Dreams about Plane Crash – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about plane crashes are not that unusual, especially for those who have fear of flying and heights. If you fall into this category of people, then this dream could simply be a representation of your fear that your brain is expressing in your dream.

If you are not afraid of planes and flying on planes, then your dream could have a special or symbolic meaning behind it.

We will list few examples of dreams about plane crashes that you could dream about, and the secret meaning behind these dreams.

Dream about surviving a plane crash

If you had a dream about surviving a plane crash, then this dream is a representation of success you are going to experience very soon. You will probably get all of your projects done and reach all of your goals. This is an extremely successful period for you and you should definitely make the best of it.

You should try out new things and start working on new projects because all of your experiments will end up being successful. This period will be very lucky for all of your personal plans too, and for all of these who are single, this period might finally bring that lucky person in your life that will change everything for the better.

Dream about going through a plane crash

If you had a dream about going through a plane crash, then this dream represents suicidal thoughts you might have. Perhaps you feel depressed and sad about something and you don’t know how to chase these feelings away. Seeking help from your friends and family is the best remedy for everything, so don’t hesitate to express your emotions and fears.

Sinking into deep depression is something you certainly don’t want, so make sure you act in time before something worse happens to you. This dream can be taken in consideration as a warning about the psychological condition you are in and warning about the thoughts that are growing stronger in you.

Dream about remains of a plane crash

If you had a dream about remains of a plane crash, then this dream represents a warning sign that you should try working on your own for a change instead of seeking help from others.

Maybe you are getting to reliant on others and this won’t be good for you.

This dream could also represent a project you are currently working on with others.

This dream could be your sub consciousness telling you that you should try working on it alone instead with others. Others might want to sabotage you and make the project fail, so you should try getting the project just for yourself.

Dream about fearing a plane crash will happen

If you had a dream about being afraid of a plane crash that is about to happen, then this dream represents a possible accident you might get into very soon, and you should be careful with your actions.

You could also be a victim of an accident that could cause you a lot of damage.

This dream could also be linked to relationship with others, so be careful about the things you say to them.

You might insult someone accidentally and make yourself an enemy. If something like this happens, then you should apologize to this person and make the things better before it gets worse over time.

Dream about watching a plane crash

If you had a dream about watching the plane crash from the sky, then this dream represents a possible threat that others might represent for you.

They might be jealous because of your success and try to sabotage you and all of your projects. These people could also be the ones you are currently working with on a project, so it would be for the best if you could avoid cooperating with them.

Dream about fire and plane crash

This dream is representation of strong emotions you might be feeling currently. Perhaps you have been accumulating a lot of feelings over the time and now you feel like your heart is about to explode.

Perhaps you should try talking to people who have hurt you or figure out a solution for the problems you are in, because solution will not come on its own.

Dream about your boyfriend being a part of a plane crash

If you had a dream about your boyfriend being on the plane that crashed, then this dream represents that you have a strong fear of losing him or her. This dream is a clear representation of your fears that you might not want to admit to yourself.

This is a perfect normal fear to have, unless it is getting to strong and if it is happening without a reason. Sometimes our fears can be irrational so don’t let them get to you and make you paranoid.

Dream about your parents being a part of a plane crash

If your parents were on a plane when it crashed, this dream is a representation of love and affection you have for your parents. They are probably an important part of your life and you afraid of losing them. This fear is also perfectly normal, unless it turns into paranoia.

If this happens to you then you should seek help from a professional or talk with people who are close to you. Sometimes we can have some hidden emotions and fears that we can’t express in the right way, and talking with others will definitely help to solve these issues.

Dream about dying after a plane crash

Dream about dying after a plane crash can be a representation that all of your plans could end up being unsuccessful because of a mistake you have made during the process of planning. This mistake will be something you could have noticed, if you had only put enough attention to your work.

This is also a bad period for investments or any other kind of projects tied to money. You should avoid spending money in this upcoming period and you should definitely balance out your spending wisely. This way you might be able to avoid making more damage to yourself.

Dream about a plane crash for a pilot

If you are a pilot in real life and you had a dream about a plane crash, then this dream could only be a representation of fears every pilot has. It is perfectly normal to feel this way and you shouldn’t be afraid that something malicious is going to happen after you had this dream.

This dream could also be applied on fly attendants and everybody else, who flies regularly on planes. Sometimes our brain is simply expressing its deep fears, that are located in our sub conscious minds and we don’t even realize that they are there.

Dream about plane that was undamaged after a crash

If plane crashed but nothing happened to him, then this dream represents a positive period that is upon you.

You will have a lot of success in all of your plans and you will definitely be able to make them come true.

This period is also very positive for investments so you should try making some new plans that involve money.

You might have a good chance to make them successful, so you should definitely try to make an effort in this period to fix all of the areas in your life that are not so perfect right now.

Dream about a plane crashing from the sky

If you saw a plane crashing down from the sky in your dream, then this dream represents your fears about someone or something.

You feel like someone needs your protection from something, and you are afraid that something bad might happen to them.

This dream could also be related to your irrational fear about a plan or project failing.

You are afraid that something is going to get complicated and you won’t be able to deliver your best results. Sometimes our fears are without a base so discard them and focus on more important things.


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