Ceres in Scorpio

Ceres is a dwarf planet found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In mythology the Roman goddess Ceres is equivalent to the Greek goddess Demeter, daughter of Saturn and Cybele.

She was the goddess of harvest and agriculture, the word Cereal derives from her name Ceres. This goddess is also dedicated to beer.

Ceres in the signs reveals how the person was cared for in childhood and his ability to care for others, especially caring for himself and his family.

That’s why Ceres talks a lot about motherhood, because she has a lot of similarity to the moon.

The astrological house occupied by Ceres indicates an area that one pays more attention to and cares for, and is able to abandon assumed tasks and duties to address them.

Ceres in Scorpio Man

This is a position with enormous emphasis on the transformation-regeneration itself, going through the children themselves (physical or not), in particular, and the maternal sense expressed as care and service to others, in general, and behaving, more often than not, an intense, deep and total delivery.

It is not strange to find this position in healers, psychologists and doctors – especially gynecologists – as well as in people with healing abilities and remarkable powers of psychological penetration.

Similarly, this position is conducive to research and inclines interest in the occult and mysteries, in general, and in the basic secrets of life and death, in particular.

Ceres in Scorpio Woman

They have great ease to manipulate others. They are always alert, reserved and mysterious; they distrust others.

They act very tactfully, but if someone confronts them, they will engage in a fight without quarter.

They are petty and do not spend their money if they do not expect it to produce substantial benefits. For them to spend is an ordeal.

They live regretting and exaggerating the slights, scorn and evils that others have given them, although without ever mentioning that they deserved most of them, they always try to take advantage of other people.

They are very sensitive and easily affected by the circumstances around them. They can totally lose their composure by perceiving, even erroneously, that someone has insulted them.

They don’t know how to bite their tongues and they can be hypercritical.

They do not accept easy compliments and do not bear to be teased. They are very protective and vindictive people.

Good Traits

It is an intense sign, with a unique emotional energy. They are the most likely to become geniuses, as long as they control their negative side.

By the wrong way they can be very destructive. Emotional, determined, powerful and passionate.

Although they seem calm, they have great aggression and magnetism inside. They are affable, good Tertullian’s; reserved and courteous; they are tremendously powerful and their character can cause huge benefits or great risks to others.

They must learn to control themselves. His tenacity and willpower are unique. If they manage to use their enormous energy constructively, they are very useful for society and can become leaders.

They are very imaginative and intuitive and have a great capacity to analyze situations and people.

In theory, they can succeed in almost everything. If they control their negative side, their professional future has no limits.

They are excellent friends of those who consider deserving their respect, although if someone betrays them it is difficult to recover their friendship and trust.

They are very generous and love helping others, often being part of different humanitarian organizations.

They don’t like the role of leaders. They love to investigate and deduce; they have a great capacity for study.

They are apparently very calm, relaxed and quite contemplative. They love risk sports in full contact with nature; especially if there is water nearby, such as the sea, a lake or lagoon.

Among his hobbies are also esoteric themes, which they are passionate about.

Bad Traits

Remember to be careful with intense emotions, with pleasure and above all, with unnecessary attachments, sometimes we must let go, work detachment and above all try to improve our personal relationships that help us find a balance between all these things that have been coming along the way.

Do not forget that when the emotions are sincere there is nothing, nor anyone who can break them. They overlook their own weaknesses, while they are usually very hard on those they observe in others.

Tense, petty, calculating, they usually set their goals at excessive levels and to achieve them they will need all kinds of stratagems, subterfuges and traps.

Ceres in Scorpio – General Info

This time Ceres is armed with an ultra-precise scalpel to cut through the meanders of the human brain! This is the psychoanalytic position par excellence!

So we cut out self and superego with a certain pleasure SM to go get his share of shadow and expose it to the rest of the world.

It is therefore par excellence a leading position for psychological understanding! Ceres is an inspector, detective, between experts in Manhattan or elsewhere and Criminal Minds, nothing escapes his laser eye that detects all the details that kill … sometimes literally!

If Ceres loves cleanliness, in Scorpio, she is not afraid to put her hands in guts and guts, it is perhaps the only Ceres that can navigate effectively among the monsters of the unconscious and come out any as pure! This is to say if it controls the fear well.

If panic and drama appear quickly, they are quickly transcended into positive stress for optimum efficiency … with Scorpio, Ceres becomes an expert!

But be careful not to fall into radicalism, the Scorpion remains a sign of very emotional water and when we start to justify his reasons with his emotions … the lack of objectivity begins to be felt…

They may be medical or therapeutic. They are pleased when they can provide healing and comfort.

Those with this position probably (assuming there are no severe afflictions in their picture) feel nourished if they visit Pompeii or some other archaeological ruin, probably feel nourished by touch, especially intimacy. Tired others are rewarding to them.

It’s hard just as it is in Aries. There were a lot of very intense, powerful and passionate people in your family when you were growing up.

On the one hand, they loved and protected him with all their heart; fought for you, defended you, and promised your eternal loyalty to the family they loved so much.

On the other hand, the emotional chaos in your family has given way to things like abuse, divorce, alcoholism / addictions, separated relatives and family drama that is only whispered about years later.

As a parent yourself, you carry many of these themes in your own home.


Ceres, Demeter for the Greeks, is the goddess of cereal. It is a matriarchal goddess, the image of the power of the bowels of the earth.

She is said to have taught men the arts of plowing, planting and harvesting, and women how to grind wheat and make bread.

Its key word is unconditional nutrition, physical and spiritual food, the need for protection and scarcity.

Scorpio Ceres reveals people who have often suffered childhood trauma of a sexual nature, the childhood environment may have been very traumatic and the person may have a tendency to engage in unusual intimacy.

I think it is the area in which Ceres is in a position that reveals much pain and we can find cases of childhood rape and black magic rituals involving the misrepresentation of the intimate nature as well as intimacy-related slavery in early childhood and the person tends to repeat the these memories in adulthood.


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