Dream of Old House – Meaning and Symbolism

The House, regardless of what the material is made, where it is located, on sea or on the ground, is basically a symbol of a building that is home to someone, and everything that that person cherish in life is among those walls, they could be people or some material good that that person see as relevant in his or her life.

If we want to add some definition to the term house, we will say that it represents acquired or constructed property, and provides security and “shelter” from worries and troubles, and the need to solve various “problems and disputes” in their “four walls”, as well as to resolve it has a “whole new family nest” and enjoys happiness, as well as peace, harmony and joy.

Of course, for some, certain houses may seem evil, and maybe some bad things occur in them, but this is one more layer to the story.

The House does not have to be the home as well, and these two aspects are very different.

In many cases, the House appears as a motive in a dream world, and scenarios that can show up in your dream world are endless.

But the real question is, what does it mean when such motive appears in a dream world? Does it carry a good or bad symbolical value? Read here.

The Meaning of a Dream of Old House

In dreams, the House is a very common symbol, because it is really places where one person (alone or with someone) spend days and can subconsciously signify a sense of security and tranquility (inside is the comfort, relevant things, and outside is the world that is “cold, hostile and distant”.

Of course, as we have said in the previous sections, the other version is also plausible, so the House could seem hostile and cold, and the outside world the salvation.

In some cases, as you will be able to see, the House, as a dream motive has the connotation of some fear or worry, if the House is mortgaged, or if it is “unfinished”, or in the case where the House is empty, and no one lives in it, and there is no warmth to protect anyone.

There are various meanings, but today we will look at the version of the House, where the House in the dream is old (this does not have to mean that that House is ugly or scary, it is simply old, or perceived as old).

According to the above assumptions, the interpretation and meaning of dreams where the main motive is the old House is very different and can be quite or good or bad, and the most common dreams about the House as a motive, and some situations with which it is very clearly “related” – you see it as your home, even the House from your dream is not yours in reality, for example.

So, if in a dream you have seen an old house (it does not have to be your House in reality), in that case this is the dream that truly implies that you are aware of some of your subconscious fears or desires, and that you are trying to get to know yourself and your potentials realistically, and to change and upgrade yourself in order to be happier and more successful in all areas of your real life.

If the old house in your dream does not look old at all, such a dream denotes that you feel great and that you are happy with yourself and your life.

There is nothing that could damage your peace and happiness, and you are the person who truly enjoys life and all that it has to offer for you; simply you are happy with what you have in this life and live your life one day at the time.

But if the old House from your dream, indeed seems to be old, it has a bad appearance, it does not look to good, and even it seems that no one lives in it, and then it is a dream that indicates you are mentally in chaos and have no control over your current situation.

You are constantly stressed and do not know how to get out of a bad situation, you feel even drained, and you feel like your times is up, even if you have so much to look forward to in life, some circumstances have taken you into the direction that does not suit you at all.

The Symbolism of a Dream about Old House

In the most general way, to have a dream about the House, any house signifies your subconscious environment and the direction on how you perceive your contemporary position.

The significance of the dream of the old House comes to the idea what is your view on that House, and how you look at it, whether the home belongs to you or not, etc.

If the old house in your dream truly is your House in real life, such a dream is the symbol of loneliness – it indicates that you are feeling very lonely in reality and that you are not emotionally fulfilled, not even a bit.

You are longing to meet someone who will bring joy and warmth into your life, and you simply do not believe that it will happen anytime soon.

If the old House from your dream is not yours in real life, such a dream is the symbol of a pressure. It seems that you are the person who feels that the atmosphere is placing too much stress on you, and you have no time for yourself, you feel like you are losing yourself in some way and that you are “living someone else’s life”.

If you are trying to repair the old House from your dream, such a dream is the representation of your attempts to make your life better. It shows that you want to get rid of all the bad thoughts that are troubling you.

If the old House from your dream does not have any windows and the air is going inside of the House, and on top of that the House looks empty, like no one lives inside of it, such a dream is the symbol of hurt feelings.

It shows that you are hurt and disappointed by some close people and that you are unhappy with your current situation.

In fact, in this time and place and your life, you are still recovering from the shock, and you are looking for the right answers what to do next.

If the old House from your dream is about to fall down and disappear, such a dream is the symbol of bad emotional state – you are increasingly overwhelmed by emotions towards someone or something. It could be your lover, it could be the past lover, but is someone who is still, at least in your heart a part of you.

If the “old residence from your image does not seem old at all, and in fact, you perceive it as new (this is one very common dream that occurs all the time), such a fantasy is a hint that you are equipped to begin a brand-new condition in your time and that you have grown emotionally experienced.

In the case, where you see a clearly old house in your dream, and on top of that there is no one in the House, this dream implies that you are available to leave the past behind and move forward in the direction of your choice.

If the old house that you see in your dream is located in some weird location, such a dream is a sure sign that you are harboring certain emotions and fears that you may not yet face, but your time will come for sure, just wait and see and be patient. You repress certain aspects of your personality and are afraid to face yourself, so this could be the only fear that you must overcome as soon as possible.

If the old House from your dream is filled with some creatures (nightmare, creatures that want to harm you, like ghosts, and similar), it speaks to you that you subconsciously want to change some things in your life.

This is one very interesting dream that speaks to you that there is in your mind and soul, something that regularly causes unrest or something that makes you completely unhappy with yourself. Try to re-examine yourself and find out what it really is.

If you become relieved of it, you will achieve the perfect emotional balance you currently miss.

Do I have to be worried?

A dream in which you have seen an old house that is collapsing and is going to fall down any minute, such a dream could have a somewhat  negative symbolism, and signifies that you are either completely or confused or in constant conflict with yourself, trying to find a measure or balance between your real needs and your overwhelming desires and ambitions, and that you are completely lost, and you are in a complete “storm” because you cannot understand the essence, and you are completely doomed to ruin.

And because this is the dream that is connected to your emotions, and your current emotional state, it is always worrying to know that something is not ok with your emotional system, but is always to know that something is wrong, rather than looking and wandering and asking yourself why your life is nothing like you have imagined it.

What to do if I had this dream?

But, on the other hand, it is not necessarily to have this dream and be sure that a dream symbolism is very bad – even if such dreams are managed to create chaos and confusion on your own from a very good and stable life in reality, and not to be able to get out of trouble and to keep sane and normal.

It is advisable for you to hinder some outmoded beliefs and principles by which you think and act, and that you either have to change your approach to problems or reconcile yourself to the fact that you are defeated and, in a dignified and timely manner, give up your futile struggle.

It is the question of all struggles that could hit you in life, and it is the question of how you deal with them, especially if the struggle in question is emotional.

To dream that the House in your dream is old is one dream that is very interesting to look at since there are still many versions of this dream –

It can be the house where nobody lives, that is, it is completely empty and abandoned, and that there is no furniture or anything but “bare walls”.

In reality, you could ask yourself questions are you very lonely and unhappy and feel great emotional emptiness and unfulfillment, and failing to find anything that would “move” you and change your attitude?

If you do, and the dream is a clear confirmation that this is the true, you need to work really hard on yourself – try to suppress your strong sense of indifference, and, of course bring you some joy and success that would give you some new energy and the willpower to fight, and to make some beginnings and “steps forward”.

One more addition to this piece is this – some say that the dream about the old House implies that your “world view” is slowly but surely changing, and that you have decided to forget all your past mistakes, to go the “new and better path”, and to be fully aware that you have to think about your future, and fight and persist in your plans, and your intention to make it happen in life.

All in all, be careful in what state is your “house”, even if the exterior is old, what hides inside does not have to be – it could be brand new, intact.


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