Aries Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Astrology is the science, maybe the oldest that the human race knows, and as such, it has many aspects and elements that make Astrology one of the amazing sciences there is.

The importance of the elements in astrology, of Sun and the Moon in the personal horoscope, could be seen in some obvious examples, like – if the Sun is located in the Capricorn Zodiac sign, it seeks to establish the structure, organisation and respect of rules in everyday life; tends to be practical and useful to the society in which he lives.

But if the Sun is located in, for example in the Pisces Zodiac sign, there can be many problems, since this sign hates everything that has to do with obligations and organisation.

Now you can understand what we are talking about, as in every other science, all aspects affect it, and together they make a meaningful unity that provides the answers.

In this case, where we will try to look for the meaning behind the Sun’s position in the Aries Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Pisces and it reflects on the personal character – his life, love and interpersonal relations. It can also reveal a true purpose in life, seen through an everyday routine.

One more thing needs to be added here – The Aries sign represents the beginnings and leaders, while the Pisces sung represents the closure and endings. Does all of this mean that this person has completion of character and fulfilled life? Read all about it and give us your conclusion.

Good Traits

This is one individual that could be a called an ultimate dreamer and this is his way of life. But he is not just a dreamer, he is the one that can make serious actions and make these dreams into a reality, and not many people could do that.

It is not a bad thing that this person likes to dream, and in other times he likes to have a lightning action – he can stay long dived into the thought of enjoying, seemingly absent, and then suddenly, reacting to some passionate and momentary impulses, move into action with the vigor and efficiency that no one has hoped for.

This person has the necessary energy that makes him stronger than he is at certain times of his life when you think that he will fall apart, this human will rise and give his best in all perspectives of his life.

He has that childlike naivety and does not want to grow up, he loves to dream, has an active imagination, but sometimes he is filled with the illusions, but when it needs to be taken seriously he comes to his senses and makes a right decision at the right time. And in this process, the thing that helps him the most is his pronounced intuition. This person lives for a moment, is emotional, always in love (happily or unhappily) and much expecting from his offspring and the person he loves.

Because of this, he often goes through psychological crises, so there are times that it is imperceptible and disappears and the periods when he sows. And in the case of this human, this is not a bad thing, since he does it in a way that he is living for a moment, full of faith, full of fears, but some internal power is required to go forward and where it arrives. When things are bad in his life, the pain would be a great motive to move on and rise up once again.

Bad Traits

Many agree that this being is attracted to the bizarre and unusual things in life, and which often become bizarre under the influence of their tendencies. This is the reason why this human does not have so many friends; many see him as peculiar. And he is in a way, or we could just say that this human is not for everyone, and trying to be friends with a large number of people is not a good choice for the person who has Sun in Aries and the Moon in the Pisces sign.

When this person is in a state of dreaming, he can be inclined to over-relieve himself at own speed, because it often happens to be late for some essential things in life, while enjoying in good times.

And now we will speak more about the thing that could be seen as the biggest flaw of this person – he is a person who can be torn apart by his inner conflicts. From this, you can conclude that this is the person who is full of internal contradictions – the Sun in the Aries and the Pisces passivity are challenging to create one compact entity, so he struggles between one and the other, and you never know what will choose.

In the end, this person can be seen as the unstable for the simple reason that he is never delighted; he likes more to be in a dream-like world, and only after a while to wake up and start realising his goals.

Aries Sun Pisces Moon in Love

Romantic feelings and pronounced sensitivity are very prominent in this person, but at the same time, this human being will never give up on remaining independent person with a strong relationship with himself. At the same time, he wants to be loved, and in the other, he will never allow anyone to take away his freedom.

Deep sensitivity often determines and dictates the rules of behavior in this human being and attitudes to things in love, and in many situations, it happens that sensibility prevails over the mind and that decisions are made with the heart rather than the head. In the love area, this person often creates illusions and to idealise his lovers, so that reality is often seen through pink glasses. With this emphasised sensitivity, there is usually a stronger emotional fragility and vulnerability of feelings, and so love can be a pain for him.

This is the person who, when it comes to love, has a strong idealism, and is sometimes in a conflict between his mystical pulsation and desire for material goods that will give him security. In other words, he will strive for stability in love, but in other times he will be a dreamer that only wants emotions in his life, and that is everything that he might need.

But the negative side of this lies in the fact that this human being will end up in the struggle between the rational needs and those that are imaginative and irrational.

Aries Sun Pisces Moon in a Relationship

Having said all this, and knowing the fact that this person can struggle between the irrational and rational view on love, he can be in problem, that could be resolved by entering a love connection or marriage that will balance him perfectly.

And, in general, when it comes to the interpersonal relations that a person who has the Sun in the Aries and the Moon in the Pisces, they are unclear and chaotic relationships with others. But this does not have to be undoubtedly a bad thing, and if he found someone who will understand him, things will be better.

Best Match for Aries Sun Pisces Moon

There is no doubt that this person is very emotional, romantic, confused when it comes to love, and he is prone to idealising his partners. It happens that he gets married and imagines an ideal life, like a fairy tale, naively approaching, which often leads to disappointment.

So, who can be a good lover that would understand all of this complexity when it comes to love? This could be a Virgo lover – someone who will be aware and realise that marriage is not what it looked like at the beginning. The Virgo is a rational sign (a person) that stands firmly on the earth, worthy, responsible, disciplined, and not too emotionally open to cooperation. He is more focused on the job and earnings (in fact the Virgo person is the one that is focused on the maintaining the obligations in life) that will be very disturbing to a person who has Sun located in the Aries and the Moon in the Pisces. He is eager for warmth and deep emotions, and the Virgo can provide all of this, but there can be some conflicts and misunderstandings from time to time.

Aries Sun Pisces Moon as a Friend

Having a friend that has Sun in the Aries and the Moon in the Pisces sign, means that you will have one person who has an unusual and insightful intuition by which this being in many circumstances very easily manages to see others’ intentions. He is one kind of friend who can sometimes even able to foresee some events and read the meaning of some words and “between the lines in communication with other people” “.

In some situations, such an intuitive experience can provide a higher sense of reality because it can provide the possibility of the extreme perception of reality, and sometimes it can lead to enlightenment.


In some ways, the life of the human who has Sun positioned in the Aries and the Moon in the Pisces can cause some contradictions – this person is as expected is complex, and his life is filled with many controversies.

There is a complex mix of joy, personal enthusiasm, optimism, social power, passivity, subjectivity and brutal and sometimes unorganised frights. He can be the most active and exciting person in the world, as well as the most passive and fragile human being that you have ever meet, all of this is him, and he is fantastic in this sense.


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