Personality Number 8 – Meaning in Numerology

Numbers are present everywhere around us; they can help us to understand the world and the people around us. Today we will pay attention to a special theme called numerology. We are sure that you have heard about numerology that is the science in which you can learn about number. It helps us understand the meaning of the numbers but also their role.

As we have already said the numbers have quite a few roles, they are all around us and help us to orient ourselves in time and space, help us to establish communication with other people, but there is another side of these numbers that help us to understand our personality, our emotions, needs, but to understand other people and their feelings.

Numerology has been known to people since ancient times, it is a specific science, in its theory each number carries a special energy and each number contains messages that can help us to build a good way of life.

According to this science, every person is believed to have their own personal number, a number that is determined by the date of birth or some other characteristics. If you have a personal number 8 then you should read this article and understand the fact that it can help us understand life and discover the way of life.

Life-path of people whose personal number is number 8

People who are born or who have strong relation with the number 8 are different then the other people, they are strong, committed to work and their obligations, and they are very persistent.

This number have special role when it comes to making a life decisions, if people with this number need to make decision that can change their life they will be strong and they will think clearly.

This number has a strong energy that will positively impact on the people; this energy will bring positive thoughts and emotions.

People in this number often have difficult life and sometimes they can make bad choices, but this number advises them to be strong, never to give up and to be persistent.

People who are born in this number will always face with problems, they will never give up or run away, they will be strong and no matter what happened they will be calm and find solution that can help them.

Every person should be aware that each problem has a solution, and that every problem can be solve, you just need to have confidence and you need to believe in yourself, if you are sure that you can success and that you can achieve your goals then there is nothing what you cannot make or achieve.

People in this number can also be stubborn, this can be positive and negative characteristic, also these people have many different talents and abilities, but if they want to use their talents and to make advantage of them then they need to be strong, they need to develop their talents, and use them.

People born in this issue find themselves in the sphere of science; they can be good mathematicians, physicists, chemists and economists. They are excellent in finances and usually good entrepreneurs so they often open their firms and smaller companies.

Number 8 put accent on the business area, that is why people who are born in this numbers can be successful and they easily achieve their goals.

This number characterizes people who are ambitious, hard working and who love competitions.

You can always count on these people, they are great friends and they are always there when someone needs help. The truth is that sometimes they can be stubborn and they do not like to listen to other people. People with this number are honest and loyal, they are true friends and you can always count on them.

Positive sides of people whose personal number is number 8:

Each number has its own positive and negative characteristics. People whose personal number is 8 are strong, persistent, and they are hard workers. They never give up, and if they want to accomplish something then they will be on their way until they achieve success.

People with this number have the potential to be successful, they are mostly in high positions, and they do the jobs that make them happy and satisfied. They are ambitious and always have some goals ahead of them, they never give up if they have imagined something and they will do everything just to solve problems.

People with this number appreciate their family and friends and they give them a lot of attention. They are traditionally trained. They want to dream, to travel, to meet new people and new cultures. They have a lot of friends, but they are aware that not all of them are honest, because of that they are only surrounded by people they trust, and they are surrounded only by the people who will never let them down.

They love the truth, and they will always say what they think, so they do not like to gossip about other people. They are very capable and have a lot of talents, they are confident and do not like to rely on other people. 

Negative sides of people whose personal number is number 8:

In addition to the positive, each number has negative characteristics. When we talk about people with personal number 8, then we have to note that they have many negative traits. It is true that they are sincere, loyal; that they are good friends and that they do not like to gossip about other people.

However, they can also be very cruel and sometimes they do not pay much attention to the efforts of other people, so they often build up cold and business relationships with other people. People often criticize them because they neglect their family because of their business responsibilities.

Their main motto in life is business success; also this motto is their life path.  They are sometimes willing to sacrifice their free time, family, friends only to succeed and achieve their goals.

In addition to this people with personal numbers 8 often can be critical to others; they do not value the work of other people and cannot rely on other people.

They often do not value the work of other people and because of that they can be cruel to them. They have a high opinion about themselves, they think that they are superior and have a lot of talent in comparison to other people. They are full of self-confidence and trust in themselves, they are convinced that no one can be better than them. 


As we have already said for people with this number work is everything and they believe that it is their way of life.

They are very successful in their work, aware that they cannot achieve success easily and because of this they are ready to work hard, they are disciplined, organized and dedicated to their obligations.

They are willing to give up everything to achieve their goals. They believe in themselves and they are confident, they believe that they can achieve success if they stick to their principles.


People whose personal number is 8 have good health.  Their only problem is weight; they enjoy in food and drink so they can sometimes overdo it. People with this number are advised to maintain their weight, to eat healthy food and to deal with physical activity.


When it comes to love people with this number are sensitive and emotional, they have strong feelings, but their main problem is to express them. They are very shy, that is why their problem is much bigger.


People who are born in this number and whose personal number is 8 are:

Rihanna (famous singer and actress), Jessica Simpson (famous actress), Barak Obama (the former USA president)…

We also need to mention that this number has many mysteries and many musical bands, songs, and films are named by this number.


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