Mercury Sextile Pluto

The sextile aspect in the natal chart connects the signs of the same polarities and performs the function of transmitting information of meaning from one planet to another, with one helping the other by providing it with vital information that is necessary for the growth, or development in any way, on or the other.

First of all, we have to remind you that the planet Mercury is personal and one of the most important planets in interpreting the natal chart because it represents our way of thinking, what is most logical to a person and how he expresses and communicates, while Pluto is an obscure planet that talks about transformation, and mystery in some ways, but it speaks of sensual pleasures and sexuality in general, so it can go both ways.

In this piece, we will speak more in details about the people who have this aspect Mercury sextile Pluto – what does it mean for people who have this position, and how they can use the best out of both worlds?

Read here and find your answers, because you can learn so much about the horoscope in general.

General characteristics

If we know that the Mercury is connected to the process of communication, intellect, and finding answers as their driving force combined with the Pluto’s extreme ways, and magical connections, along with the passion, then we know that these people are not ordinary.

Those who have such sextile in their charts are very interesting and strong personalities.

When Mercury, as the planet of the intellect, merges with Pluto, which is a planet of depth, occult and exploration, we get a person who is very analytical, has great power of understanding and the extraordinary power of concentration as you will be able to see in our celebrity example and for example the choice of their professions.

In the case of the symbolism of Mercury and Pluto, Mercury, in a sextile with Pluto, conveys to Pluto information about the individual’s current state of consciousness, which Pluto processes, and gives Mercury quite clear feedback, while also adding some of the energy needed to make the individual aware of what is happening to him and retrieve correct steps to correct what is wrong and improve the effectiveness of your actions in daily life.

Julian McMahon, Dawn Fraser, Mae West, Vladimir Putin,  Stephen King, Lauren Bacall, Dale Winton, Bruce Springsteen, Augusten Burroughs, Tatum O’Neal, and Ritchie Valens.

Good Traits

As you could guess these people are very persuasive in discussions or debates, do not give up their ideas and even like good competition because they are not afraid of anyone; if they succeed in coming high in the most powerful positions possible, then they are able to “rule the world” in some way, and their authority could not be questioned.

These individuals’ minds are also focused on finances and will even do well in the economy – but of course, many of them are able to get involved in some creative work.

Mercury in astrological symbolism represents the development of our consciousness, our mind – to explain you simply, it means that the planet Mercury represents the way we think and communicate, the way we move, traffic (of anything in our world, both literal, and the traffic or information), our planning and organizing skills, our logic, our ability to analyze and our need to learn and gain knowledge.

Pluto, on the other side of the story, represents the principle of transformation, how we change something in our lives, how we adapt to circumstances, how we transcend our limitations, and how we handle energy resources, not only those in our environment but also how we use our own life energy.

In this way, these people can sharpen their consciousness, find ways to do something better and faster, understand each other better, communicate more clearly and be better organized.

People who have in their natal charts Mercury sextile Pluto, they are for sure, more alert and attentive than anyone else in their environment. It is easier to acquire knowledge and certain concepts when you have such sextile in your natal chart -and these people use this ability abundantly.

Here, in a very graphic way, we can describe the symbolism of these two planets. Mercury is the symbol of the transmitter of information, the mythological messenger of the gods.

Pluto symbolizes a reaction – combined this is one aspect that could be used for good, but it can also be used in another, not so good way. Information could be misused, etc.

Bad Traits

Having said all of this, we must add one more thing here – these people who have Mercury sextile Pluto are most commonly those who are able to manipulate people in any way they want and use that power for their selfish purposes only, not showing their real intentions to others.

Humans with this aspect use this ability in a responsible way and think about personal motives to make sure that you are serving not only personal goals, but take into account the needs of the people around them.

It is just the question, are they are always available to do so? No, they are not, often times their mysterious ways and ideas that are connected to the selfish ways come to the surface.

One more thing is the fact that their thoughts work at levels that reach deep below the surface, dedicate these days to alternative skills – and it is always a personal question how they will use it.

Love Matters

When it comes to love, we must say that here obsessive planet Pluto brings a strong need to say something to and to be right, and also in combination with the Mercury, there are a deeper penetration and exploration in the course of a conversation.

When they find someone who they like, there is a change in the mode of expression, in speech, and they show more courage.

Here some thoughts, words may have the ability to transform, heal, regenerate, and reject the outdated way of thinking.

They are much more than some ordinary lovers since they are able to radiate a special energy and are extremely active.

In fact, their power of perception is maximized; they will want to play with the detective and discover well-hidden secrets and are often involved in some hidden love affairs.

These people crave a deeper understanding of what is happening with their lovers- the best versions of themselves are the one where they are active and develop the necessary skills, and you are happy to share their conclusions with others.

Inspirational discussions are the thing for them, so their lovers should be aware of this fact.

Work Matters

People who have a good connection with Mercury and Pluto very often engage in alternative, psychology or even criminal studies -or in some cases, they write about this, but some form of this must be included in their work.

They can have good experiences if they also deal with hypnosis or any kind of energy treatments because they can easily affect other people, and many of them find their career in these professions.

Some of them become sexologists because the relationship between these two planets indicates that a person likes to talk about sex and that there are no taboo topics in conversation.

They are able to speak their mind, if they want to, and to get involved as many details as possible – these are the details that many other people would miss out, but not the ones that have this sextile position.

Whatever they choose to do, they will be different, and very successful, for sure – they will bring into the world something that has not been seen before and in this way, they will be admired but also scrutinized.

The fact is that they will never show that comments hurt them, maybe deep inside, but on the surface, they will never show it.


Pluto symbolizes our deepest unconscious level, while Mercury symbolizes our waking consciousness, that which is on the surface.

The percentage of our waking consciousness ranges from an average of 3-5% of what total consciousness represents.

Fewer people are aware of it more than that, but their wakefulness threshold is only about 10% of the total. We cannot be aware of everything that happens in us at all times.

In most cases, we are not aware of what is at the moment the most important for the efficient execution of our actions, which is why we make mistakes.

Our mind “wanders off”, we are confused, concentrated, paying attention to a series of irrelevant details instead of what is important. This slows us down, hinders us and makes us ineffective in our daily lives.

But this is not the case in the lives of these people, because in their synchronized interaction when sextile is present, Mercury and Pluto describe a full understanding of the situation and help us widen and deepen the threshold of our waking consciousness.

They allow for processing what we are aware of and what is important for us at the moment to understand, relying on valid and necessary parameters, in order to receive accurate and clear feedback on what we are interested in.

We can clearly understand where we are, what we are, and what we need to do to perform an action properly. That is the essential meaning of this aspect.

These people have fruitful insights into what you couldn’t quite see so far- the advice is that when they get the chance to become aware of something that has either been suppressed in the subconscious or they will discover some secret that will be of use to them.

In any case, what they bring out of your subconscious into the light of day.

When these people become aware of it, they will be able to use it on a practical plane, which is another house, so it can bring some new values ​​in life, and on the material plane, and concrete gains.

They are able to have an insight into something that is in the subconscious, and truly they can cope with what is important.

The best advice is for them to stay true to themselves, but to avoid the mystery that fascinates them.


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