Dreams About Mountains – Meaning and Symbolism

Everything that we could find in nature could be and is the motive in the dream world, and maybe, these are the most common and important motives in dreams – a river, an ocean, etc.

There is no doubt that Mountains are often seen as the motive in a dream world, at least in some of its form – and they usually have very important meaning when we understand it.

They can reveal a lot of our personality, character, our perspectives in life, and much more.

In the next few sections read all about dreams that have one motive – Mountains.

Meaning of Dreams about Mountains

There are numerous versions of this dream, but the most common is the one in which you see yourself climbing a mountain.

Such a dream means that you are attempting to achieve a specific goal in life, and the climbing part is your journey to that goal.

Further interpretation of the dream depends entirely on what happened along the way, whether you were able to reach the top and what you saw there.

All of these aspects speak of the journey to the goal, not the goal itself.

If in a dream you see yourself on the way to the mountain, but you are not even started your journey, in that case, this dream means that external circumstances will become an insurmountable obstacle or you may have initially chosen the wrong path, the goal.

If in a dream, you have seen the mountain that had two peaks? You thrive in your business with influential support.

If in a dream you see that you are falling down the mountain, such a dream means that a series of small and insignificant events are approaching, you will be wasting energy, so you will not have the satisfaction of the job done.

But the good news is that the situation will end. If you are walking down the mountain with someone, it can be even an animal, in that case, this is the dream that means that in reality, you are surrounded by loyal friends and trusted friends.

If the mountain that you want to climb on is starting to fall apart, in that case, such a dream means that you are about encounter unforeseen difficulties along the way.

If the mountains are behind you in a dream, and you have already passed, then, contrary to the machinations of the enemy, you can easily accomplish your plan.

And, if the mountains in your dream are trembling and moving? This is the meaning that is connected to your heart, and in that sense, your feeling is telling you that you are wasting your time regarding someone or something in your life. This is one of a kind warning – maybe you are extremely tired about your work and responsibility, which makes you virtually, despairs.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Mountains

First of all, we must say that in some general sense, the motive of the mountains in a dream symbolizes intentions, perspectives and efforts all at the same time; and if we look at all other aspects we could come to the realization to the chosen goals, or we could fail.

The Mountains in the dream world are the symbol of the possibility of realization of the chosen goal, as well as various obstacles that we find along the way.

The Mountains in a dream world are the representation of the spiritual and creative rise, and if the dream was nice, and the mountain in it was amazing and even breathtaking, then it symbolizes inspiring experiences.

The best possible dream is the one in which you see yourself on the top of one mountain that is beautiful and where you have an amazing view. There is one version of this dream where you see even some temple or a praying place -such a dream symbolizes that you are destined for constant spiritual development.

It shows that your tendencies in life are not small or insignificant, but they are directed much higher then you could even imagine, and much bigger than with other people.

But, it is mandatory to speak of the other symbolical value of the mountains, and that is the one in which they are seen as the symbol of obstacles and barriers that we have on our path to the achievement of our goals.

Mountains in a dream symbolize goals and opportunities to achieve them, and the idea is to go up, not to be scared; and in this sense, the mountain is the symbol if the direction of your life, the place where you are going.

In the version where you are coming down from the mountain, in that case, you are the person who has finished the important task in its life, and now that person must go somewhere else, it takes something else to conquer.

If for example, the mountains from your dream are covered with a lot of snow; such a dream carries different symbolism. It speaks to you, and it carries the message that you must gather strength and don’t hesitate to move to the finish line, and nothing that you see should stop you from going to the right direction.

If in a dream only the peak of the mountain is under the snow, in that case, it is suggested that is much better to abandon your intentions, as all attempts will be fruitless, regardless of what you do or how hard you try.

If on your path to the mountain you see a lot of greenery with forests on slopes, such a dream symbolizes that you will experience minor problems that will most obviously distract you from the main thing that you want to achieve; but this is not a negative dream.

If in your dream you see bare mountain without any greenery or anything that would make it alive, in that case, such a dream symbolizes benefit at no special cost.

This is the dream that has one more signification – your journey in life is difficult and uneven, and people who are around you will try to solve problems without your involvement, and it will offend you.

In the end, we must speak of the mountains that are in a fog; in that case, such a dream is a clear symbol of suffering.

Perhaps this is the dream that brings unhappiness in love, and this is the dream that shows you that your life will be connected to a lot of trouble and frustration.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to think about the worrying part, even if the dream about the mountains is very important for you since it speaks of the goals that you have been having in life, and what is even more important about your journey to them.

If you perceive them as an insurmountable barrier in your dream, then, in reality, you are literally complicating your life. To view the mountains as something ordinary and insignificant – it is wrong, seeing them is much more useful then you have ever known.

Many symbolical systems consider them a warning for a difficult situation that is ahead of you, and this comes as a piece of valuable advice that will assist you whenever is necessary. But you can prepare in advance because it’s easy to find a way out.

If in your dream, the mountain was filled with rocks, then such a dream could have a negative interpretation of a dream, this is a sign of strife, disagreement, a streak of bad luck.

If you decide to climb and conquer such mountains, then the path to happiness will be thorny and difficult, but it also does not mean that you would not reach that path, in the end.

What to do if I had this dream?

As you could see, the dream about the mountains usually speaks of you and your perspective regarding the goals in your life – depending on all circumstances of a dream; it shows what you should do.

The monotony and abundance of work decreases, and oftentimes such a dream could reflect a case that you can hardly bring to its logical conclusion.

It is good to see what inspiration you have visited, and you have easily climbed to the top of the mountain. This means that success will make an unexpected decision or unusual circumstances.

In the case where the mountains from your dream are stunningly beautiful, such a dream signifies that in the future, you will feel arousal, but in the end, you will be able to improve your well-being. If the view of the mountains has ugly, it is not recommended to build far-reaching plans; most likely to annoy you completely.

Let us end this story with a positive notion – the dream of the mountains is great, and it could mean that the boundless prospects will soon open before you.

On advice for all those who had this dream and wondered what it meant must pay attention to the signs and try not to miss their chance, because they must be sure that a chance like this does not come very often.

Some people say that they had felt panic and fear when they had such dreams, but you need to realize one thing – if you were unable to conquer the mountains, in reality, it would result in uncertainty, doubt, unnecessary hesitation. Stop doing this and your life will become much, much better.

The fact is that you have an amazing goal; it is just about your perception of how to get there.


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