Mouse, Mice – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

These small  creatures are known for their ability to survive even the tough living conditions. Their symbolism value is directly linked to their outside appearance and it varied throughout centuries. Some cultures worshiped mice and some despised.

Symbolism of a mouse varied from innocence to being seen as a dark magic symbol and a symbol of disease. Some even saw mice as links to the Underworld, due to their connection to the ground.

In popular culture, mice are relevant parts of modern TV, movie and art culture. Symbolism they gained throughout years has now built up and formed a unique symbolic meaning for the new generations. We will look into the symbolism that prevailed in the past and how we see these little creatures now.

Mouse, Mice traits and characteristics

Enduring – these small mammals are perfect examples of how the size doesn’t necessarily mean strength. Their bodies are created to endure even the hottest temperatures and coldest winters. For humans, of course, this isn’t always the greatest news if they are trying to get rid of them. Mice usually live in dark, underground areas and this is what keeps them alive. When temperatures are hard to handle above the ground, under the ground mice find their shelter.

Adaptable – Linked to the above trait, mice are also very adaptable. This means that they can inhabit almost every climate on our planet and survive without a problem. Whether this is a cold, snowy part of the world or a very hot and dry area, mice can handle it and find food wherever they land.

Great focus – Mice have only one thing in mind and that is finding food and staying alive. They are focused on survival and for this reason, they usually stay away from dangerous or spend as little time as possible. Since they are so small, they have a lot of natural enemies and predators after them. Staying focused on their goal to find food and keeping their eyes open 24/7 is the only thing they need to worry about.

Now that we learned some characteristics of this interesting creature, we will look deeply into the symbolism behind it.

Mouse, Mice as a totem

As a totem mice are just as strong and powerful as any other, larger mammals. People born under this totem or people who have this animal as their spiritual animal are modest in life. They know their limits in life and testing them is not an option. They enjoy having modest and family lives more than anything.

Having expensive cars and a lot of money and influence is not something they aspire to. They realize that the greatest value in life is having your family together in one place. These people are not only modest when it comes to their aspirations in life. You will easily recognize them for their unassertive behaviors and a bit shy personalities.

This, of course, doesn’t mean they are not interesting or unadventurous it is just that their goals in lie are different. They don’t find happiness in material things and they don’t make them happy and fulfilled.

If you have this animal as your totem then you are also very adaptable. Just like mice, you can easily blend in into any environment and make the best of it. Changes aren’t something you enjoy, but once they become necessary you will have no problem with them.

This means change in your work position, in your romantic life and in all other fields of life won’t be a problem for you. Being so adaptable makes it easier to accept certain things and move on when there is no other option.

People born under this totem are also innocent. This means they are kind and genuine people who will be there for you through thick and thin. To some people this might look like they are fake or pretending to be good, but this is definitely not the case.

In the world we live in today it is a wonder to find a person who is going to be nice to you without excepting anything in return. This is why people born under this totem are true gems. They are also very detailed in their work and in life in general. They pick jobs that require a lot of concentration and thinking because mind activity is something they enjoy.

They are prepared to look at numbers for days and go back to correct any mistakes until they reach the level of perfection they want. This makes them excellent programmers, bookkeepers and accountants. We can find them on those, at first thought, boring jobs. But without them we wouldn’t get our tax reports in time or our bank accounts handled.

“Mice” people are very focused on their goals. These goals might not be as big as some other people’s, but they know what they want in life and how to achieve it. This makes them excellent and dedicated workers who will spend hours on their job to deliver the best possible result.

This trait doesn’t only apply to their career, this focus is visible in their personal life as well. Once they decide or make up their minds to do something, they are going to achieve it. This goal will constantly be in front of them or on their minds, so they simply cannot escape it until it gets done.

In the end the only negative side to someone protected by this totem might be his own lack of self-confidence. With the amount of talent and skill, these people posses, they could achieve great things in life. But, somehow they always settle for less and seem to give up on any big visions or ideas.

Of course, these is nothing bad about being modest in life but once you possess a valuable skill that could, potentially, change the world it is such a shame to let it go to waste.

Mouse, mice as a symbol in a dream

Mice or a mouse as a symbol in our dreams is something common. We probably all had these dreams and will certainly have them in future, but what is the real symbolism behind them? Sometimes we find ourselves stuck because we suddenly dreamed about something we haven’t thought about or haven’t even seen somewhere around us. This is when the symbolism of an animal or an object is important.

If you saw a mouse in your dream, then this dream is a representation of bad luck. You will see your plans fail and your personal life full of disappointments. Somehow, everything you try to do is going to be doomed from the start, this, of course, is not going to be your fault. There are good and bad times in life and we simply need to learn to adapt to them.

If you saw a dead mouse in your dream, then this dream is a positive sign. Contrary to the above explanation, you are going to have a lot of luck in the following period. Make sure you use this period to improve all areas of your life and to finally finish everything you have started before.

Dream about a mouse, if you are a girl represents bad people who are going to enter your life. These bad people might try to trick you or make you do something you don’t want to. Be careful who you let into your life and don’t share too much with people you have just met.

Dream about mice is a representation of a great disaster that is about to strike your town. Something bad and malicious is going to happen and you can interpret this dream as a warning sign. Alternatively, this dream could be a representation of something that is going to happen to you personally, that is going to bring a lot of sorrow and sadness in your life.

If you were trying to catch a mouse in your dream, then this dream is a warning sign that you should be careful how you behave in the upcoming period. You might be tempted to do something that could potentially be harmful for you. Someone might try to lead you to do something that is going to end up with you embarrassing yourself so think twice before doing something.

Mouse, Mice as a symbol in different cultures

Mice are universal symbols around the world. Meaning behind their symbolism varied depending on the culture but they’re still definitely an important symbol all around the globe.

In India there is an entire temple full of mice that run around freely. Karni Mata Temple is home to thousands of mice and this animal is sacred to the people of Deshnoke city. Indians worship mice among few other animals and many temples in India are devoted to them.

In China mice are symbols of vitality and intelligence. They have many sayings that mention mice or rats. They are known for saying “shrewder than the rat” or “changeable as a mouse”. They also believe that mice communicate to gods ad that they are divine creatures. Adaptability is another trait they link to mice. Ancient tribes worshiped mice and believed that they are symbols of prosperity and success.

In Native American culture, mice have an important symbolism as well. Many stories and myths in the Native American culture are linked to his size. They believed that size of a mouse doesn’t matter and that everybody can achieve big things. In the Blackfoot tribe they had a special status and were considered brothers of the human race and our helpers. On the other hand, in the northern coast tries linked mice to witchcraft.

During Middle Age, many considered mice to be linked to witchcraft as well. They became carriers of plague and other dangerous diseases that completely ruined their reputation with people.

In the popular culture, there are still countries of the world that consider mice to be sacred animals. Today they are popular symbols in movies and TV, especially in cartoons. Mickey Mouse is probably the most beloved and well known character around the world. Besides that, in literature we have many stories that revolve around mice like “Pied Piper” and many more.


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