Dreams About Bulls – Interpretation and Meaning

Bulls mostly resemble wild energy and aggression in real life. They look calm and collected on the outside, but if we provoke them, they will strike back with rage like we have never seen before.

Bulls represent those feelings in ourselves, that often get dragged out of us by other people’s reactions and behavior.

In different cultures around the world, bull symbol has been used very common.

This symbol has been used for representation of various emotions and actions.

As a symbol in Celtic culture, bull represented power of procreation.

Extending the life of your clan. Druids connected this animal to the solar system, and considered bull a symbol of wealth and richness.

This was also due to the fact that cattle was extremely important in ancient times, and considered to be a luxury.

In Chinese culture, bull represents strong will, motivation and perseverance. These symbols represent hard work, strong headed people and materialistic desires.

Sumerian culture, sees bull symbol as protection and it is mostly used on the entrances and gates that lead into temples.

In Hebrew culture, bull symbolizes harmony and our ability to provide ourselves with things and take care of our family members and loved ones.

Bulls also represent strong will, and even in astrology, this sign is seen as strong headed and with an extreme will power.

Today, bull symbol is used to note that stock market is going up. Just like in ancient times, confidence and will of power are main traits of this animal.

Dream symbolism-bull

If you had a dream about bull, and you are wondering what does it mean, maybe these few explanations could help.

When you had a dream about bulls, it could mean you have set for yourself a certain goal and you are feeling confident about it.

Your will power is strong and you feel confident about their realization.

This can also be a feeling of power that you have felt in your past.

Facing a bull can represented different things. If you are in love then it means you have a strong sexual desire in you, and you are trying to control it.

On the other hand, if you are not in love, then this means your power of will has backfired and made you disappointed about certain goals you had before.

Bull can also mean that your only way to move forward is to face your past.

This way any unresolved issues will stop being on your path that leads to the future.

If you had a dream about a bull that is acting aggressively, then you are frustrated in your real life.

Maybe you are not happy by the way a certain person is acting in their family or relationship.

And a simple change could lead to a happy life, but they just don’t seem to see it.

Killing a bull in your dreams is connected to your own natural instincts.

They might come from your family, love or someplace else, but this symbolism is always deep down in some way related to those natural urges we feel.

Perhaps sexual, or even just protective nature towards our loved ones.

Dream where the bull is getting sacrificed, represents our lack of will.

This means we have given up on ourselves and don’t feel that motivation that we had anymore.

If you are riding a bull in your dream, this represents you are feeling stable with your decisions, and nothing is going to ruin that.

Your goals and your methods for achieving those goals are on point.

If you are riding in reverse then this means your fight will face some obstacles and challenges.


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