Aries Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The position of the Sun and the Moon (among all other planets that are relevant for the astrological analyses)  in a personal horoscope is very important and knowing more about them can help you a lot in life, since it can reveal many things, and both Sun and Moon make the whole picture, since they cover different aspects).

Knowing more about these aspects means that a person could find what he likes to do, what purpose he fulfils, what is fulfilling for him,  and what his own self shows, because only then will a person feel safe in relation to his emotional state, and therefore he will be more willing to It gives it to others.

In some way, from the Sun to the Moon, we make the whole circle, and come to the beginning, reveal more about a personality.

Today we are focusing our attention to the person who, in his personal horoscope, has Sun positioned in the Aries Zodiac sign, and the Moon in the Libra.

These two aspects are not in so-called opposition, but they can contradict each other in some ways, so read all about this theme.

Good Traits

There is no doubt that this person will leave a lasting impression on his environment (there are many different stages and environments), and he will impose himself in a dignified way, and he will let others see how great he is and how he should be admired. And he is a truly charming person whose physical appearance, behavior and style of expression are the main flavors that make a lasting impression. He has a posture and attitude that draws attention, and he likes it.

However, it should be emphasised that he does so mostly spontaneously and unconsciously, as well as without a specific or meaningful strategy -this is who he is, and unlike Leo Zodiac sign who will do anything to make the lasting impression.

That is, a typical representative of this astrological combination behaves very spontaneously, honestly and according to his primary impulse; but we should have in mind that his primary instinct is to behave in a way that he draws attention.

As far as Libra impulse that exists here, this person successfully measures his own desires and needs in order to resolve possible internal conflicts that he might have more effectively. This person is mature, more than other people who are around him, and he is able to form his attitudes as an emotionally mature person.

Here, emotionality is connected to the intelligence, and unlike just having one or the other pronounced, we can see the perfect balance of the two.

This person has amazing logical reasoning, so immediate reactions are often very measured, and behavior is refined.

In many situations, this person radiates an unusual charm, is very stylish, charismatic, lovable and refined. In a communication in interpersonal relationships, this human usually avoids vulgarity, carefully chooses words, and gives diplomatic answers and advises.

Bad Traits

The human being who has positioned Sun in the Aries Zodiac sign and Moon in Libra sign can act in the way that he wants only the best for himself, and in this sense, he is the one that seeks for the attention and the highest positions in the society.

If he cannot reach it, this person could show the incredible amount of vanity, reflecting all of these interpersonal relations. This state of vanity could be extreme, and he can lose self-control in some cases, but later on, feel guilty because of it.

Sometimes he can act in the way that he seems like he is the team player, but in fact, this man is just looking for the opportunity to take the leadership position and to start his rule. And this rule at times could be problematic since he will be destroyed internally by his need to rule and to be always right and to be fair to his coworkers.

He loves for public acknowledgement, applause and popularity of any kind, and for that reason, on the business plan, it is often more often defined for a profession that can provide it with a business position in which it will be able to demonstrate its abilities, skills or even its talents publicly. The biggest punishment for this person is to be hidden from people.

Aries Sun Libra Moon in Love

All people who are in any way under the influence of the Libra sign want to achieve the inner balance, and this is usually connected to love. The soul of the person who has Sun in the Aries sign and Moon is located in Libra wants to be in love, and his needs should be met at two levels.

The first level is satisfaction on a physical level since Aries here is very strong, and the other level is on a level that is deeper, and it is connected to the strong emotions that he wants to share with his lover.

But the problem occurs at the moment when any of this is missing; as a consequence we have a lot of dissatisfaction with the love situation and the disharmonic situation in the field of love that.

Eventually, this could lead to an inability to achieve an internal balance in life in general; so for this person, love could be that thing that directs everything else.

The soul of this person needs to be loved and to have the tranquility, or he will be unhappy in life; once again we are saying that for the development of this human being, balance is necessary.

But one more thing must be said here, the Sun in Aries has influence here – and this human is ready to take the initiative in love in a very direct and open manner (the typical Aries trait). He also strives for a rational understanding of things (even things that are not tangible and concrete, like love) and wants to clearly and openly show his interest and his love intentions.

Aries Sun Libra Moon in a Relationship

But the most pronounced effect of the Moon in a Libra sign could be seen in the department of love – in the life of this human there is a deep interest a strong emotional connection in love and marriage, so partnership that is strong and stable represents the meaning of life for this human being.

This person who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra sign is in constant pursuit of the realisation of love and marital harmony, and this passionate person truly needs to have an inner balance.

Unlike some others, this person will put efforts to rationally and objectively examine and analyse the very nature of his love emotions as well as the overall situation on the love plan. This is a thing that will set him apart from some others – even if this person will gladly be fast and furious in love; he decided to wait and to choose his chances wisely.

In Love, when choosing the right lover that will meet all of his conditions, this human will make some conclusions after careful and active consideration. Then, he will be able to let go and stop searching for that one.

Best Match for Aries Sun Libra Moon

This person has a very charismatic appearance and knows how to flirt; he is able to draw attention to himself when he wants it.

But in a relationship, this person strives to build a solid love relationship and most often he shows himself ready enough for joint arrangements and reasonable compromises in connection with the preservation of the stability of the situation in the field of love. Who can be a perfect match for the person who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra sign?

The perfect match could be found in the Capricorn Zodiac sign – this person could provide the necessary stability that the person in question needs. He will be a loyal and stable lover, who is most often a serious lover, who likes to do things thoroughly.

He will lead this relationship one step by step, and he will adequately express his feelings – deep inside there is an honest and pure heart.

Aries Sun Libra Moon as a Friend

There is absolutely no doubt that this person has a beautiful heart, and is a loyal friend, but sometimes he cannot resist being egocentric in interpersonal relations, and the need to always be right and to share justice.

There is a pronounced need to rule and to be dominant in interpersonal relations, including friendships, but this is the person who can overcome his need to be dominant and to have deep and loyal friends in life, where mutual respect is mandatory. There cannot be friendships if there is no respect and loyalty, but above all his friends must respect his need for independence.


You need to understand one thing about this person who has Sun positioned in Aries and the Moon in Libra Zodiac sign, his all actions and deeds are directed by the government of Love.

This is the need and is the greatest driving force in the life of this individual, and other passions may come and go, but they will never rule over the need for love.

This person is moved and motivated by love, and without love and without partnership, the soul of this human is empty.

He can be seen as the person who has simple, classical beauty and is striking people throughout life. He usually manages to leave the impression of a very thoughtful and tactical person who cannot be easily provoked, but the accent her is on usual behavior, this does not have to be the case.


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