Dreams About Miscarriage – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about miscarriage can be really tough on us and leave us feeling devastated. This dream is that one dream no one wants to experience, since it will definitely wake us up and leave us feeling down for the rest of the day.

Dreams with such a strong symbolism, like this one, can have a completely opposite meaning from the one that they have in real life.

So if you ever had a dream about a miscarriage, these are some possible interpretations.

Dream about a miscarriage in general

If you had a dream about miscarriage, then this dream represents changes in your life that are on the way. These changes could be good or bad, but either way your life will be turned inside out.

It is best to be prepared for everything that might come your way and accept everything in life, as if that is the natural course you need to take.

If you are someone who doesn’t like changes, maybe it is time to dive in and face the adventure in the eye, before you start complaining and wanting your old life back. Everything that happens to us in life is a lesson so we should learn from it and move on.

Dream about a miscarriage in a car

If you had a dream about having a miscarriage while in the car, then this dream is a representation of your desire to move on forward. Your future seems so far away and every step you try to take in that direction, ends up being a failure.

Maybe you should consider some new methods and stop repeating the same mistakes over again, before you completely give up on your goal.

Sometimes we make ourselves believe that things can’t be done any other way while, in reality, they certainly can be.

Dream about a miscarriage in your home

If you had a dream about a miscarriage in your home, then perhaps you are dissatisfied with the current situation in your family. A family member might be causing trouble in your home and you don’t know how to calm this person down and give her a good advice.

All of the drama regarding this family member is causing your family to suffer and it is making everybody feel like they want to be away from home as soon as possible.

Perhaps it is best to talk to your family members and solve this issue before it gets worse.

Dream about a miscarriage on the street

If you had a dream about a miscarriage on the street, then you might be scared about a future project you are working on. You are scared that it is doomed to failure and others will see you as a big failure as well. You are afraid that you will be a subject of other people’s gossip and being in the center of attention for such a reason is not on anybody’s wish list.

Dream about somebody else’s miscarriage

If someone else in your dream had a miscarriage, then you might be worried about this particular person. It seems like they have lost their guidance in life and things haven’t been going well for them, in the last few years.

This could be your friend or someone else close to you that you want to protect from the pain and suffering. Talk to them and try to find out what is going on in their life and then figure out a solution for these troubles. This person is probably depending on you so don’t let her down.

Dream about several miscarriages

This dream is an unusual one but if you had a dream like this, then this dream is a representation of your fear of failure. Because you had troubles succeeding before, you now feel like this is never going to change and you won’t ever be able to move forward.

Before you start blaming or judging yourself for something that hasn’t even happened, try focusing on the good side of everything and stop wasting time thinking about the future. This way, even if you do fail, you will always stay in that positive mind setup that is eventually going to take you to success.

Dream about a miscarriage (if you are pregnant)

If you are currently pregnant and you had a dream about a miscarriage, then this dream could only be a symbol of your motherly love and affection. You are afraid about the birth and you are just worrying like any other mom-to-be does.

Don’t let this dream shake you up and make you feel depressed because many women have this same dream when they are pregnant.

Alternatively, this dream could be a representation of failed career plans you have been working on. Even though this is an important thing in your life, taking care of your pregnancy is more important. So stay far away from stressful situations and enjoy your “blessed” condition.

Dream about a miscarriage (for a man)

If you had a dream about a miscarriage that your wife or girlfriend had, then this dream is a symbol of your concern and affection you feel for this person. This woman is someone special in your life and you potentially see her as your future wife and mother of your children.

This dream can also be a warning sign for you, if you haven’t been paying enough attention to your significant other. It is definitely time to give back all of the love and attention she has given you, and stop neglecting your loved one.

Dream about a miscarriage in the hospital

If you had a dream about a miscarriage in the hospital, then this dream could be a warning sign for you. You should take better care of your health and well-being and stop stressing over unimportant things. Perhaps you have been feeling anxious and depressed because of all of the work you have to handle, so this dream warns you that you should definitely slow down.

Take a vacation or spend more time in the nature or with your friends, and stop thinking too much about other people. Taking care of your health is the most important thing, and nobody is going to do this unless you do it.

Dream about having a miscarriage and no one is there to help

If you had a dream about being helpless and calling for help, and nobody is coming to help you, then this dream is a representation of your loneliness. Some of your previous actions and words in life have led to this, and now you don’t have anybody in life to give you a helping hand or a good advice.

Alternatively, this dream could be a representation of betrayal or fear of one. You are afraid that you might be betrayed by your loved ones, especially if you open up too much or give them too much of yourself. We can’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet, so instead of focusing on the bad, try to trust the people around you and don’t be scared.

Dream about having a painless miscarriage

If you had a dream about having a miscarriage that was painless, then you might encounter romantic problems. You and your partner are going to be on two opposite sides about something and making an agreement won’t be easy.

Before you make any sudden decisions, try taking a step back or a small break from each other to realize where is your relationship heading to. If this disagreement is something important to you and you can’t seem to get over the fact that your partner disagrees, then maybe you are simply not meant to be together.

And if this disagreement wasn’t something major, then try having a serious conversation and don’t rush to judgment until you hear the other side of the argument.


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