Dreams about Insects – Interpretation and Meaning

Insects are all around us. Probably, not a day goes by without seeing an insect somewhere in your living space. Not many people like them and they are usually just pests who occupy our living areas and we want to get rid of them.

But what can insects mean when we dream about them? Do they have some special meaning and symbolism? We will help you understand insects in your dreams and their secret meaning.

Dream about insects in general

If you had a dream about an insect or more of them, then this means you are very pessimistic at this point of your life. Perhaps you have been going through some hard times in your life and now all of that is affecting you and making you feel bad about yourself.

If you experienced something bad, be sure that all of that will pass and you will overcome everything you have been through.

Dream about an insect inside your body

This dream has a negative meaning. If you had a dream about an insect inside your body, then you are very depressed and possibly your outlook on life is very negative. Y

ou can’t seem to see anything good and everything you do doesn’t satisfy you the way it should.

Dream about catching insects

This dream represents wasting energy in the worst possible way. You might be doing things that are not productive and you can’t seem to get out of this circle of laziness. You might not even be lazy, per say, maybe you have just been doing things that are meaningless and you can’t figure out what you should actually be doing at this moment in your life.

If this is the case, you should ask other people for advice and help because sometimes we can’t figure these things out by ourselves.

Dream about being chased by insects

This dream represents your inability to get your business obligations in order.

They might seem to you like they are unnecessary and meaningless, so you don’t feel like you need to complete them.

These obligations, however, will turn out to be very important for you in the upcoming period.

They could be set up on purpose, by your supervisor, to test your abilities and work dedication. Make sure to complete them, even though you don’t feel like doing it.

Dream about a lot of insects

Even though this dream might seem unpleasant, it actually has a positive meaning. You will definitely have luck, business wise, and all of your partnerships and work projects will pay off.

This is an extremely productive period for you so make sure you use it wisely.

Dream about killing an insect

This dream also has a positive meaning. It represents that you will have good relationship with your partner and your love life will blossom.

Use this period to focus on your relationship and romance, because you will finally feel like everything is going the way it should be.

Dream about insects flying away

This dream has a negative meaning. You are probably concerned about well-being of some of your friends, family or children. They complained to you recently about something that is troubling them and now your consciousness is remind you of that.

You might also be a teacher or someone who works with children and younger people, and you are afraid for their health and lives for some reason.

Dream about poisonous insects

This dream has a negative meaning. You have problems with other people and with communication in general.

This might be caused by your irritation because of certain things these people are doing and you can’t control yourself when you are in their company.

If the number of insects is bigger, then bigger will be the issues you will face with those certain people. You might end up in a big discussion over something, or they can even plot against you in order to defeat you.

Be careful around other people and don’t share anything with them, if they seem suspicious to you. This is a good period to avoid big social gatherings and a period to avoid getting close to someone who you have just met.

Dream about blood sucking insects

This dream represents your current psychological condition. You are very troubled because of something that has happened to you and you can’t seem to get over it.

This dream can also mean that you will face these troubles in the following period, so it acts as a warning sign.

You should be prepared for everything that is coming your way and you should keep your head cold. There is nothing that you can’t defeat, if you put your mind up to it.

Dream about being bitten by an insect

This dream brings troubles to your life just like the previous one. You will have to face some difficult times in your life and defeat demons from which you have been running away for a while.

This will be a test period in your life and you will have to show your strength and persistence in order to succeed.

Dream about a moving insect

This dream represents change in your body. So this dream can both have a good and a bad meaning.

If you had problems with your health, this dream might mean that your chances are about to get better. If you had no problems, then you might experience slight change in that area.

However, the change will not be great and it won’t affect your life too much.

Dream about being covered in insects

This dream is a particularly scary one, especially for those who are scared of insects.

This dream represents your preoccupation with your body and health. Perhaps you have decided to try out a new diet or maybe you became interested in healthy eating and exercise.

This dream can also represent health issues you might be experiencing and you have been thinking a lot about what to do in order to improve your overall condition and health.


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