Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In essence, the science of Astrology maintains to be, even in these modern times, the phenomena that are always related to the human activity, and the Zodiac signs are in fact the symbols that are present as the representation of certain characteristics of behavior and personality traits.

You can find out these characteristics and traits if you look at the one in particular aspect, we are talking about the luminaries (as we have said, the Sun and Moon both affect human activity) and their impact on a person.

Today that person is the one that has Sun located in the Scorpio and the Moon in the Capricorn sign. As you will able to see during this article, this combination makes this human being very hard to understand and accept, but in him, many things remain hidden. And those things can be both disturbing and remarkable.

Good Traits

There is no doubt that the person with such luminary position has a strong character and incredible will in life to do whatever he wants. He is able to achieve things that others just imagine; he can do it with ease.

He is the one that has numerous skills and such a power of character that he will certainly leave some kind of a trace on the planet Earth, and this can be seen as his motto.

Others may see him as the one that is a misanthropist, indifferent to people and interested only in absolute himself, but this cannot be far from the truth, he has warmth and joy in his heart, maybe it has a problem in showing it to others.

He may seem cold and calm, but this is certainly not his essence in life, he has so much more to show to the world, and the main problem is the fact that he finds it hard to show his deep emotions (but the Sun in the Scorpio promises that passion is there, even if cannot be seen right away).

He is the one that is directed toward introspection – which sharp and patient mind accentuates what is important in the world that is around him, allowing him to figure out his inner secrets and sometimes associate them with the general arrangement of the world.

His way to success is this – with its clarity he achieves success, with his logic and perseverance, he can make the best out given circumstances.

Bad Traits

You will meet the best this human if you understand his energy, he is not anyone else you know; and in fact, this human being is mysterious, hard-working.

But he is the one that does not trust anyone, even himself, and is always giving superhuman efforts at work and in other duties – the problem arises when he accepts from everyone else to do the same.

He is reserved and tense person who often worries about many things in life, and he is obsessed with some of his guilty feelings, which is why he is often suspicious and cautious in his relationship with the environment. You can just imagine how his family feels when this person does not trust even them; this is catastrophic for every other relation in his life.

In him, there are obviously unfounded defense attitudes, even when they are necessary. He needs to stop with such attitude and try to relax in life, and enjoy the ride.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

Before love, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Sagittarius sign is focused on success, authority, responsibility, and he feels the need to testify to the concrete results of his hard and long-term efforts – it is important for him to achieve success on the material plane and to prove himself to others.

Then he can maybe give love a chance – in this sense, and he needs to learn to “unwind” from time to time, because, just like water, love and friendship are necessary for this person to live, even if he is not aware of this fact.

When he finds time for love, he enters in an emotionally protective mood, and as a lover, he is one practical, excellent organiser, a person who thinks about everything, and his lovers do not have to worry about anything.

However, if he goes through a tough emotional relationship, he can waste time and years of suffering, be lonely or difficult to forget the person he liked or things that happened that ended his romance.

But the good news is that he always learns from his experience (even those experiences that negative and painful) and never repeats the same mistakes again. The problem is in the time that he spends in suffering, and possessiveness about his mistakes and failures in love; if he could only shorten this time, everything would be much better.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

When in a long-term or a meaningful relationship, the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Sagittarius connection can be seen as the one that is largely egoist, conformist, and convinced of the correctness of many suppressed desires that he now has the liberty of showing.

When not in a relationship or in the moments when he goes through some pain, this person is inclined to sink into intellectual and sentimental loneliness. What comes from this is happiness in love; he is slowly building the next relationship that will be better than the last one.

Before you truly meet this human being, he can be cold and antipathic, but if you welcome him in your life, you will see a warm, warm, emotional person, but also a very explosive lover with a lot of passion.

So it is all about the timing in his life, and the same thing is when it comes to love relations.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon

Since he is persistent and resolutely searching for the truth in everything that he does, he needs a lover that will never lie or try to trick him; he hates love games, and truly appreciates open communication.

Often times because of such an approach, this human being can be burned, and therefore he should try to strengthen his personality.

In love, his action is directed toward building something firm until it becomes a kind of armor, insensitive and indifferent to unpleasant feelings – the love house that cannot be harmed.

The perfect match for him is the person born in the Zodiac sign Scorpio!

Yes, you have heard it well these two can make wonders together.

If they open immediately to each other, this connection can be very successful because of the common characters. On the business plan, both are strong, and they want to dominate, but this is a good thing because they will be successful. Although they can have similar ideas, they often exchange views through conflicts and debates – the passion between them becomes even stronger.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

He is great as a friend, although he is responding to people who are strong in character and inseparable in their profession. When he is injured, hurt or just in a bad mood (if all of this is caused by his friends), he hardly forgets and forgiving.

He has considerable traits for social success and spiritual upbringing, provided that he is able to mingle with people and tries to relax a bit. He cannot be so serious all the time; otherwise, living in the power of his weaknesses, he will sink much deeper under all of these values.

This person will be pleased to have contact with successful people (often times he works with his best friends), but he always strives for strong personal authority and domination. This can be the stone that he will fall at times, since problem arises in times when he wants to dominate his friends, and it is hard since they are also very strong and do not want to give up his powers so easily.

He has strong defensive pinnacles, and whatever action he seems cold, reserved, closed, at the same time he is blessed with an extraordinary inner enthusiasm that drives other people to become better.

He is the one friend that is ready to always fight for the well-being of children and young people, he is very prone to humanitarian work (he does not want others to see it, but he shows his tenderness in these and similar situations).


To sum all information that we gained about the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Capricorn sign, we will start by saying that it is definitely not an easy task to get to know this human being with somewhat mysterious and cold character.

It’s not easy to know him, but really get to know him, for what he truly is; many warm and beautiful things, as well as those that are disturbing lies under the surface.

This combination of luminaries is, in fact, a marriage between passion and reason, with the ever-present feeling of belonging to one exalted one -this person is very connected to its spiritual side, and often he is very religious and connected to the tradition.

Some passionate illusions are generally not present in this human being, but this does not mean that he does not dreams; while he remains to be cold and indifference; he is actively fighting with his fears.

He is in fact, in his essence, a person with the thrilling passion for the life and success that is often achieved by usage of his organisational ambition that comes to expression.


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