Midheaven in Virgo

Keywords for a person with MC in Virgo are “useful” and “profitable”. She wants to be seen as a personification of productivity and efficiency.

People with MC in this sign have an image that exudes modesty and neatness, always ready for work (which is quite different from the Ascendant in Virgo who can work in total chaos and disorder).

They like to make lists of things to do, and in their pursuit of perfection in business, they achieve a skill and precision that is often unavailable to other characters.

They grow brilliantly when they are fully aware of the nature of their business and are trusted enough to hand over less important things to others. The person with the MC in Virgo is a strategist who controls quietly from the background, unlike the Lion who is open and vocal.

Because though surreptitious, Virgo is also a sign of an eccentric and tyrant who keeps everything under control.

On the other hand, these people want to tidy up the outside world and make it a better and more beautiful place.

Midheaven in Virgo Man

The Medium Coeli in Virgo natal chart often indicates an optimistic and persevering spirit when it comes to the business-financial side of life. This person likes to consider every possible problem from all sides and to approach the problem with a huge dose of seriousness and attention.

In his work he usually pays attention to every detail and appreciates neatness, accuracy, responsibility and everything that is clearly and precisely arranged. The planet that rules this mid-sky is Mercury. Imum Coeli (Lower Middle Sky) is in Pisces indicating the need for peace and serenity in the family.

The Virgo man has a cold exterior and is sensitive inside. He has great respect for women and considers them straight. He loves a woman who stirs his emotions because he is reluctant to express them himself.

Because of this, there is often conflict within it, which is also transmitted to the connection. Virgo man needs patience and understanding. He doesn’t like being too close, so don’t try to get into his psyche because he’ll feel threatened.

He needs a sophisticated woman who is not impulsive or eccentric. He leads a predictable lifestyle and this is exactly what his partner must be, because she makes her feel safe. It fits perfectly with a traditional woman who stands firm on earth.

He is not romantic and is not someone who will knock you off his feet, but he will always be loyal to you and will be with you. In the Virgo man, sensuality comes to light gradually. He is the perfect fit for a woman who wants a stable and solid relationship that has a future.

Midheaven in Virgo Woman

Medium Coeli in the Virgo, when it comes to women, natal chart often indicates an optimistic and persevering spirit when it comes to the business-financial side of life. This person likes to consider every possible problem from all sides and approach the problem with a huge dose of seriousness and attention.

In her work she usually pays attention to every detail and greatly appreciates the orderliness, accuracy, responsibility and everything that is clearly and precisely arranged.

The planet that rules this mid-sky is Mercury. Imum Coeli (Lower Middle Sky) is in Pisces indicating the need for peace and tranquility in the family.

Good Traits

They are ambitious and always want to know more and have more. It is in their nature to overcome chaos. Even when other people think that order has prevailed, Virgins will not calm down because their mind is very active and difficult to calm down.

These people want to be always helpful and relevant and necessary in life and in everything they do. Their most important task is to learn to trust people and unknown things and experiences.

They need to understand that things in life happen for a reason that may not always be known to them. They don’t always have to know everything.

They need to learn to calm down and not over-analyze every situation or event. Deep down, Virgins are very sensitive people and need others to appreciate everything they do. They will never show that they were injured.

The virgins live in their mind, everything is there. Beneath the calm and graceful exteriors, they hide uncontrollable agitation as they try to penetrate things, thinking and analyzing how they can improve them.

Bad Traits

On the dark side, this MC makes these individuals somewhat critical, not only with others but with themselves. His eagerness for perfectionism can put the hair on end to those around them, so an affable attitude when receiving their comments is more than necessary.

Wherever they arrive, these natives bring order to anything, are good with groups and know how to communicate things clearly and comfortably.

Sometimes, this can make them seem somewhat dry and distant, but they don’t like empty chats or spend time innocuously.

They can be demanding, but at the same time know how to motivate people to be their best version of themselves, what the half heaven in Virgo always wants is to make things go as well as possible, without the obsession of a Capricorn but with the sharpness that characterizes them.

Another of its shortcomings may be to overthink things and put too much salt on matters, so calling them to sanity and doing more instead of planning can be useful.

Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are very capable of using their intelligence and completing jobs themselves.

Their narrow-mindedness can stifle their creativity and therefore lead an ordinary routine life. They tend to live too much in the past and complicate things, which is why they are often confused and unable to move on with life.

Midheaven in Virgo – General Info

From my experience and practice, the influence of the sign itself is often slightly overemphasized in the astrological literature, while the influence of another important point of the sky, the top of the sky or zenith, or the Latin medium coeli, abbreviated MC, is unjustifiably neglected and underestimated.

Just as the sign, the end point of the horizon that emerges at birth, speaks of our appearance and the way we appear outside, so does MC, the top of the sky, the zenith, speaks of our highest goals, aspirations, and orientations.

