Dreams About Lice – Interpretation and Meaning

Lice are annoying little creatures that attack our hairs and cause rash. They are extremely hard to get rid of and in our dreams they can have a strong symbolic meaning.

Meaning they have can be positive and negative, depending on the other details of our dream and the overall feeling we had in it.

Dream about lice in general

Lice in a dream represent trouble. They are a symbol of something that is bothering you in your wake life, and you can’t find the solution for this problem.

Lice are hard to get rid of, so their presence in your dream indicates you will have a hard time getting rid of these problems as well.

If you act in time you might have a chance to solve these problems without major consequences, but if you let these problems rest for a while it will definitely become harder for you.

Dream about having lice

Dreaming of head lice on your head represents personal issues. Someone in your life, who is very close to you, is causing you a lot of trouble. This person disappointed you a lot recently and you are having problems forgiving him or her for that mistake.

These personal problems could also be between you and your partner. Perhaps your partner betrayed you and caused a lot of pain and aggravation that can’t be easily forgiven.

Even though it is hard, try talking to this person and resolve all issues you have with him or her. This is the only way you can move on in your life and sleep peacefully.

Dream about killing head lice

Dream about killing head lice represents money. Financially, things will be going extremely well for you and you have nothing to be afraid of. Any project you started before, that involved money, is going to bring you profit.

Money will simply be pouring in from every corner and you can enjoy fruits of your labor. This financial gain could also be a result of a raise at work or promotion by your boss. All of your hard work and dedication paid off, and you can finally sit back and enjoy this stable period.

Alternatively, this dream symbolizes going back to your ex-boyfriend or partner. Things between you are still not resolved and you have feelings for this person. Rekindling the old flame will be a happy event for both of you and you can expect a lot of beautiful moments together.

Dream about cleaning lice easily

If you had a dream in which you cleaned the lice easily, then you will be extremely successful at resolving your problems. Everything that comes at you is going to be resolved in the best possible way for you, even if you weren’t so sure about the outcome.

Your confidence will be through the roof and problems won’t worry you at all. Every step you take in the following period is going to be very successful and luck will definitely be on your side.

Dream about someone else having lice

Dreaming of lice on someone else, indicates you will be extremely successful in your business ventures. You can expect a raise or promotion at work that will bring you more money and stability in life.

This dream is an extremely positive one, so you can relax and wait for the fruits of your labor to start coming in. Your supervisor realized how hard you have worked and how much effort you put into your job obligations. Don’t disappoint your boss and keep working hard even after you get this promotion.

Dream about lice jumping from you to someone else

If lice were jumping from you onto someone else, you can expect your project to be successful because of that other person. Person you had a dream about is going to help you in some way, to achieve the goal you have in front of you.

Make sure you thank this person properly and be there for him or her later on in life. If the person in your dream wasn’t someone you know, this means you are about to meet someone who is going to help you achieve your goals.

You will meet this person at an important event, so don’t sit at home and wait for someone to knock on your door. Be sociable and go out to meet people.

Dream about lighter color lice

If lice in your dream were white or had a lighter color, this means you will experience a lot of problems in the upcoming period. Problems will be related your finances and investments. Avoid any kind of investment at this point and focus on covering debt you already have.

This is a better option for you because you could end up losing a lot of money, if you decide to invest anyway. Unexpected loses will also occur, so be prepared for them as well.

Dream about darker color lice

If lice in your dream were darker in color, this means you are about to accomplish something successful. Project you have been working on or a job you just got is going to bring you a lot of money and fame.

People will notice your efforts and offer you more opportunities to advance in life. Period that is being announced by this dream is a very fruitful one, so make sure you use this luck wisely. Invest in prosperous projects and start new ideas, but always think twice before you do that. Luck will be on your side but you still have to continue to work hard.

Dream about lice (for a bride-to be)

If you are engaged and waiting to get married, dreams about lice represent a conversation with your partner that is very important. There are some unresolved issues between you two and you need to address them before you get married.

These issues are not major, but if you choose to ignore them, they could get worse. Your marriage is going to be much stronger if you choose to be honest to your partner and if you don’t hide any details from him.

Dream about lice (for a married woman)

For married woman, dreams about lice represent woman’s fear of being cheated on by her partner. Perhaps you already sensed something is not right and you are afraid that your suspicions might become true.

Talking to your partner is the best solution, since everything else would be speculation. Be honest with him and tell him what you are afraid of. If you already noticed some signs of infidelity, then confront him about it but don’t overreact immediately. Perhaps there is a good explanation about certain things you haven’t thought of.

Dream about talking lice

If lice in your dream were talking, then you might find out something extraordinary in the following period. You are about to find out something very important for your career and life, so pay attention to everything that is going on around you.

Don’t miss out on any signs around you and talk to people around you to find out what is going on. Someone will share an important piece of information that will be crucial for your future.

Dream about small amount of lice

If there was only a small amount of lice in your dream, you are about to face some tough decisions in life. These decisions will be extremely hard to make, so make sure you consult someone for advice if you are not sure about the decision.

Perhaps you are about to make some false moves n life that will cause a lot of negative consequences for you and your close ones. Be very cautious in the upcoming period and trust no one.

Dream about lice eggs

If you had a dream about lice eggs, this dream represents good fortune in life. Everything you decide to do in the following period is going to be successful, so don’t be afraid to embark on a new adventure.

Moves you are about to make are crucial for you future and the future of people you love. Use this very positive period to improve the overall situation in your life and move up in all areas.

Dream about lice crawling on your head

If lice were crawling on your head or on your body, you need to be careful about money. You are about to make some bad decisions in life that could get you in serious debt.

Ask for advice from someone you know and ask for help if it becomes necessary.


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