Dream of Tortoise – Meaning and Symbolism

The animal world is amazing, and as you could have seen in many of these articles, all parts of the animal world, find their place in our dream world, because the dream world is all about the symbols, and the animals are amazing symbols.

All of them have open and hidden meanings, but all of them are amazingly accurate and could be such an inspiration to change some part of your life you want, all based on that information.

You can dream about any part of the “animal kingdom”, and in that sense, we could even put them in the most amazing and bizarre situations and they will still have their meaning, and carry a certain message for us.

The tortoise is one animal that always has occupied the interest of people all around the world. In some ways, in some cultures around the world, it was believed that the tortoise carries the world on its shell, and that is in some ways almost like God.

It was seen as a magical creature with the special powers – but we wonder what if this creature becomes a motive in a dream world. Is, even then a magical creature or it brings its “normal” qualities”?

Read all about it.

Meaning of a Dream of Tortoise

Tortoises are often depicted in popular culture as relaxed, patient, and wise beings. In many civilizations around the world, because of their long life, slow progress, strength and wrinkled appearance, they are a symbol of longevity and stability, and their entrapment in shield implies the withdrawal of a person into oneself, that is, peeking into one’s own soul, which leads to self-realization and helps to gain wisdom.

Many communities consider them holy and understand that they provide good health, well-being and powerful protection against the dark forces.

If you had a dream where the main motive was the tortoise, and you have dreamed it in some general way, such a dream shows that love and emotions that you have in your life are not, in fact, reciprocated. You feel that this is hurting you and you are aware that you must change some things about it, but this takes so slowly.

Also, this is the dream that has an alternate meaning, and it brings one suggestion, and it is the one that speaks that you should not rush about things you care for in life, and it does not mean what part of your life is in question.

If in a dream, you are chasing the tortoise, and you want to catch it, such an interesting dream implies that you will make a difficult decision – there are a few options that are ahead of you, and you need to make it, but somehow it seems that you cannot make the right choice and that your “decision” is pulling away from you.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Tortoise

Tortoise represents an essential role in mythologies around the world and is often required in constructing myths about the elements of the Earth. According to old-fashioned belief, the tortoise symbolizes the cosmos and is deemed a symbol of mother earth, water and moon. It is also a symbol of stability, immortality, regeneration, but also protection; because of its stiff protection it gives a feeling of protection.

So, as you could see in the previous section, this is one dream that has one very interesting meaning, and therefore the symbolical value that is also very interesting.

Such a dream, from whatever side you look at it, could be seen in many ways, depending on whether you only saw the tortoise in the dream, or held it, chased it, or perhaps felt fear when this animal was around you.

As we have said, this is the dream that could have so many different and interesting versions, and therefore the symbolical value could change.

All in all, the tortoise in a dream is often, symbolically connected to the aspect of love in the life of the person who has the dream. In the case, where you have seen the tortoise, such a dream is a sign that a new love will awaken, with one difference and alteration.

The tortoise has its protective armor, and this is the symbol that changes things in so many ways – the tortoise can also be a symbol of your caution and defense against the bad things that surround you.

This is one cautionary tale – you should not put your shield so easily, you should take more care of yourself, and your emotions. All this so that someone does not take advantage of you in some way.

So, the symbolical value of the tortoise could have a positive symbolism and indicates that the values ​​you stand for are correct – this all implies to this dream if you have a positive feelings while you had this dream, or you have held the tortoise in your dream, thinking that it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Another interpretation of this dream says that if you see a tortoise in a dream, it means that your love is not reciprocated. It is possible that you are trying to preserve the marriage or relationship, but are in no way able to resolve the disagreements you have with your partner.

And in this sense, if in a dream, you have seen the tortoise on you, and if you have held it, such a dream signifies that you should delay some important decisions.

This dream can also be a warning to slow down a little with your attempts to achieve some real-life goals.

If in a dream that you are having, see yourself being terribly afraid of the tortoise and it is basically the panicking fear, such a dream is connected to the matter of the personal principles.

So, this is the dream that is connected to the principles and attitudes are the opposite of those you show to others. You never show your true face to others, but you should change that as soon as possible.

If in a dream, you are trying to catch the tortoise, such a dream carries the Symbolism that you will be in a situation where you have to make a very important decision. It is possible that you have not been moving forward for a long time and are thinking of leaving everything behind and moving on.

Do I have to be worried?

No, you do not have to be worried, the tortoise is a good symbol, and there are many versions of this dream, but none of them is in some ways negative.

In some cases, this is the dream that implies that it is possible that such Symbolism is connected to the love life of the person who has this dream. It is said, that it is possible that you have done your best to preserve a relationship or marriage that, really, has never had a bright future.

From the beginning, you have had disputes with your partner that you have not been able to resolve, but have emerged as a stumbling block in your relationship – now you know, and you see things from a different perspective and you can make some better moves before it is too late for making things right, and enjoy your love with the person you care for.

In this sense, you should take a good look at your life, and interpersonal relations, especially with your lover – when you look at everything you went through together, you will admit to yourself that you expected more support and understanding from the people who planned to stay.

In some cases, this is the dream that shows your inner nature, the pacing you take in life, and this is the pace that is taking you in a certain direction in life.

The dream about the tortoise shows that you are probably hasty in nature and want to achieve something immediately that will require strenuous action and renunciation. This attitude will make you always strive for greater success by not paying attention to all the beautiful things that happen to you every day.

So, once again it is proof that the dream about this creature has a good symbolism, and it means that for you is the best possible way to maintain this attitude in life, and never to change your rhythm.

In some more problematic version of this dream, it means that for a long period of time, you have a feeling that you are stagnant and that you have not learned anything new about your business.

You have wanted to move on, but you could not do it, you felt like you have been standing in one place for a long time, or that you have been moving slowly.

Now, this dream means that you will discuss the option of moving on, leaving you with a middle ground that does not motivate you or make you perfect yourself.

What to do if I had this dream?

First of all, this is the dream that has good symbolical value, and the tortoise is the symbol of many things in life that are necessary for the personal progress, but it is not so much about the progress itself, but the journey, that can be slow, but the results are amazing and long-lasting.

Continue with what have you been doing, because such life made you is a person who is full of positive energy and, as such, you attract positive things to your life. You feel protected because you have a circle of sincere friends you can always rely on, in a symbolical sense; this is the armor on the tortoise. Your goals are reasonable, and you always manage to achieve them.

This dream just proves that you are realistic, and by any means, you are able to be the one person who is wise, and everyone else looks up to you.

But, one thing must be said and take with caution- this is the dream that shows that you often want to act recklessly and hastily in an effort to realize your intention as soon as possible, but the life proves you that you are making a big mistake when you act in that way.

You want to accomplish some things right now that take many years of hard work and effort. Have patience and think carefully about what you want in life, pay attention to the beautiful things that happen to you every day there are so many of them, just pay some attention.

If you continue to present yourself in a false light, you may be attracted to people who do not fit you and with whom you can never have a quality relationship, and this does not imply to love life, it implies to all aspects of life, including business.


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