Dreams about a Divorce – Interpretation and Meaning

Divorce is another heartbreaking and painful situation we sometimes go through. Unlike a regular split from our partner, we now usually have children and much more between us and our partner which makes it even harder to face the fact that it is actually happening.

But unlike reality, dreams are often something completely different.

Our emotions and fears take over us when we dream, and we often implement those feelings and emotions into our dreams.

There is also a symbolic meaning to every dream and we will list some of the most common situations we can dream about in the following article.

Dream about divorce in general

Dreaming about divorce can be caused by a lot of things.

Sometimes we experience pressure in our marriage in reality, so those feelings and pressure get transferred into our dreams.

We are very stressed in our marriage in reality and we actually think about divorce often when we are not dreaming.

In this case it is important to talk to your partner and tell them what is bothering us. Every problem has a solution and when we are in a marriage we shouldn’t let small things to get in our way to happiness. If problems are serious, then maybe your dream about divorce might actually be your deepest wish.

Dream about initiating a divorce

If you had a dream about initiating a divorce, then you are definitely not happy with your current relationship.

Maybe you and your partner have been fighting for a while or maybe you have some unresolved issues that are ruining the relationship.

If you love your partner and you want to make it work, then you should definitely sit down with him or her and talk about your problems in order to try to resolve them.

This dream is some sort of a warning that your relationship is in danger and you need to work on it in order for it to succeed.

Dream about your partner initiating a divorce

This dream represents that you value marriage greatly and that you can’t see yourself without your partner or your family.

You take extra care of your family members and your partner and you make sure everyone is happy and safe.

You would be devastated if your partner would do something to hurt you. You fear of this dream coming true and you will probably be very shook after you have had it.

Even though this is true, make sure to remember that this is only a dream and if your family is fine you shouldn’t be worried about things like this.

If you have problems in your relationship or in your family, then try to get them out into the light and solve them.

Dream about other people getting divorced

This dream is again a warning that you should take your partner seriously and that you should be more careful about the things you say or do to them.

Maybe you have hurt him recently and made them feel bad.

Your guilt is now making you feel bad about the things you did and in reality you should try to make it up to them by showing them how you really feel.

Dream about not wanting to divorce your partner

This dream represents that you are selfish. If you had a dream where your partner is asking for a divorce from you and you are not accepting it, then you might be very self-centered in reality and ready for a compromise.

You should be more considerate towards your partner and respect his or her wishes.

If this is hard for you to do, then you should try to imagine how he or she feels when you act like you do.

Dream about your parents divorcing

This dream warns you about your priorities. You might be too consumed by your work or by your love life and forgetting about you family.

You should pay more attention to your family members and their needs because they are the most important part of everyone’s life.

We form ourselves inside our family and if family atmosphere is not good, then we can’t grow up to become a whole and satisfied person.

If you haven’t called your parents for a long time, then you should do so before something irreversible happens and makes you regret for not paying enough attention to them.

Dream about divorce during a real divorce

This is another dream that is quite usual when we are going through a stressful period in our lives.

We often get consumed by this situation and emotions we are coping with, that we transfer this stress into our dreams.

In this case you should try to find something you enjoy doing in order for you to keep the stress away from you.

Sometimes it is hard to cope with a divorce in reality but having to deal with it in our dreams too is overwhelming. Your brain is warning you that you are stressed out and that you need to take better care of yourself.

Dream about divorce when you are single

This is an unusual dream to have but if it happened to you, then you might be worried about your current love life.

You are afraid of being alone forever and you feel anxious when you think about those things.

This dream can also be interpreted as stress in general. Being worried about your job and family can also be represented by this dream, so in any case make sure to relax and do something you love doing.


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