Chiron in Scorpio

Chiron was discovered in 1977 as a celestial body circulating between Saturn and Uranus.

It is officially included in both asteroids and comets (due to certain characteristics common to both comets and asteroids), although there is ongoing debate over whether it is an asteroid, comet, or maybe a tiny planet.

It takes 51 years for Chiron to pass the entire Zodiac. In Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron is portrayed as a wise man and a careful teacher who was able to skillfully pass on his knowledge to others. He longed for inner peace and serenity and was able to develop his own skill to reduce all the suffering of life.

In astrology, this celestial body symbolizes self-development, life’s struggles, man’s efforts to deal with many of life’s pains and disappointments, and those of the individual concerned with the advancement of his own self.

Chiron in Scorpio Man

Chiron in Scorpio refers to crises of identity, passion and will. The person feels as if they do not belong anywhere and that no one understands them.

In order to cure herself, she must first accept that she is imperfect, she must also learn how to let go of things and how to let go of the fear that she will never have enough of what she needs.

In the encounter behavior, a Chiron scorpion Connection initially restrained. But if a relationship has been fixed, so can Chiron a strong need for control. The Chiron Scorpion Facility lends the ability to the depths of the human Soul (… and its dark sides …) to penetrate.

In emotionally difficult Situations and life crises can people over with this facility outgrow yourself and help others. You can do that on a professional basis Use level (crisis management).

By aligning this Chiron energy For the benefit of the community, these people can also have a salutary access to find your own Chiron wound. You can accept ours so much easier being subject to the inevitable change of life and death.

Chiron in Scorpio Woman

People with Chiron in Scorpio can enhance their gifts such as empathy and paranormal abilities through various experiences in life. They become wiser through transformative experiences of life such as birth and death.

Perhaps some of them have suffered a great loss early in life, or feel that something has died in them.

They may fear their own power or feel helpless, which is why they often break with courage because they conceal their true feelings. They constantly worry that they will lose their loved ones or their property.

They have to learn to value life, and that by losing someone or something, they can become richer for what they have.

They can become quite preoccupied with losing if they are not careful. They can help others who are going through sadness or stress with their great understanding of the area.

Good Traits

Scorpio plants in the horoscope refer to the zodiac sign Scorpio, the 8.House and on Pluto. If Chiron in the birth chart of a man more than touched a scorpion plant, the theme of “death and life” becomes a very sensitive point. In humans with this Chiron coinage alone Thought of the finiteness of all being great fears.

The sign of Scorpions symbolize becoming and passing away. It crosses the borders of this side of the hereafter. The scorpion sees life as a constant change. Nothing remains as it is. These people are particularly sensitive to the touch Power issues.

People with a Chiron Scorpion system are self-absorbed great potential of intense forces, in the form of power and influence or manifest on a sexual level. But the yearning for Realization of these energies is at the same time the fear of the possible Consequences of a claim to power.

They fear by implementation their ideas and beliefs may be disasters or Tripping tragedies for their fellow human beings. So they avoid it, even after Power to aspire.

On the other hand, they do not tolerate the power of others to be at the mercy of people. They have sensors that take any form of Track down abuse of power.

Chiron’s wounds are also his great gifts of healing and wisdom, having learned the lesson that, as with Saturn, we bring marked in our Astral Chart as experiences to live.

This location offers us the opportunity to deeply accept the dark side of life, without identifying with it and without Try to change it.

What we are asked, in this case, is that we embrace our own emotional depths and a wide range of positive and negative feelings.

We may begin to feel more comfortable in life after we have consciously faced death in some way.   We may also need to learn not to reject or disregard the vision of others who are happier than us.

As healers, they are likely to be able to help those who are trapped in pain and darkness, since their own gift is the knowledge and experience of these areas.

Bad Traits

What robs you of the strength that makes you sick: insecurity, smoldering anger, feelings of revenge when you have been betrayed, feel deceived.

This can cause bullying in the office, but also unfaithfulness or incomprehension in the relationship.

Blockages build up, which can trigger pain, anxiety, but also food addiction. Your subconscious mind wants to warn you, creates tensions that make you sick.

Dishonest people, lawless, authoritarian bosses, unreliable partners whom you cannot trust. The old grudge announces itself, anger rises, repressed aggression, self-destructive forces that make you sick.

