Venus Square Mars Synastry

This is maybe the most important piece when it comes to natal charts and synastry – since it connects planets, Venus and Mars, in a square position that is challenging, but a true growth and understanding may come from it, even if it is not given, it still comes as a realistic opportunity.

Now, if we know that the synastry as it is the interpretation of comparative horoscopes is also one of the most complex categories of astrology because it sublimates the experiences, emotions, potentials of two people.

It is hard to do it just for one person, let alone for the couple, but, if this job is done successfully, then it can provide numerous ways for sustaining that relationship.

So, by knowing more about this connection we can find out more about the nature of each relationship, but the basic idea here is to show sure signs that the relationship has the potential for success and for sustainability, as well as a way to identify what potentials a partnership hold.

Of course, synastry does not have to be always a love connection, even if it fundamentally addresses the issues of emotional connections as well as indicators of their success and future, but an overview of the strongest influences that occur among business partners, friends, students and professors, etc. So, it tackles in all aspects of life, and this is why it is so important because love relationships are just one piece of the puzzle.

Now, here the two planets that are connected are Mars and Venus, and we all know, even those who are not interested in astrology, representations of female and male principle or energy. How these two are combined in a planetary link that works is the meaningful question here.

General Characteristics

Mars in astrology represents a planet of strength, power, passion and sexuality, while Venus symbolizes a planet of love, harmony and romance.

Even, if we think that these two “powers” and opposite, in fact, they are created in such way that they are working great together, and in this sense, this is the energy that would not exist, one without the other.

The position of the two planets in the synastry and the aspects they form mutually describe the compatibility and attraction that is present – so, people who have a square position between Venus and Mars are willing to define the mutual understanding, but other factors that show the long-term partnership must be taken into account.

In this concrete case, when planet Venus is in a square position with the planet Mars is the representation of lust, great passion, competition, jealousy, independence, over-emotionality, stubbornness – all of this is combined and rolled into one and makes these people such passionate human beings.

This passion could be seen in everything they do in life, and it is the same case when they do not like something, they do it equally passionate.

Some of the famous people who are adorned with this aspect are Jeremy Irons,  Sean Penn, Neil Young, Geena Davis, Robert Carlyle, Bruce Springsteen, Kevin Kline, John Travolta, Audrey Hepburn, Joan Collins, Tori Spelling, Benny Hill, Jodie Foster, Bruce Willis, Tyra Banks and Richard Simmons.

We like to give to you with some famous examples of certain planetary aspects since you could look at their biographies and see how this aspect is reflected in reality.

Good Traits

The planet Venus describes how emotions and opinions will be expressed, but also what is the chosen way of showing love, not just toward another human being, but to all things in life that matter.

Also, this is the planet that depicts the type of partner a person wants to partner with, as well as all the traits that a person needs to possess.

On the other side, we can see its “partner”, Mars that signifies energy, action, determination and everything that a person wants from life. It can describe how a person takes action and expresses his or her sexuality.

When combined these two it shows a person’s instinctive desires and the type of persons they attract – and on the long term, it speaks on how this is seen in reality, in everyday connection with other people.

Now, the square position, regardless of how it is seen as a difficult position, it is also considered to be a strong aspect of sexuality and passion.

They try to keep their relationships always interesting and imbued with new things in order to avoid possible infidelity. And they are able to do so, even if Venus squared with Mars also triggers a lot of tension, intense energy and uncontrollable jealousy of one partner.

If other aspects in their natal charts are such, they can overcome these and similar obstacles and become amazing lovers. And that amusingness could be compared to anything – they are able to provide deep understanding, comfort zone and above all emotions that trigger some of the most profound memories in life.

Whatever they do, there must be a strong attraction, even if their lives are often turbulent, with a lot of quarrels and misunderstandings.

One thing is very important for them, and that is not to choose lovers who have a more passionate and aggressive approach since they are the ones that provide more indirect approach.

What we can say with a major certainty is that those who are affected by this square position of Venus and Mars are amazing lovers who always have an intense sex life.

Good communication is important here (and possibly also, it is not just a desire) because mutual passion can lead to jealousy on both sides.

Bad Traits

In a negative context, this is the aspect that portrays people and their lovers who can become great enemies after the end of a relationship, those types that will ruin one another and hate with the same passion.

Even if we have said that this aspect is, without a doubt, an indication of good sexual compatibility, passion and excitement, the same can come to its negativity and therefore the plausibility that they would hate is equally probable.

They are willing to learn new things and show a willingness to experiment temporarily, but they should never allow becoming those who lose their own personality to be liked by others.

