Dreams about Demons – Interpretation and Meaning

This is another dream none of us wants to have. These dreams are scary, uncomfortable and stressful. We will probably wake up in the middle of this dream and try to forget about it as soon as possible, but is there any mythical meaning in this dream or is it just a product of our imagination.

We will list some of the most common situations you can dream about and their meanings.

Dream about a demon in general

Dreams about demons are a negative sign overall. This is especially important if the dreams keep on happening over and over again.

They usually represent a negative set of mind or negativity that is affecting the dreamer and that is coming from an outside source.

Dream about a demon (for a man)

If you are a man and you had this dream, then this means you need to be more persuasive and powerful.

Perhaps you a little bit weak and you don’t know how to confront certain things in your life.

You need to find strength in you to fight all the bad things that happen to you and make you feel bad.

This might even be linked to a man’s relationship with women. He might be scared of them or often rejected by them because he doesn’t know how to present himself as a powerful and strong man.

Dream about a demon transforming into a human

This dream represents our inner self-centered and selfish wishes. This dream paints our inner most secret traits and characteristics that we don’t want to show to others. We keep them locked inside and fight them with all means.

This dream might even be linked to our boss or other authority figure in our life who often tortures us or makes us feel bad.

Dream about a demon chasing you

This dream is one of the more uncomfortable ones. If you had a dream about a demon chasing you, then you might be concerned about something in your life. This problem is stressing you out additionally and you don’t know how to deal with it.

You might have done something to break the law or something that will cause you to be punished severely, and now you feel guilt and fear at the same time.

Dream about being possessed by a demon

If you had a dream about being possessed a demon, then you could experience something bad that will be caused by other people.

You might end up being hurt by someone’s words or actions intentionally. You will be very hurt by this person and betrayed at the same time because you didn’t expect for this to happen.

Dream about talking to a demon

If you had this dream, then you might be a victim of a fraud or betrayal. You might be tricked by someone into doing something forbidden and against the law. This will cause you a lot of damage and you might end up being responsible even though you had good intentions.

You should be careful with your actions and beware of suspicious people in your surroundings. If something looks suspicious to you, then stay away from it by all means.

Dream about being loyal to a demon

This dream represents change in your workplace. You might get a new boss or you might experience certain changes in your business environment.

You were already suspecting that this will happen and you won’t be very surprised by it.

Dream about dancing with a demon

This dream represents power you will have on other people.

You might be upgraded to a higher position on your job or you might acquire a higher social status.

This dream has a very positive aspect and you will have a lot of luck in your social and business endeavors.

This is the right time to take action and start a new project because all of your hard work will definitely pay off.

Dream about feeding a demon

This dream has a very negative connotation. It means the dreamer will soon die by a natural cause or by an accident. If the dreamer had a dream about other people feeding the demon, then this means they will die.

Not a pleasant dream to have at all and we can surely list this into the nightmare category.

Dream about a demon (for women)

If you are married and you had this dream, then you probably have some issues in your marriage with your spouse. You might be having problems that are distracting you from the real problems and you can’t seem to resolve them.

If you are not married, then this might reflect on your current relationship with your boyfriend or someone you are romantically involved with. You might be submissive to them and taking on more burden than you should.

Dream about killing a demon

This dream has a positive meaning and you will be able to complete some project you have been working on and all of them will be extremely successful.

This is the right moment to start doing something new because your plans will definitely be successful.

Dream about a demon when you are sick

This dream doesn’t have a positive meaning. If you are sick and you had this dream, then make sure to check in with your doctor to examine your condition.

This dream might be a sign that your condition is getting worse and you need to be careful and ready to take on any bad news.

Dream about a demon in water

This dream is again negative and it represents that you might be a victim of a horrific crime or maybe you will experience a crime done by someone.

You need to be careful around strangers and ready to do the right thing.

Dream about your family member being possessed by a demon

This dream represents a possible negative energy inside your family. You might be fighting with someone from your family because of something and you now transfer these feelings to your dreams. This dream is making you remember everything you did and possibly did wrong so that you can now fix it.

There is nothing more important than your family and you need to take care of these relationships because bonds with your family members are something very valuable.

Dream about several demons

This dream represents deep emotional and psychological issues that you might be having at the moment. You are burdened by something very serious and you don’t know how to deal with it.

In order for these nightmares to stop, confront your problems and make them go away by not letting them take over your whole life.

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