Cancer Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When it comes to the Moon and his impact in the personal natal chart, we can say that it shows a person’s subjective emotional nature and emotionality in general, its connections with others.

The Moon as an aspect in the horoscope shows how a specific human being forms bonds with other people, what is his way of choice when he picks lovers and friends.

Also, these luminaries’ shows what is that, that this person needs to feel nurtured and cared for, and how he nurtures and cares for other people who are in his closest environment. And here is one interesting aspect that we need to speak of here -the Moon and the sign where he is located can show what is that that nurtures, deepens, softens, comforts, and inspires him.

Today we are dedicating our attention to the people who have Sun and Moon located in the Zodiac sign Cancer, so here we can see the double impact that comes from the Cancer sign. What this means and how this double sign situation affects a person who has both luminaries located in the Cancer sign.

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Good Traits

When it comes to the virtues, the person who has both Luminaries located in the same sign, and in this case the Cancer sing, we could say that here we can see the adaptation in the world is seen through the mental evolution in the face of external aggression.

To the extent that he is progressing in getting to know himself, as he will get to know himself in many interesting ways, and this sense, this person finds out that he needs to be mentally fortified, to preserve his marriage or family nucleus where he will pour out his sensitivity, create a family home, a house, protective armor.

All that this person does needs to be directed into one direction – he must build the solid foundation from which he will then can radiate into life without falling into the traps that society is setting him.

So for him closeness and understanding in his closest environment are mandatory, and after that, he can achieve whatever else he wants. He needs to express his emotionality, and for this person, finding a job where this sensitivity is welcomed – he may do something in the arts or in the area of helping people.

It is also important for others to trust in his qualities in the right way; to be supportive but never to jeopardize him in some way; he needs to feel loved so that he can express the best out of him.

Bad Traits

As far as negative traits go and we are dealing with those that are mostly connected to the person who has the luminaries in the Cancer, is that for him the dream world has a true power of reality.

This is the person who dreams so much that often times he does not achieve anything in reality, and his motto is who says what is real and what is a dream. He can be like this since his childhood, and he is the one that will refuse to sacrifice his ideal to the demands of material life – this behavior can have catastrophic consequences.

Those consequences can be seen in every aspect of his life, and in this sense, the worst part is his inner self.

So often this person encounters the difficulty of adjusting himself in the world of the adults, and in the world where cruelty rules, he can throw himself into the melancholy, as he will often speak to himself about the regrets and some unforgettable golden age; he will often recall the time that he lost, but in fact it was the time that was never about to come.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon in Love

When it comes to love, here we meet one very emotional human being, and this does not come as astonishment at all since this is the human that is influenced by the luminaries in the sign Cancer, that is one of the most emotional signs in the Zodiac.

His nature can be completely dedicated to love and that in all circumstances the word has its sensibility; however, without great power of character, there seems little to emerge from this untouched, cause where great emotions are present, there is also a great possibility of pain. He can be harmed and to fall in love so deeply that he can suffer harmful influences, which can disturb his inner balance and disappoint his faith in love, true love.

If we would want to speak in more philosophical terms, we will say, that this is the person who always dreams of perfect love, the first love, and if he feels like he does not have it, that impassable beauty, that is the life that he refuses to accept.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

As far as relationships go the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer sign is the one that enjoys romantic situations, he deals with his lovers graciously, and in his attitude, there is always something charming.

But, whenever he is hurt by some kind of embarrassment in love relationship, this human being tends to get into his shell. Because of the high sensitivity, this person is extremely susceptible to environmental influences and tends to see life through others.

So, if he is in a relationship with the person who sees him positively, then he will be an amazing lover, and this will give him confidence. If not, you can imagine his self-destruction that will pull everything apart.

When you first meet him, you will be impressed by is deep feelings and fragile security – often times he can be the one that seeks for the protection from his lover. His imagination in life and love also is rich, but what he wants is not always real – he may even phantasies about the perfect love that will never come in for that he would want it.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Cancer Moon

When choosing a lover, this person should listen to his intuition, since it is his strongest side, while the mood in him varies as tide and in a blink of an eye he goes from sudden euphoria and happiness to complete despondency.

He is also the one that often delays thing from whatever reason, and he likes to go into solitude so that he does not bother anyone. This person must have a regular and well-organised daily life with his lover; otherwise, he becomes very nervous.

He is sensitive to people, the circumstances very sensitive, and this person is very difficult to cheat. The first impressions can be especially important to him – so, who can be a person that will fit in this portfolio?

Our guess would be a Scorpio lover. Here’s an ideal pair! Scorpio and Cancer perfectly understood each other and communicated perfectly verbally and non-verbally since the first day. This combination can be exceptional in a sexual and mental sense.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

This is one person whose environment defines his life in many ways, and his existence is largely under the influence of family and friends as the two pillars. These two things are extremely important for the person who has Sun and Moon in the Cancer; he likes to have people who deeply connect with him on many levels.

His emotions are very strong in every interpersonal relation, and also in friendships; with the people who love and accept him, he can show the fullness of his character – imagination, fantasy, certain creativity, and taste for nice things.

His authority is always painted with some care for others – has a great intuition in evaluating people and often turn to others’ desires and needs. He is the one friend that will sacrifice for the entire group, and he will do it as many times as needed, without asking too many questions why and for whom.

Of course, he will expect from his friends go to the same for him, and if not, he will take this as a rejection and a failure in life.

In the end, we must say one more thing – this is the person, who is, in his core, a shy and introvert, and in order to truly flourish, he needs love and encouragement. He can receive them from his friends.


This is, beyond any doubt, a very interesting Astrological combination that combines Moon and Sun in one sign, one very emotional sign, the Cancer. And in this sense, this connection shows multiplied all the characteristics of a single sign, which is by itself sufficiently variable and incomprehensible.

Every adult carries a child in his own dreams, and in this human being, this behavior goes to the extreme.

This is, of course, only a picture that should illustrate the character of this person in all of his glory. The life of feelings is of extraordinary importance to him because it operates exclusively under the influence of internal impressions – so many aspects of his life depend from the environment, it can vary, just like his mood.

So, the main advice for the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer Zodiac sign is that he has to take care of his moods, he may find it all too personal.

Therefore, he should, sometimes, try something that will never occur to him to do, something that is different. And bit by bit, over time, you will gain more maturity and wisdom.

This means: accept the necessity of the fact that you should grow up and face life.


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