As such not only has much to do with our daily lives, the way we approach things, our usual aspirations, reflections and occupations, but it also directly seals our personality and shapes our character, so much so that it can sometimes be observed by observation.

The sign in which the MC is located therefore gives our personality something of the character of that sign, so if the MC is in fish, for example, a person will observe the world in a multilayered manner and have something of an artistic sensibility and temperament of fish, they will not always have unambiguous, clear goals in everyday situations, solving a problem will show a great deal of imagination and creativity.

If the mark is an MC scale, a person will strive for harmony and balance, seeking to connect and harmonize different, opposing things and points of view … A similar, but even more pronounced, role is played by the planets on the MC.

If there are plutons on the MC or something related but more static in effect – if the MC is in a scorpion, for example, a person very passionately and thoroughly approaches everything that he deals with, does not leave things to chance and in all dedication seeks the essence.

Cancer and the moon on the MC are tied to everything they do, they are not for big changes, and they are reliable and safe, and thoroughly dedicated to the little things. Months at MC also bring some popularity, visibility among authorities and in the business world, as well as public affairs.

We are almost at the end of the special about the Midheaven and how our astral card influences, today’s turn is for the Midheaven (MC) in Virgo.

Just like the natives of Virgo, the MC in Virgo gives us devout people to serve others, who care about the practical issues of everyday life. The world is its test tube and its mission is to understand everything, but always with the aim of improving things, simplifying and balancing.

As a good sign of land, they always look for stability and things that are fixed, for them the word and the commitments are worth everything, so they usually fulfill what they are entrusted with.

Among the works that favor these individuals are trades in the field of medicine, research and care for others, but at the same time, they have a special sensitivity for the arts, having great level of detail. Literature can be your strength or weakness.

Overall, Virgos can generally be independent people, but there are those who are incapable of doing so, and they may have difficulty if someone is not there to help them be better.

Someone who is good at reading human emotions will notice the negative emotions of the Virgin, but when asked about it, she will rather withdraw than talk about it. So it’s better to let the Virgin open up to you when she wants to.

Virgo wants to analyze and control a friend’s life because she wants to improve his quality. Don’t just do it for control. Be patient with your virgin friend and know that she is giving you tips to make your life better.

Virgos are very intelligent people, have an excellent memory and a strong analytical mind, which makes them all good investors and researchers.

They are also capable of screening human emotions and motives for any human action, which makes them good police officers and inspectors. They are the best at solving problems. When faced with a problem, they break it down into smaller pieces and then fit them in the correct order.

They think rationally and successfully resolve discussions between other people. For them, any job position that requires the aforementioned features is perfect. The virgins are in charge of maintaining order.

Pretending everything is okay is a good defense mechanism because they don’t have to deal with their feelings in detail. Virgos have an unpredictable and sometimes unstable temperament.

Virgos first and foremost need an organization in their mind, which they sometimes spend all their energy on since they find it difficult to make an organization in their environment. People born with this sign look deeply into things and analyze them in detail.

Devils can get tired without moving! Because of their constant need to improve and perfect things, they can become overkill and petty. They are honest, never have bad intentions and want to achieve something.

Virgins are restrained, humble and unassuming. They will rarely try to attract eccentric performances. They avoid gathering people. For them, the obligation is more than fun or sports.

Their qualities are intelligence, acumen, the gift of critical observation, purposeful and useful thinking.

They trust the practical mind more than the emotions. In the negative version, the Virgins are petty and meticulous, scruffy and fearful of the unknown.


It maintains a constant and methodical effort to achieve its objectives, but it can be enslaved after them and obsessed with perfection.

Critics, retailers, positive, orderly, innovative and willing to learn. They should avoid neuroses and the accumulation of objects.

They are favorable professional careers oriented towards collaboration and with appreciation of details, such as mechanics, languages, nutrition and crafts.

With the MC in Pisces all the issues related to the service and the mystical world are of great importance, it would even be important for people born with this position to work in environments where they get involved with others from the help and the creation of networks of support, where they can unleash their sensitivity towards others and towards spiritual issues.

On the other hand it is possible that they would have grown up in a somewhat rigid and too organized environment, so in their adult life they may want to get away from that structure a bit to feel free and complete.

If the Virgin did not belong to the variable signs, the persons born in the sign would be dull and monotonous, but in this case the impermanent Mercury enlightens their resourcefulness and sharpened sobriety. Virgins do not accept life unconditionally, solely with adjustment.

In these people, perception and intelligence are expressed through some skill or speech. There are two types of Virgins. The other, lower type, abuses innate intelligence, transforming it into amorality, stubbornness, talkativeness, hubris, nervousness, disorderliness, irrationality and impulsiveness.

However, the types where we have a positive influence of Mercury dominate, so Virgos are predominantly creative, properly using their skill, intelligence, reason and strength to achieve higher goals.

Both men and women of this sign communicate only through an objective recognition of things and a clear expression.


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