Bag – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

What is the only thing that you cannot leave your house in the morning when you are leaving?

This is a question that is not related to any age, social status, or what you do in life – you can take a bag for shopping, for work, for school, for practice.

Some people like small bags, while others enjoy big ones where they can put everything they need; and some say that if you see a person bag, you can find out a lot of the character of that person.

This is the everyday object that we use all the times, on every occasion, and it is no wonder that we see as the motive in our dreams, and the meaning of such a dream can vary a lot.

The Meaning of Dreams about Bag

In the case of the dream where you are wearing a bag that is massive, and there are a lot of things in it, such a dream means that you are the person who can be distracted very easily.

So, such a dream comes as a warning – it advises you not to be distracted by some things that are around you and that are not so relevant for you.

If the bag that you are carrying in your dream is empty, it does not have anything in it, and such a dream implies that you also think about tomorrow. You are the person who could spend the entire salary in a couple of days even though it would mean starving or living on someone else’s account until the next. You are unsettled and angry when others tell you to exaggerate.

If the bag in your dream is brand new, something that you wanted to own for a long time, and you know that it will serve you very much for numerous purposes, such a dream indicates that you will hear good news.

You are likely to get a raise that will motivate you to work harder at work, or regarding anything that you care for deeply in your life.  You will be grateful to your superiors for being fair to you and will continue to do your best.

And, on the other side of the story, if the bag in your dream is very old, ruined, torn, etc., but you still carry it, such a dream is just an indication that you are the person who is extremely busy.

It seems that you are the person, who is all over the place, but this does not have to be in a good way, you maybe lose your energy too much, and this kind of life is taking its toll on you. This is not the type of life that you will be able to lead for much longer.

You may not have time to have coffee with your friends, let alone go shopping, but this is not a good life or the one that completes you.

Previously, you complained that you had no money, but even this extreme does not suit you, so change it.

If the bag in your dream is a school bag, such a dream means that you are about to work so hard so that you can succeed in what you have set as a goal. It may be that you will be on probation and may be expected to die for work. As this will not be right for you, you will have to decide how you will set yourself up.

If the bag from your dream is created for travel, such a dream represents the indication or a warning that you should stay home.

Probably this year you will not go anywhere on vacation, which will be very difficult for you to fall. You will try not to think about it, but you will overlook arrangements and cultivate the hope that a miracle will happen.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Bag

In the version of the dream where you have gifted someone with the bag, such a dream is the symbol of a good taste that you have. Everyone from your surroundings likes to ask you about the advice regarding many things in life.

You are the person who always finds something nice, quality and affordable – and this is connected to your friends, they like to have you around them so that you can provide them with good advice that they can use later.

If you are receiving the bag as a gift from someone, such a dream symbolizes a pleasant surprise. If you had such a dream, know that you will be pleasantly surprised. It may be a person who will become more attentive to you and other people in the environment – and this is the dream that has such an amazing symbolical value.

They will remember some important dates and call you to mark them together – maybe until now you have forgotten, and your friends suffered because of it. Now is the time to change it.

If in a dream, you have thrown a bag at someone or someone has thrown a bag at you -such a dream symbolize rebellion. Or someone is going to rebel against you, it could be someone from your environment or in the other version, you will rebel against someone or something in your environment.

You are the rebel -the most likely you will disagree with someone else’s decisions and tell him/her in the face, you would not be able to stop that feeling, you know that you are overdramatic, but you just have to do it.

Even if you do nothing, your conscience will be pure because you have done your best, and this is maybe the best possible symbolical value regarding this dream.

Do I have to be worried?

A bag is a type of pack, a big purse that you use on a daily basis; in it, you carry everything that you need in your life.

You do not have to be worried, and you just should be careful, what is that you are “carrying” in your bag – is there many things (some of them are probably unnecessary), or that bag is torn, and there is nothing in it?

Maybe the bag is just the symbol of things that you are carrying with you, and it is the reflection of your life, and it shows what is that that is truly important for you.

These dreams can show what is that you are afraid that you may lose, and the fear is a reflection of your inner feeling that you may lose in life.

Depending on the version of this dream, if the bag in your dream is huge, this is the dream that shows that you can be distracted from some important things in life, but on the other hand it shows that you are the person who is everywhere and invest energy in many different things.

If the bag is small and empty, it shows that you should pay attention to your energy and the directions – where does it go?

Sometimes it is truly important to find out is all that hard work beneficial, and in that context, the dream about the school bag speaks of the hard work that you must invest in making some success in your life.

What to do if I had this dream?

As we have said, the bag as the symbol of things that are important for you in a real-life; and in some ways, it can show on what you use your energy on a daily basis.

It is possible that you consider yourself more valuable than others because you are making more money – sometimes this is the dream that shows such your character, and it is advisable for you to stop doing that.

Your motto is that everyone is a forger of your own destiny, which is why you have no understanding for those who have failed and who have failed in life – but life is not always fair, and be sure that you could be the one who is on the other side of the luck.

You don’t think what would have happened to you if you had grown up in a different environment, but at times these questions are not beneficial, they can even bring you to the bigger confusion than ever before.

Do not be alarmed that you had such a dream – some examination is ok along with reprioritizing your goals.


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