huge ability to visualise and easily transmit what she has in her mind. She is very imaginative and prone to dreaming.

Internally, this is the woman whose emotions are everything to her, and she lives for emotions and for some kind of happiness that in the world does not have to have anything to do with material nature. How rare is this? Very rare, and if you know any Aquarius lady, you would know that she is all about giving and receiving emotions, more diverse, the better.

She can easily trace her path, according to her own wishes and in accordance with her needs, and this woman is capable of understanding what is that that she truly needs and wants in life, she can detect this without making any mistake.

Worst Traits

In the earlier section of this piece, we spoke about the fact that the Aquarius lady can detect her wishes and needs, but there is one catch, other people will not understand and support her, although we must say that this woman would never change her mind.

As far as her other flaws come, we could say that the Aquarius lady can sometimes show certain negligence at work(in life, she can neglect some parts of her life, if she feels like that is what she needs to do).

Also, the lady Aquarius can show poorly expressed interest in her own or someone else’s property (and the repayment of debt), and many people see this as a true form of disrespect.

In some deeper introspection, we could say that this lady who is born in Aquarius Zodiac sign can show some unrest that governs her, sometimes she is in the bohemian phase, where she will neglect the reality as it is, and make many problems for herself.

Sometimes, even she can become prone to losing property, even gambling, cause for her the material good is not relevant. The Aquarius woman is, as some would see her, as such, one lady that will show an incredible amount of vanity that she has a problem in changing.

Aquarius Woman in Love

For the Aquarius woman, many things in life are just one game, where she would want to set her own rules.  And for this woman, the most important thing in life, and the most important game in life is the game of love.

The Aquarius woman always plays the game by setting her own rules and always plans her moves and never skips them. Love is fun for the Aquarius lady, and she will never let her partner be bored while he is with her – but we should all be aware of one thing, and that is the fact that this approach does not mean that the woman Aquarius easily falls in love.

On the contrary, for Aquarius woman takes some time for it to be able to bind and gain confidence in someone, and opening and showing love is a slow task for this lady.

Some even say that this woman could be described by the words difficult to love, so her lovers must be prepared for the challenges that she will put in front of him. For her, good communication is the key to a successful romance, and she is able to rationalise every emotion. But the road to her heart can be very long, and it can be very difficult, but the rewards are enormous.

Love for the lady Aquarius means that she needs to be free and independent; this woman values very much if her lover allows her to be who she is. She seeks independence from her partner, but he also gives this independence in return. Her ideal partner must be an intelligent person who can understand her versatility.

The Aquarius lady is sophisticated, humane and sometimes weird in love; she is the one that knows the human psyche well and easily read the other person’s character. She instinctively predicts events because she has a very intense intuition, but she can be at the same time complicated in love, and totally incomprehensible to partners. Sometimes she surprises others by her actions since she has a rich imagination.

Aquarius Woman in a Relationship

If you want to win over a woman who is born in the Aquarius Zodiac sign, you will need to show her very clearly and directly that you care and that she will not make the wrong choice if she decides to be with you. If she does not get enough confidence in you as a friend, it’s hardly possible for the relationship to arise at all.

This woman is not prone to romance or adventure, because she wants to live in a true fairy tale in love, which will be perfect and will last forever -the Aquarius woman is an idealist. In each of her partners, this interesting lady sees the prototype of their future wife, and she does not want to be just one of many, she wants to be the one. One, very interesting aspect is that the Aquarius woman is empowered by strong men, but not suppressed in any way, shape or form.

In the end, this woman wants to be loyal and demands loyalty from her lovers; and in relationships, she is quite exhausting and unpredictable. There is no doubt that when she opens up to a lover, she can be open, spontaneous, communicative, a lover that is looking for an adventure. She can then show how emotional she is, but to her relationship become long-term her partners must value her freedom.

Sometime the Aquarius lady will put on the features that she wants to fascinate with a partner because with intuition she can find out his secret wishes. Sometimes she is an opportunist when falls in love because the Aquarius lady cannot bear the feeling that she has to surrender with her whole being.

Best Match for Aquarius Woman

Space and freedom are most needed traits for a lady Aquarius to be in a relationship with someone. The person who wants to be with her must give her a place and look out for her to behave traditionally in the house. She’s a little rebellion in love, and her perfect relationship is with someone who loves her the way she is. The ideal partners for Aquarius are, above all others the Sagittarius, and Aries lover.

With the Aries lover, the Aquarius woman can enjoys, since this love connection is and must be based on trust, sincerity and attention that both lovers must show all the time. The obstacle may be the need for Aquarius woman to be constantly surrounded by something different, new and innovative, and the Aries lover may find this weird and exhausting.

So, in this relationship, the Aries lover should adapt to her way of life and start to enjoy in whatever she may give him, because it will be unique in any case. In the eyes of Aquarius woman, these two are a perfect match since both are powerful and strong personalities.

The other suitable lover for the Aquarius woman can be the Sagittarius lover, and many astrologers agree that this represents one of the best connections in the Zodiac. Sagittarius lover and Aquarius woman are well understood and respect each other completely; all of this gives good results for the future- If both of them succeed and continue doing so, and they are getting closer and closer, so the beautiful future is there. Both are adventurers, they are free and dream of ideal love – this truly sounds like a perfect connection that can last.

Aquarius Woman as a Friend

You need to know one thing right away, the Aquarius woman gives the impression of a person who is a friend with absolutely everyone that is in her life, and she is in good relations with many people, but she never gets too close to them. She is one reserved friend that you never know that she loves you; you can just see this in her unselfish deeds.

In fact, the Aquarius woman rarely allows people to get too close to her, and she will do anything in her power to do so, she will go beyond anyone who could imagine. She can be a little reserved when it comes to her real feelings, and you will see that her circle of friends is much smaller than it seems, but she is loyal to them to a grave, and she can instinctively feel what her friends need.

Generous and always ready to help, the Aquarius woman associates with people who are intellectual and independent as they are, and no one who is short-sighted can be close to her, let alone her good friend.

The Aquarius woman is the lady that values the price of the right of friendship, and therefore she has a couple of extremely loyal friends.

Aquarius Woman as a Mother

What kind of mother is the Aquarius woman? Is she close or is she a loving kind? She is all of that rolled into one – the Aquarius woman is a very sociable parent who knows how to show her children the bright side of life and will point out the creative part of the upbringing.

She is a mother that will be very engaged and open with her children, but sometimes she will act a bit cold and reserved as far as the emotions go.

So she can be limited in this sense and can be the one mother that will alienate others from her children believing that she is the only one that her children need in life, and we will add that this approach is very negative.

In the end, for the mother Aquarius, there are no rules that she will follow but the ones that she will write. She finds the best model in the creative chaos, and with her, kids are never bored. In general, she looks at life as one great adventure, and she wants her children to feel all the charms of that kind of life. Her kids need to become immune to the unexpected – she does not try to tie herself to her children.

Often, she is warm-cold, and her children need to be aware that their mother loves them intensely, but sometimes she does not show this.

The Aquarius mother sees her motherhood as one great journey, one amazingly beautiful world that finally takes root. Be careful, however, to save your “self” after childbirth. Do everything you did before you became a mother.


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