Dreams of Levitation – Meaning and Symbolism

It is such a common dream motive, the one in which you are flying or levitating, spend time in the air, etc., carries one of the most interesting symbolism and meanings.

We all remember dreams that we had when we were children and when we were rapidly growing, then it is very common to have a dream that has a central motive flying.

Now, it can be connected to many different things that are happening in your life, but the dream of levitation is something else.

They speak of some very interesting aspects of your life, depending on all aspects of a dream.

What does it mean when you have a dream that you are levitating? Do you feel comfortable, or you feel scared (just like you would in a real-life)?

What does it mean, and how can you use all the information that you receive from this dream and use it for your life?

Read all about this.

Meaning of Dreams of Levitation

Dreams of Levitation could be truly interesting, just like all dream that are connected to flying and being in the air (as this is the unnatural state of humans, they cannot fly, because the force of gravity is pulling them on the earth) because they show the human tendency to be in the air, to feel free just like birds.

They often show the human tendency to be close to the “god”, to reach the heights and become more important than he truly is. And in this sense, people are either is scared of flying/levitating, or they are excited and want more and more.

No one, in this case, is wrong, or right; but for all of these people, the dream of levitating could mean something different.

So, in this sense, some dreams of levitation could be scary, while others could be amazing and exciting.

In some cases, the dreams that are connected to the levitation are the reflection of the person’s inner needs to have/gain/maintain the control on all aspects of life, business and love, among all others. This aspect of control includes the need to establish some aspect that escapes your control or the fear of over-controlling something – all depends on your personal relation to the control.

Are you a control freak or you do not want to have any control over your life – are you scared if the dream depicts you levitating, or you feel great, and you want to go higher and higher.

If you had a dream where you are levitating, such a dream reflects your basic ambition in life and depending on other details of the dream depends on its further interpretation.

For example, if in a dream, you succeed in maintaining above the ground, and you succeed in the levitation, such a dream means that you can expect to achieve your ambitions without much difficulty.

But on the other side of the story, if you are just trying to levitate and you are struggling in maintaining above the ground, in that case, this is the dream that is the sign that your ambition is greater than the possibilities and that you need to adjust.

Sometimes it is better for you to stop, to wait, to make some other move, to make a better start in your life, and then try something different in your life, to become a person who knows what he is doing, instead of clumsily trying to maintain above the ground.

The Symbolism of Dreams of Levitation

Would not be great if all of us could become a part of the world that could fly, and if we could not fly, would not be great if we could levitate instead of walking – would not this be an amazing thing?

Even if such a thing, at least in real life, and without some tool is not possible, in a dream world it is, and such a dream carries an amazing symbolical value.

Although this type of dream motif may involve escaping from some unpleasant situation, dreams of levitating quickly become filled with joy and happiness – so whatever feeling follows this dream, positive or negative, the general symbolical value is positive.

To be able to levitate, in reality, symbolizes that you are the type of the person who wants to feel perfect freedom – you want to be able to do some things that not many people can (even if they want to).

We also must say that dream levitation can also be closely related to the spiritual aspirations that the person who dreams have in his real life.

Just the fact that you are trying to get close to the sky, even if you are just a bit above the ground, shows the connection to spirituality.

All of this comes from the fact that the sky is a symbol of spirituality, peace and new hope – and the fact that you see yourself levitating shows that some of the upcoming events are going to be connected to the spirituality and other issues that are connected to it.

In some cases, such a dream signifies that you are the person who wants or has a desire to meet or to become the spiritual guide, to do something that no one expects. In that case, try to pay as much attention to the all details in a dream and listen very carefully to the words of their wisdom, and allow them to lead you on the path of life.

Here are also some additional symbolical values that are related to the dream of levitation.

In the case when you are dreaming that you are levitating and that there is nothing bellows your feet, there is some empty space, in that case, such a dream could indicate that you will experience many problems in your love life, particularly if you are married.

But if you are levitating and you are still, partially touching the ground with your feet, in that case, such a dream signifies a disease or undesirable condition from which the person who dreams will recover.

So, all in all, this dream is not such a piece of bad news, after all.

In the case, of the dream where you see yourself levitating, and under your feet, there is water that is above all dirty, and such a dream is telling you that your privacy is in jeopardy and that you must, by all means, keep your private affairs to yourself as the enemy lurks you. Be careful and do not let others ruin your life.

On the other side of the spectrum, if in a dream you see that you are levitating over some beautiful and magical place; such a dream signifies that the happiness and dazzling moments are coming your way faster than you could ever expect, but you must pay attention to be awake and to enjoy every moment.

And one more version of the dream of levitation – when you see yourself levitating above the grass, and you can almost feel the green grass and vegetation – you will experience temporary shame, but you will have plenty of prosperity in the future.

Once again, this is not the dream that has a bad symbolism, and you should be happy.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried, you should be happy, and if you had a bad feeling when you had this dream, let it be your call to change something in your life.

Instead, you should ask yourself – What restrictions are you trying to get rid of? What are some of the successes you have achieved in your waking life?

When you dream this type of dream, your vision may be eclipsed by rain, darkness, fog, or clouds. This means that you are drawn back to your real-life constraints and want to overcome these obstacles and barriers.

A similar interpretation can be given when trying to fly, but it fails – you simply cannot rise above the ground.

In some cases, like in the one where you see yourself levitating, and you are attracted to some light that is calling you, such a dream brings you the idea of the unfounded worries, as your jobs, will be successful despite your fears.

One more version is present here, and we should speak of it – to dream that you are levitating and you see the blackness all around you.

Such a dream signifies a bitter disappointment, or this dream can be interpreted as a fear of failure and lack of control; and in this sense, such dreams should be taken into the examination very carefully, and you should ask yourself what is that that makes you feel like you are losing control over your life.

What to do if I had this dream?

These are very common dreams (both that are connected to the flying and also the ones that are connected to the levitation), but they occur much more intensely in children as we have said, especially when they are entering the stages of accelerated growth.

Such dreams are present when kids sleep and when they should release tension and reduce nightmares that they are having.

One more thing needs to be mentioned here – human beings who have very imaginative personalities and are creative thinkers are more likely to dream this type of dream- some of them are even able to control their dreams and to fly somewhere else, to the places that are not accessible in any other way.

We all dream of flying and pulling ourselves from the ground as we are trying to levitate at least for a bit, of touching stars, of flying with birds, and of the beautiful views that come from the top of the world.

In real life, we have no wings and cannot sustain ourselves in the air for a second. In this way, dreams of flying or levitating show us our need to break free and be free.

It can also be a symbol of your desire to use your mental skills and thus look at your life from a different perspective, not just from the physical one.

It can be the symbol of people who want to try something else in life and to become closer to other aspects of life, and not all people are able to do so.

In the end, we must say that dreaming of levitation are common and often connected to the other aspects that make this dream unique, but it is almost always connected to the aspect of control, or the lack of it, in real life.

But, do not be scared if you had such a dream, be happy, and if nothing else, try to overcome at least one fear that you have in real life.


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