Also, we must say that those who have this square, in some negative context are also the people who have such an attraction that is not so pronounced at the beginning, but they are able to build it up over time, this closeness and sexual chemistry become stronger, not just when it comes to people, but all other matters in life.

But, here we notice one catch – it can be transformed into its opposite, it can turn into fanatics and extreme behavior. In romantic and marital relationships, this is related to excessive jealousy and possessiveness that are often present.

In relation to each other, the manifestation of excessive impulsivity in emotional and sensual modes of expression, as well as in the unreasonable use of material resources, is possible.

Love Matters

The square of Mars and Venus in the synastry is represented by strong sexual attraction among partners, the balance of yin and yang – remember what we have said in the start of this piece, how Mars and Venus make love, in its totality, since one depicts a man and another a woman.

Although many differences dominate, if they succeed in aligning Venus and Mars impact, they could successfully maintain the necessary balance in the relationship they are currently in.

Since planet Venus is passionate, but also very stubborn, it is the one that pushes these people to get into the conflict to preserve their interest gladly, and their passion for the relationship is important.

Otherwise, they are those who lose interest. Probably in their youth, they were usually connected in some more superficial connections.

They are very interested in art and human sexuality. They want to convey the deepest emotions of a person through his lust, desires and addictions. They can be lonely for a long time, but they don’t mind.

It is somewhat in conflict with the male and female principle, so it may encounter partners who are aggressive and emotionally unstable.

Work Matters

This is an indication of a very strong attraction, and when translated into their work, you could imagine how passionate these people are whenever they are doing anything they truly like (and in what they are good).

They need to feel their “purpose” and “occupation” in the sense that they need to feel that it will provide them with the same elements of impulsivity.

If they do not find that job, or that one thing that completes them in a professional sense, there can be some serious misunderstandings and outbursts of anger are possible here, heightened jealousy directed to all those who have succeeded in matters that just cannot (or did not until now).

Astrologers claim that this aspect is not considered to be very safe for the business, especially if the business requires prudence and thrift from them, because they cannot simply do it in that way, and this is the fact.

They need to feel that they have the opportunity to spread their wings and take whatever they need to succeed.

Always have in mind that when the planet Venus is connected in this way with the planet Mars then you can see people who are too impulsive, bold, and unreasonable, while when circumstances are such they can act as a slow, indecisive, sentimental persons.

This aspect is considered very difficult in forming close relationships with co-workers because of the inability to balance their needs and their desires.


When we look at things in some general way, we must say that all aspects that are formed between Venus and Mars (conjunction, opposition, trigon, square, or sextile) in synastry relate to the necessary stimulus, dynamics, sexual attraction, passion, but also everything that influences the creation of a harmonious relationship.

If there are no aspects between the two planets, this indicates a lack of sexual impulse in the relationship itself.

So, we could say that all of you who have this position in their natal chars should consider being very happy people because it is better to have square (“not so favorable”) position between these two planets, than not to have any.

It is totally worth it when you have a chance to make something out of the challenge then not to have this opportunity at all.

You should also know one thing when you find out that this is the aspect that is active – now is the time where these two planets make the greatest dynamic, the most passion and sexual attraction between partners. Use it, and here you can find a deep emotional connection and satisfaction with the existing relationship.

Try to look at your current lover, and not just love, take a good look at all people who are close to you and try to see them with the different look, you will be able to find something more, we assure you.

In some deeper since these two planets create a very strong attraction. Mutual respect and admiration dominate here, and not just that, apart from current sexual compatibility, this aspect is also an indicator of lasting friendship between persons.

This square position in the synastry, show strong magnetic sexual attraction, where strong emotional feelings are triggered. It can be a very tumultuous and fiery relationship. When a woman’s Venus is squared with a man’s Mars, the relationship is based on strong physical attraction.

However, there is no emotional satisfaction and mutual respect between them. Often the individual or both partners see each other through conflicting interests.

So, here you can see the challenging aspect of this square position among these two planets; and the problematic part is seen in the rooted emotional problems with the opposite sex (sometimes understanding is very, very hard).

What you can do, just as the rest of us, is to avoid the sense of melancholy in relationships that can be expressed, try to fight the jealousy and anger that are often attributed to this aspect, it is simply not worth it. Do not become a person who does not know how to be tender and the one that offends others with their rough manners and egocentrism.

Also, try to avoid being overly emotional. Balance is the key here also, and it makes a perfect sense, balance is necessary for everything in life and mostly for interpersonal connections, they simply cannot work if you are not willing to look from the other side.


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