Dreams about Funerals – Interpetation and Meaning

Dreams about funerals are not something we want to have. They distress us and make us uncomfortable in our sleep, even if it’s a funeral in general. We can often dream about our own funeral or maybe of someone close to us, but we don’t really know the meaning behind it.

We will try to bring this subject close to you and answer any questions you might have about funerals in dreams.

Dream about a funeral in general

This dream, surprisingly, has a positive meaning. You will probably receive an award for your good behavior or for your good work.

If you started a new project recently you might get a big praise for it and funds for your project as well.

Being an innocent bystander makes you safe from all the negativity that a funeral represents and bad luck will definitely avoid you.

Your family and your relationship with your partner will be better than ever, so simply sit back and enjoy these prosperous times.

Dream about a funeral on a sunny day

Even though this dream is about funeral, it doesn’t have a bad meaning. You will have a lot of luck on your side and everything you start doing will be successful.

Make sure to use this period, especially business-wise, to boost your job opportunities and firm your current position.

Dream about a funeral on a rainy day

This is the time to be very cautious. You should be extra careful about things you do and things you say. Your actions and words can harm someone badly and you won’t be able to make it good again.

Be careful with your business projects as well because they might end up being ruined or unsuccessful.

Dream about a stranger’s funeral

If you had a dream about a funeral of a stranger whom you have never seen before, this means you will have problems communicating with others.

Be careful around your colleagues on work and try not to say anything that could insult someone or hurt them.

Dream about a funeral bell

Dream about a funeral bell represents a sign of tragic news you will soon hear from someone or somewhere. This might be related to your relatives sudden death or news about someone suddenly getting sick.

News could also be related to your job or new project you have started.

Dream about your own funeral

Even though it might be stressful for you to have this dream, it actually has a positive meaning. You will have good luck on your side.

Everything you start in this period will end up being successful and all of your relationships will be working just the way they were supposed to.

Happiness and joy will follow you wherever you go and everything you do will be praised. This is a good period to start a new project and focus on making it work.

Dream about someone who died being on the funeral

This dream has a positive meaning. Even though that person is no longer alive, her or his presence on the funeral represents that you will soon hear great news about a wedding or a newborn in your family.

Good news might even come from your supervisor or your boss, and they will be related to your projects or working position.

You will have a lot of luck in the upcoming period so you should use this period to advance in every field of life. Relationships with other people and your friends and family will be great and everything will be going according to plan.

Dream about a lavish funeral

This dream has a positive meaning. You can expect a large amount of money coming your way or big news related to something important to you.

You will hear good news about your friends and family and you will be extremely happy about it.

Financially, this period will be very important to you so make sure you use it wisely. The larger the funeral was and the more people you had a dream about, the bigger your income will be.

Dream about a modest funeral

This dream is opposite to the previous one. You will experience misfortune regarding your financial situation and your work projects might end up failing. You will also have bad communication with people around you, especially with your colleagues.

You might also be late regarding your payments and bills and all of this will affect your productivity and will to try harder.

Keep in mind that situations like these are normal and you need to learn how to handle them.

Dream about a funeral (for those in love)

If you are in love and in relationship or marriage, then this dream represents news you will hear about your partner. It doesn’t actually have a positive meaning, so you will probably hear news that will upset you or make you sad.

Perhaps your partner was hiding some things from you and you now feel betrayed and let down. If the relationship is strong, you will be able to overcome these problems that have come up and if it’s not, then you are better off alone.

Dream about a funeral of a famous person

This dream represents changes that will soon come your way. They might be related to your current job position or simply to life in general. You might move somewhere far away or your overall outlook on life might change, due to certain things that will happen.

Change is not always good but it is not bad either. Whatever happens, stay on track and tackle on changes with a positive attitude.

Dream about a funeral in procession

This dream has a negative meaning. You will probably be consumed with negative emotions in the upcoming period and you won’t be able to run away from them. Every bad mood has its origin, so try to find out what is causing this storm of bad emotion and how you can help yourself.

This condition won’t last too long, so keep your head up and chase that bad mood away with help from your friends and family.


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