Ceres in Libra

It is found in Scorpio, in the first gradations of the sign, as it contains last week.

Very soon will retrograde in this area and will come back in the next few months.

Yes, I say that Ceres is abundant and fertile, but it is an archetype that also has to see the abuse, the loss and the way to cope with it.

The mythological history of this persona is interesting and today I want to emphasize in the pain of Ceres when Hades the Pluto kidnaps his Persephone, of the underworld.

Ceres in Libra Man

Our friends of this sign should know how to manage their desire to cooperate very well and always want to help, they must try to take the bears with determination and above all, try to establish a balance between what they want and what they need to release.

On the other hand, do not forget that we cannot always be about protectors, since that could generate complex problems in a not too distant time.

Nutrition comes from engaging with the arts and beauty. He is impressed by the simple and subtle things.

They need music, culture, social relationships and refinement.

They are great musicians and have good relationships in society, as well as where they are balancing or making deals.

Ceres in Libra Woman

The native is impressed by the simple and subtle things. They need music, culture, social relationships and refinement.

They are great musicians and have good relationships in society, luxury is not wasted on them either, they really appreciate fine dining, fine fabrics and beauty around them, good manners and a tasteful and balanced look will do wonders here.

They will also tend to nourish others in the same way, with small tasteful touches, creating small ways and surrounding others with beauty.

They like everyone to cooperate and share. It is surprisingly in conflict.

Good Traits

As a derivation of the previous position, the people surrounding the native with Ceres in Libra benefit from their kind, condescending and harmonious treatment, as well as their tendency and capacity for cooperation, especially in the labor field.

This position indicates tendencies to dependencies and ties, however, some cases have been observed in which this did not happen (without the rest of the letter clearly indicating it); but, in any case, (or in one way or another) the truth is that the Ceres-tie relationship and the very nature of Libra suggest that the tie-independence dilemma is an important item with this position.

Likewise, it has been possible to observe cases that confirmed the tendency to establish the own scale of values according to the ability to promote a harmonious environment, and to convey a sense of harmony, aesthetics and balance to others.

Bad Traits

Air signs are usually marked by superficiality, anarchism, coldness, indecision and rebellion. They are always questioning what they think and may even seem a little selfish.

Often their characteristics make them in relationships with strong personality people.

One of the characteristics of Libra is always to need people born with more opinion, so it has a partner to give that “push” when necessary.

They can also be a little manipulative and domineering, causing people around them to please them all.

They are sensitive to people very close, but do not care much about others.

They can seek relationships that provide goods for themselves, Libra is a sign that prioritizes beauty and what interests you, so it is common Libra to win someone for being just beautiful.

You have difficulty establishing relationships or dreams that need more dedication and commitment than necessary, because you may be concerned about all the changes that are going through your mind, whether in the profession, a new experience or even what you are afraid of.

Ceres in Libra – General Info

Position a bit ambiguous … Ceres is obviously comfortable with all the civilizing aspect of Libra.

We have here an elegant, refined, worldly society with an exquisite social adaptation that raises a little finger while sipping tea…

The adaptation can be so perfect to its time and its environment that the native risks becoming completely transparent by play at the apartment witness of his time!

We are so decent and so smooth that we try to erase all the asperities that could skin harmony but give taste and pep to life.

Tolerance is high, of course, but the criticism of Ceres can be fixed precisely on the slightest misunderstanding that could happen, this is the typical position of the “Social Justice Warrior”…

Ceres, on the other hand, gives here the means of the aesthetic ambitions of Libra, the precision of the line, the accuracy of the note, the harmony of the composition are all areas where the sense of detail of Ceres is fixed.

Number of gold, and Alexandrine are so many rules that Ceres will know how to exercise its sense of detail.

Libra is one of the nicest signs of the zodiac, it is impossible not to like them. They love and need to socialize, captivating everyone around them when meeting friends is always a party.

They have a liveliness not found in any other sign, know how to take relationships very well.

Of the zodiac signs, pound is refined, prioritizes intimacy in relationship but not as much as good conversation.

Your priority is to maintain a serene environment, so do your best not to start a conflict by running away from fights.

They like harmony and try to keep it at all costs, even leaving some of their responsibilities aside.

Among the signs and characteristics, pound is not spared when they need to help others.

They always think very well before acting, listing all the pros and cons of each situation to choose the best one.

Sometimes too much thinking makes them unable to make very big decisions, so they find it difficult to take a stand.


A read of the mythology with the whole Judeo-Christian chip of the culture with which we believe, and dice, but how are they making and hacking these things?

Because the Greeks consider divine the human soul, and their representation of the dioses in reality is a representation of each facet of the psychics.

These are that resilient facet to the pain of the loss, the part of the psyches that do not victimize or conform to the bell that there is something with that energy, seeks compensation.

She eventually ends up with humanity because the dyes in Ayudaban are recovering their hijack, dry in the earth and today because I am not in the shed that she has food. I do a huelga literally and it works.

He thought that she was also a deity, but in the rank of others, he was a Saturn and a little more earthen than others of his colleagues, so he had to reclaim them.

It represents the common people, who sweat and work every day without counting on special prerogatives, yet that is as powerful as it is to end life in the Tierra if it is proposed.

After Jupiter discovers so many abuses to his abuse by Scorpio, he calls Ceres to seek recognition, responsibility and payment for such abuses.

Not to mention that with Jupiter’s lead to Sagittarius, we all go to the party and shuffle the Scorpion skeletons into the closet, at times we need to see new issues surrounding these themes of corruption and abuse of power.


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