Whale – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

As we all know, a whale is a large ocean mammal. But, you may not know that a whale has been considered a very powerful spirit animal in many traditions and cultures. In some traditions the whale is a symbol of good luck, while in some other traditions it can be a negative omen. It especially refers to a beached whale because it is considered the messenger of bad fortune.

In Native American traditions the whale has been very respected and honored. It was considered the symbol of awareness and wisdom. But, there are also many other symbolic meanings that we can relate to whales.

In this article you will have the opportunity to find out something more about this spirit animal and its meanings. We will tell you what the whale spirit animal may symbolize and what you should do if it appears in your life.

You should know that the whale animal totem is very powerful, so it can bring you important messages from the universe. Also, it can teach you lessons that are very important for your life. If you want to find out whether the whale is your animal totem or not, you should continue reading this article.

What Does Whale Symbolize?

The whale is usually a symbol of inner truth, emotions and intuition. You should listen to your inner voice and let your intuition guide you through your life. The whale may be also a symbol of communication. It means that you should speak up and express your own opinions and ideas.

There is also a belief that the whale is a symbol of protection and strength. It may symbolize spirituality, but it may be also a symbol of darkness that is hidden inside of us. Sometimes the whales may also represent strength and power.

If this spirit animal is calling to you, it means that you are able to endure big emotional pressures. You may be overwhelmed with your emotions and you feel like you were drowning in them. You may be strong to live with this pressure for some time, but at one moment you will have to get rid of this pressure because you may explode. The same thing happens to whales. They can dive into the sea and they can endure a big pressure, but at one moment they will need to come to the surface and to take a breath.

The Whale Animal Totem

The whale animal totem is teaching you to turn to your inner self and to listen to your inner voice. You should analyze your emotions and follow them on your life path. If the whale animal totem appears for you, it may be the sign to think of your life more seriously and to get rid of all problems and worries.

You should see what you should do to live in peace and harmony. If the whale is your animal totem, it will help you be in touch with the truth. If you let your whale animal totem guide you through your life, you will understand the importance of the community and you will be more dedicated to your family.

If you need emotional healing and if you want to turn to your inner self more, then it is the best moment to call on your whale animal totem. It will give you wisdom, strength and peace.

However, the meaning of the whale will if it appears in your waking life or in your dream will depend on your beliefs and your religion.

Below you will see some of the most common meanings of the whale animal totem.

Meanings of the Whale as a Spirit Animal

Communication. We have already mentioned that one of the meanings related to the whales is communication. It is known that whales communicate a lot among themselves even when there are thousands of miles between them.

If the whale appears as your spirit animal, then you will have very good communication with people. You will speak from your heart and you will be able to speak the truth.

Emotions. Whales are usually associated with deep feelings. If the whale is your spirit animal, you will be able to express your emotions and to let the heart lead you through your life. You may be able to endure emotional pressures, but only to a certain extent.

Family. For whales a family has a special importance, so if the whale is your spirit animal, then you will be certainly oriented to your family. You enjoy spending time with your loved ones and your whale spirit animal will help you connect even more to your family.

Forgiveness. If the whale as a spirit animal appears at a certain moment in your life, it may be the sign for you to forgive and to let go all negative things and emotions from your life. The whale will help you express your creativity and live your life to the fullest.

Peace. Whales are usually associated with tranquility and peace. If you have a whale as your spirit animal, it means that everything in your life will be good. The whale spirit animal protects you from all bad things, so you don’t have to worry.

Darkness. You may not know but a whale may be also a symbol of darkness. Whales live deep in water, so they may represent our personal underworld. It means that whales may symbolize a darkness that is hidden inside of us. If a whale is your spirit animal, you should think more about the things that you hide from other people.

Awareness. If the whale is your spirit animal, you probably have a deep awareness of the world. You know that things are not always as they look like. You have the ability to see deeper into the things and to discover their real meaning.

Dreams About a Whale – Interpretation and Meaning

If you have seen a whale in your dream, it may be a symbol of your awareness and intuition. You should turn to your inner self and pay more attention to your spirituality. Sometimes a dream about a whale may also mean that you are overwhelmed with your own emotions.

If you have seen in your dream that a whale was flying, it means that you have released your emotions and you feel much better now. You may have hidden your emotions for a long time and now you are feeling free.

If you have dreamed about a beached whale, it means that you have lost your sense of spirituality. But, if you had a dream about a dead whale, it is a sign that you have given up on your goals.

If it happens that you see a whale’s tail in your dream, then it means that your emotional life is in balance. It is also possible to dream of a killer whale. This dream is warning you to be more social and to speak up. Also, this dream can mean that you should explore more your own emotions.

Dreams about whales may also mean that you will lose something in your life. It may be your relationship or maybe your friendship.

Also, it is possible to lose property or peace that you had at your home. In this case the meaning of whale dreams may be negative. If you have dreamed that a whale collided with a ship, it means that you will have to struggle a lot in the near future.


We are sure that this article helped you understand better the symbolism of the whale spirit animal and its spiritual powers. If you have a whale as your spirit animal, it will certainly help you reach your goals and overcome all obstacles that may be on your way.

We have also told you that whales are great communicators and that they may teach you many lessons in your life. The whale animal totem will bring wisdom and emotional rebirth in your life and it will also give you strength to overcome the obstacles.

Also, it will help you discover your own creativity and express it to the world. If the whale has appeared in your life, it is a sign that you should follow your own emotions and intuition. We hope this article was useful for you, so now you can see much clearly if the whale is also your animal totem.


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