Sun Sextile Pluto

Even if you do not know horoscope so well, all of us have heard all about the aspects between the ruling planets and how they affect our lives in general.

If that aspect is positive, we have a good opportunity to change our lives for the better, and if it is negative, we will have trouble to make things as we want.

This piece is dedicated to the aspect of Sun Sextile Pluto, and we will deal with the people who have this aspect in their natal charts.

Maybe the best words to describe this position is the sentence -something “had to die in order for something new to be born.”

This is the aspect that encourages people to renew and purify in the way they have never before.

So if we need to let go or leave something and it is a change, and all that we will say is connected to this idea.

General Traits

The Sun here is the representation of our energy source, our will, our ego, vitality and the Pluto provides the intuitive, compassionate, creative, mysterious, romantic aspect – so here in sextile (collaboration) with Pluto (he is the master of the underworld and everything below the surface, hidden either intentionally or subconsciously) produces the strength of change, renewal, and above the process of regeneration.

The Sun illuminates the paths and enlightens the soul, and Pluto usually acts out of some of its darkness, emitting that famous corrupt power, overwhelming the devil until it seizes the soul.

But combining these two are compatible, and they give so much to the people who have them. Here are some names that have this position, and if you read their biographies a bit, you will see how their destiny is interesting, sad, disturbing, but also bright and extraordinary.

Famous people with the Sun Sextile Pluto position: Albert Einstein, Diana Princess of Wales, Audrey Hepburn, William Shakespeare, Bob Dylan, Sophia Loren, Alfred Hitchcock, Leonard Cohen, Diego Maradona, Marcel Proust, Ingrid Bergman.

Good aspects

If we want to speak of the good aspect that the Sun sextile Pluto gives, is that this combination is very desirable to have because they give a powerful personality to overcome problems, the courage to face the things that would not even make them feel the pain, the charisma that favors them in so many ways, even if they are not physically so beautiful, the possibility of independence, the fearlessness to in the midst of the worst problems, enormous energy and the ability to overcome all crises, and to overcome illnesses and even get out of the deathbed.

This is one combination that provides the person who has them to overcome all problems, and he or she does it in a way that he or she thinks of all aspects of a problem and think of all operations that need to be done.

To the positive side of this connection, which in the natal of an individual gives leaders, healthy motives, people who can be counted on at any moment, is that they attempt to learn more from someone else’s experience, then from their own, but it is not always an easy task.

If you have it in your natal, it will certainly enhance your leadership at a more significant level in your area of ​​being.

This aspect gives the people the power to impose themselves because they have great power, concentration, self-control, they know what and when to say and do it while being very responsible.

This position of the Sun and the Pluto is characterized by strong individuals who achieve enormous success in their work that are unusual and carry great power: secret organizations, high politics, military functions, and even people who choose dangerous professions.

Bad Traits

These are the people who want to have a clear vision of what is about to come in their lives right now, even if they are able to compare such ideal to help others.

But this is not something that could always be achieved, and they need to admit that they need help to create an action plan to improve your quality of life.

On a bad day, these people may struggle to criticize others, but this is a bad side of an aspect that rarely happens and if you are part of it.

The problem occurs when these people are not able to keep things in a perspective, and it is true that an ideal situation may push you forward – but you cannot go towards the ideal.

The Sun sextile Pluto is the aspect that drives them towards truth and essence and always remains out of reach, so they may seem for others distant, bad, even evil, just because they are mysterious.

The best thing they can do is to align actions, so they can be actualized through the manifestation of their visions.

But there is no peace here, and they will constantly be questioning whether they have made the right move. This is one more thing, and these people are always questioning did they make a right move, were they wrong or right, etc. It is tormenting.

Pluto and the Sun are bringing so much power – in this case, it could be tempting but also dangerous, unless we know how to handle it.

These people must not place themselves in the role of God, but be in agreement with Him (that power that is beyond us in every aspect).

Do not exert power over the weaker, do not feel like they are the strongest, those who tread all before you to reach the goal because they never know what awaits at the end of the journey.

Love Matters

These are the people who have a desire to be alone, even if they with someone in a serious relationship – they would be completely happy if they could spend time alone to full the batteries.

It may be hard for their lovers to understand that these people want to take some time for themselves, and to be alone for a while – solitude for reflection.

With the energy of the Pluto, these are the people who have the ability to transform something drastically in their lives -they must change and regenerate so they can love deeply.

The energy of this sextile offers the path and power of healing, primarily through psychoanalysis, or any form of inner-observation.

This energy also leads to the fulfilment of some of the most hidden and deepest desires, and in their case, they could be really dark.

The Sun has primacy in all of us, and it is our heart, our human dignity, glory, honour, love.

Therefore, any recourse to the self from that brighter side, and by denying every disturbing aspect with the willpower, will not harm, as well as anyone around them – so in love, their lovers seem to suffer more, but in fact, they are just not showing it, and they are suffocating on their own.

Work Matters

It is said that this sextile is good since it provides the energy of the need for success in all areas of life – this is the energy that will help you solve some enigma, mystery, secret.

This is also the energy of leadership! The energy of influencing those who are in a working relationship, but these are also the people who are fighting for power, self-affirmation, superiority, so if you are one of them be careful, and do not use these aspects of your personality too often.

Whatever happens in their lives, they will emerge as winners – they are great characters who are entrusted with the power of leadership, and they must go on to every universal good.

The main thing, regarding work, these people must understand is the fact that they must be able to focus and to initiate change at least to start the change process.

In some cases, these people could make careers in a way that they rise from the ashes and make a new career brighter than ever before, or they can ruin their career in a matter of seconds.

Their words and actions will encourage others to respond to the given situation.

No wonder, because these people instil confidence, and that is why people follow their streams, which do not deviate from the source of conception of the human race.


It is certain that this is one very powerful aspect, and that these people are able to get into the period of rethinking, strengthening the will and power is ahead, which is nice if we hold on to positive intentions for the sake of the common good.

One advice for them will be that they should not lose sight of the fact that the greatest blessings come from the battle when we conquer ourselves.

This is the field of purpose, seriously calling those who have Sun sextile Pluto aspect to spiritual rebirth and education, so they can live for peace and freedom.

Don’t let black thoughts drag you into your abysses of indignation, answering criticism weapons of discontent at anyone who is not by our will, cause not everyone could be at your will and as you have imagined them.

Focus on the nicer side of your personality, balance your body and soul as much as you can. Restrain passionate urges, no matter how powerful you are with Pluto’s energy, and it is the victory that can cost a lot. Learn to strengthen self-control.

Reassess yourself and look at your long-term goals and see if your daily rituals are pointing you in the right direction.

If yes, great, but if you do not know, then ask yourself what you need to change in yourself to correct your influence.

Pluto will gladly lend its transformative powers in its path and endeavour, since he is the so-called generation planet, and for the most part, we feel it on a global scale.

However, the influence of Pluto on the personal, individual level of each of us should not be underestimated. He, on a personal level, mostly asks us for change – a definite change!

In order for transformation to occur, it sometimes takes something to collapse, destroy, to make room for new energy, for something new and different.

Trust in the support the stars are giving you, supporting you to persevere despite obstacles. Take the step and continue the way you went, the way the Sun walk.

Let it shine your path, and use all the transformative power from the Pluto to do some good in this life, and to leave some mark in this world; do not be scared to do so, even if the process will be painful to the core.

Some of us have a big burden to carry, and this is a given, but how you will act and what kind of impact will you leave could be even better.


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