Moon Sextile Pluto

To get to know planetary aspects a bit further, we will tell you that whenever planets are in sextile, they keep an angle of 60 °.

Sextile is also considered a good and flowing aspect as a trigon, but a little less powerful.

It facilitates the communication of two involved planets, they are compatible and in a harmonious relationship, but it only provides a good chance, an opportunity to make something happen if the effort is made.

In today’s case, we are looking into the lives of the people who have Moon Sextile Pluto – we will look what this aspect means in some general sense, but also in partnership and work relations.

General characteristics

The Moon in any natal chart is connected to the subconscious and our internal origin, and the noise that is our guiding pulsar.

That view should by no means be neglected and softened, and it should be heard as much as it can, since he knows things that we do not know, and this is why it is important to recognize it.

The Pluto, on the other side, is not a personal planet unless it is in a significant place in the horoscope or makes aspects with personal planets.

In the horoscope, it represents the ability to influence the masses, to get over things, to discover one.

Combined, these two in sextile, and in the beginning, we spoke of this, between the Moon and Pluto in synastry can be both constructive and destructive.

These the aspect that, like many astrology, experts like to point out, in fact, provides an opportunity to more easily meet those needs in love that bring relief, peace, stability, or overcome some strong feelings that cause dissatisfaction.

Since the Moon is in the picture, and it is always connected to the emotional part of your life, combined with the moody and mysterious Pluto, there could be problems, but on the others side, not the ones that could not be resolved, since Pluto gives the ability to grow from the pain.

Some celebrities with this aspect are Pauline Collins, Sean Penn, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Amal Clooney, Mary Shelley, Vanessa Redgrave and most notably Amy Winehouse.

Good Traits

The good sides of these people come in waves – optimism and belief in better fulfill them, but this can change in a split second, and they can drown into their sorrow, but it won’t harm them in any serious way.

These people have firm faith in the impossible and make us believe that miracles are possible.

They do everything with love, and others are unusually attracted to them, and they are the ones that show the embodiment of marriage or partnership that will last as longs as they live, and during that time these people are able to give all their best and are one of a kind people.

Often times, they claim that they have some connection to the forces beyond our powers. Meeting with the goal, they became aware of emotional issues through a positive relationship.

In this case, the Pluto must allow the Moon to do its own thing, without too many questions asked. The key is in letting go and allowing to all good aspects from this sextile come to the surface.

What else is truly important to speak of in the case of Moon sextile Pluto is that these people are very creative, and if the inspiration is good, their imagination is awakening and intuition are growing, and they feel the changes, then it is surely from this wonderful Moon.

Bad Traits

And as much as this connection gives, it also can turn down everything that a person knows and believes – it can be literally destroyed after this connection.

Pluto knows its weak points better than anyone, and in the event of a conflict, the Moon will strike them.

The fact is that in every connection the planet Pluto can awake destructiveness that cannot be countered by much more stable and durable planets than the fragile Moon.

Do you know when something so powerful and destructive meets something that is variable and fragile? This is that connection.

These people must always be careful not to fall under the influence of others, such as someone who will introduce them into something that is not good for them, just like in a spider web, and impose something subtle, some on belief or attitude.

Being careful is always mandatory for them – because deception and self-deception are possible. But it is still a good time to imagine and visualize, bring good situations and people to life.

On a more negative side, this combination could bring difficult manipulations and controlling emotions between partners.

These aspects show that any positive or creative collaboration in the life of a partner is not possible.

Here, preference is given to aggression through the portrayal of Pluto and the flare-up of conflicts by the Moon that will eclipse the couple’s balance.

Love Matters

If you ask any person who has this position Moon sextile Pluto position, he will tell you that he or she believes in love at first sight and that he or she had once a love where he or she has achieved some karmic emotional bond.

They are able to recognize in their partners the overwhelming embodiment of his vision of the ideal lover, their sexual instincts intensify in contact, and this is why they claim that this connection is for all times.