They unconsciously punish themselves for the betrayal of others. They do not feel adorable and blame themselves.

A partner who talks to you a lot, who is very open and therefore you can trust without reservations. It becomes the center, the anchor, the port of your life.

He becomes your most important therapist, in whose arms your self-healing powers can unfold. Emotional security heals everything in your life.

Chiron in Scorpio – General Info

With Chiron here our deepest wounds tend to remain present in our adult lives, and our emotional life may have been fixed in a childhood stage.

That is why it is important that these natives make contact with the emotional life they had in their first instinctive stage, both in their negative extremes of anger, voracity, destructive envy, depression and guilt, as well as with the positive ones: their love, their deep vitality and its growth capacity; important these to have a deep experience of the positive aspect of their emotional life and their connection with others.

These natives usually have to face death from a young age, due to some birth trauma, a serious illness that would have endangered their lives, the death of one of their parents or any other experience of proximity to death.

Emotional growth is usually quite tumultuous, and sometimes it seems that everything was a matter of life or death.

Below their low self-esteem, the ease with which they feel bad, unworthy and – without knowing why – wrong, it is possible that these natives fear their own destructive potential and impose a rigorous emotional control, aimed at protecting the other from him.

With this location, unconscious and unrecognized emotional destructiveness can be projected onto other people, and then the individual becomes quite paranoid and lives worried about protecting himself from someone who persecutes him, real or imaginary, continuously trying to make fun of him or placate him.

The roots of such uncomfortable feelings sink into the early relationship with his mother: the child loves her, needs her for her survival, and yet fears her tremendous power, since she can satisfy her wishes or refuse to do so.

He would want to devour her totally, swallow her so she could never leave him; all your emotions, the positive and the negative, have this devouring character.

These natives may need a lot of time to forgive those who have hurt them, and are unable to pretend to forgive them. They can have a lot of benefit from rebirth therapy (Rebirthing) or any other similar one, since sometimes the real trauma of birth is the key point of their condition of being injured, and therefore also of healing.

The natives with this location know, or imagine, that they were not a desired child. It is also likely that the birth was physically very traumatic for the mother, or created economic difficulties.

The mother may have reluctantly sacrificed to pursue a career for the sake of motherhood, and perhaps by suppressing her resentment she could not have prevented her son from becoming painfully evident.

It is common, with this location, that the natives feel hurt in the domain of sexuality: incest, ill-treatment and terrifying episodes of sadism and violence are often frequent events, either in real life or in the fantasy of these people, who can receive or inflict tremendous wounds (but also heal them) through their sexual experiences, which for them are always grounds for confrontation with their deepest feelings.

However, if they can reconcile with their early feeling of being hurt, they can be very affectionate and tender as a sexual partner, as parents, therapists or teachers, because they understand what emotional suffering is.

The path of these natives can lead them to the “heart of darkness”, because their experience of things is very deep. His personal journey generally includes some confrontation with death, or having to go through the experience of living a strong mental and emotional crisis.

However, if the native can recognize the transpersonal elements that exist in his own experience (those attempts of the spirit that we carry inside to create a new and wider vision of ourselves and of life, through those lived experiences), then that understanding

He can lead him to a security and a regeneration of his life, a new compassion and personal depth, instead of being prisoners of hatred and rancor.

These natives have the ability to see below the surface of life, and to penetrate the darkness, things that most people prefer neither to look at nor to find out.

How can these profound capacities be achieved, if not “thanks” to the difficult experiences we have had to go through our childhood and later life?


Chiron symbolizes vulnerabilities and wounds in our personality, which despite the greatest effort are difficult to repair.

Salvation will only be experienced when imperfection is accepted and lived in humility. Over the conflict with the pain, we gain a maturity that makes us a healer.

Chiron was a centaur, a human-headed and horse-faced creature. He was a wise teacher and dedicated healer. Chiron founded Asklepeion, a center where the patient was healed and knowledge transmitted. One day Chiron was accidentally struck by a poisoned arrow of Hercules.

The pain was agonizing, but as a demigod he was immortal and had to live with it. Suffering enough, he passed on his immortality to Prometheus, voluntarily descended into the underworld of Hades and was able to let go of his injury.


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