When these people love, their lovers claim that they deal with something that is not every day and ordinary, which does not carry practicality.

It leads them to have a different approach to reality, to deal with something that is related to some form of expression of feelings, perhaps through something that is creative, or that is secretive, hidden, but wonderful.

Relationships, in their case, always involve the deepest layers of the emotional world that are beyond any compare. Both planets (Moon and Pluto) affect the sexual life of the partner.

Pluto openly expresses sexual urge that is at times borderline scary, but here it is not alone.

Moon is here in a position of something else that just adds one more layer to the love story – a subconscious expression of emotional nature.

Pluto energy often far exceeds the sensual and emotional capabilities of adequate perception of the partner represented by the Moon.

This aspect causes a strong physical attraction of partners, but it does not guarantee a long and happy relationship. But, we must add one more important thing here – the sextile between the Moon and Pluto, truly is, the most favorable for family formation.

As we have said, this combination makes a solid emotional foundation for the couple’s creative activities in the household. They can be amazing parents, and can have successful marriages, only if they are able to find a true balance in their lives; if they do not let emotional baggage becomes too heavy.

The person who represents Pluto takes the lead, leads and encourages the development of the relationship, helps to master the mental inertia and negative habits created by the partner.

Work Matters

These people are, as you could see in our celebrity example, very famous and successful people, in music, or acting.

All of this comes from the aspect that brings the emotions, opinions and impressions, so they “overflow” like water in everything.

It is all about the Pluto, and its tendency to push them into one stage of their careers that is neither good nor beneficial in an individual sense but is amazing as far as their creative work goes.

In this sense, human beings with this position of Moon and Pluto usually have one or the other, never everything.

They are happy in private life, but their careers are non-existent, or their careers are blooming, but their private life is disastrous.

Some of them take some painkillers to ease the pain, like drugs and alcohol.

But, at the same time, if they succeed in betting daemons, these people could give their best to both worlds, and be the best versions of them.

There is a need for a more beautiful reality, so many enjoy art, music or movies, in that other reality. But because of the need to escape from reality, they are in, some have experienced anxiety.

It is an aspect that gives a gift for psychology, criminal studies, intuitive reasoning, as well as for various types of research.

Detective and especially intuitive mind that, only if these people want to, could discover many secrets of this world.

In their lives, everything is connected to the process of wanting or the process of not wanting – there is no middle ground in their lives.

Whatever they do is leading them to increased attraction toward that job, and it is almost like an obsession. Subtle energy then carries with it the ability to do something that will lead them to desire.

In them, there’s is a healing purpose, especially spiritual as well as physical, is also favorable. If they boldly enter into something they want and believe in, the Moon sextile Pluto brings them to the possibilities of wishful thinking that are endless.

If, and they usually are, blessed with some talent, usually something arty and creative, these people are able to find major success, that in some cases, could take its toll on them, and make life much harder than ever before.


Here, there is everything – if the Pluto is in good aspect with the Moon, like in this case, it usually lends a talent for a deep emotional understanding of the environment and other people.

A specific way of feeling, so a person sometimes has strong feelings. If you have this aspect, you should listen to your sixth sense.

In whatever they do, there is a good time for a change, that is, for transformations, so strong desires will trigger some to accomplish something they wanted.

It is only the matter will they find out about their potential and that they see that they have an option to change their lives or they going to believe that nothing can be changed and that they are doomed.

Just if they do not let themselves enter into something destructive, then their life energy will be positive, so it is a good idea to include emotions in everything you do to guide you to accomplish what you want and what you believe in.

Family relationships and understanding will then be better, and this is the aspect that they should strive on since only the family aspect could give them what they want and what they truly deserve in life. And when we speak of what they deserve, we will tell you that they deserve a lot, but it is sometimes that their somewhat destructive nature makes a lot of problems.


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